Drop In Ocean

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Drop in ocean

  Crackling fire dazzled under clean night sky, a man with a hope filled eyes fly with his heart in palms of sweet breeze. Nestling tree branches that plays ear warming beats, Childs of night seeped to their duties made it aware with their cries. A harmonious vision that one can’t even pay with their soul to see even these can’t make the man’s eye to tear from the lass who sleeps on his shoulder. He’s captivated on the beauty, soon to be his wife shining in the glimmering reflected moon light from the ring on her finger. With a scoff she embraced him with strong grip and merrily on her way to dreamland in unwavering hope and security shown on her face. serene and Romey enjoyed their honeymoon week this way, a trifle time to the beings with quarter of millennium as their average life span.

Romey owns a hardware store in the city and serene works as freelance accountant. They were captivated by one and another when met at a carnival street end. They have been in love for two years and decided to tie the knot and got married. Love between people is like grass they sprout and occupy every space they could, even natural calamity don’t have the power to destroy them. Just like the love child of rain and earth, love took its deep roots in their life. A routine day maybe considered boring but those who live it with their important ones it’s more precious than heaven to them.

Romey & serene bought the building where he rents his hardware store they have sold their individual houses and bought the building it has the store in ground floor, a storage studio in first floor, a lavish and spacious 1bhk apartment in 2nd floor they moved into the apartment after the honeymoon. On the fine Monday morning of April they began their regular life as husband and wife after their passionate night early bird Romey started his day.

Having a cup of coffee he’s admiring his wife’s face in her sleep while reading news, scent of coffee trickled her nose she woke up. “Good morning dear!” Romey greeted her “good morning darling, Damn! We are married” she said chuckling when she noticed the ring when rubbing her sleepy face a wakeup call. “Well let me get ready, I will start to make breakfast after that” she kissed him and had some coffee flavour to be brisk “I think you should get ready first” Romey told her teasingly. She bite his nose and nape playfully then left to bathroom. She made the breakfast while Romey checked out his store to open for the day. They had their breakfast and discussed their plan for the day “I have to meet with two possible clients they were acquiring some new business so, they need to verify their books and their worth. If I get these job I will have work fully for next two months pay and the commission is worthwhile. May be we could do an another honeymoon somewhere far and long like a month, what do you say?” serene asked “focus on your client interview first, honeymoon idea could be a good boost for you to do a good work but remember I can only agree for three days. You know me well” “mmm you won’t let me tease you for a little, I was hoping to see your eager eyes for some morning kick to start the day.” “You know me I won’t close the store for more than four days, People come here knowing that I open the store even in heavy storms and flood. Even the last week closing is needed for the contractors to finish the house otherwise I would have made our honeymoon for only 2 days.” “Don’t let my mood down I’m going for a client interview” “Don’t worry, I have something special for you today night when you land those jobs you may receive something merry” “that’s something that can motivate me for today” “oh! Will you be coming home for lunch?” Romey asked “No, I can’t I will be meeting with clients in different places so I will have my lunch in restaurant. I will be home soon in the evening so, I will cook dinner tonight” “No problem, I can make some lunch for myself. Oh! Don’t forget to by the grocery on your way back the list is on the table.” “Sure.” They enjoyed their breakfast finished it. Serene got the belongings and left for work after getting some sugar from her husband. After cleaning up Romey opened his store around 9, people slowly began to come to his store while regulars wished him good luck and congrats on his married life. Serene met her first client the managing accountant of a big construction company and the general manager of a ship transport company after some serious discussions and weighing serene’s knowledge in the field. They have agreed to hire serene as a non-biased third party valuator for the purchase, after finishing the meeting she gone to a restaurant to have the lunch and tell the good news to her husband. Meanwhile Romey made himself a salad and some cheese sandwich with some chicken thigh along with some soup and bread. Serene called when he was about to eat and told him about she had landed one of the job and she will be back by four if she had successfully finished the meeting with the second client, he bid her good luck and to drive safe. Serene’s lunch order has been served after hanging up the phone, she kissed her wedding ring before starting to eat her lunch. After finishing his lunch romey fiddled with his ring then cleaned up his table and washed the wares before moving to his store to open it for the afternoon.

Serene got back after successfully finishing her interview with the head of a tech company for a temporary managing accountant until they could sign up with an associate accounting firm for their company in three months. She parked her by the hardware store, rushed in to share the good news with her husband. They have hugged each other out and break it out after some passionate deep kiss, she had affirmed him she didn’t miss anything in the grocery list and he sent her to home saying he will close the store by 8 or 9. She took her car and drive it into the loading bay by the back of the store and parked it below the entrance stairs. She gathered her belongings and the grocery bag then hopped the stairs to their house. She got freshened up and decided to make some crab fries, lassanya, potato stew and some rice to enjoy their day and the success of her interview. Time flew past eight before she finished making the dinner, Romey closed the shop by 8 and went to take a shower in the bathroom after watching TV for some time. Serene called out to him “darling, dinners ready be quick” in a minute he got out of the bathroom and changed into some night clothes just as he replied her. Serene and romey sat in the table for dinner after serene taking a quick shower and changing into some comfortable clothing. They bantered about the day’s work and some plans about next day.

“I’m glad today went without any failure, I should look for some office space to rent” serene stated “I’m glad today went without any problem for you, but why do you need an office space?” romey asked her. “Well I used to do the office work in my old house so there was no need for a separate office before, even my assistants didn’t mind about that but things are different now.” “I understand, how about using the studio below as your office it’s quite spacious and look grand for an office of fewer people.” “It’s not bad but don’t you need it for storage?” “We can share that space half for office another half for storage, it’s not that I’m going to need a bigger stock pile so I think we could manage.” “Yeah, that would work let’s think about it tomorrow after I brief my assistant and apprentice about the new clients” “okay, let’s finish dinner” they have finished their dinner while bantering about the regular clients to romey’s store and serene’s client interview. After finishing they get ready for bed checking all the door locks around the house.

Romey hugged serene from behind after closing the bedroom door whispering “don’t you want your special I promised in the morning” “I thought you never speak about it” serene said “naughty girl, how can I forget my words to my wife” romey replied. He breathed softly behind her ear while caressing her waist to thigh with his tender left palm while hugging her with his right. Serene gently rubbed his left butt while slowly moving his right arm to her mouth and kissing it. They moved to the side of the bed while not releasing each other, he fondled her melons to his hearts rhythm as he started to kiss her nape and lightly tickling her lower chin from behind with his tongue while she grabbed his hair for some gripe and exhaled lightly. She turned and they faced each other with all the air between their lips vanished and a play for dominance been unrevealed between their tongues a harmonious dance of sword play in between sky and lake ended up in a tug of war. Romey begin to explore the deep valley after a draw in previous match his lips walked valley between the mountain, her mountains peak erect unable to withstand the wave of pleasure that drips down from the explorer. Serene sitting in the bed pulled his head toward her in reflex of pleasure extinguishing it unable to resist his lips while he slowly moved his hand along the dress to unveil his wife’s true beauty only reserved for him, she took the little opening and removed his shirt she fall flat on the bed and he pinned her down they both cuddled while their lips launched barrage of ammunition aiming parts of each other’s body seconds later it changed into an Russian roulette taking turns one after another. Their enthusiasm soon laid every spots marked and touched the battle got intense as they moved to big “T” formation he slowly creeped his five warrior squad into her pleasure tent and took control of her drive shaft she countered it with here squad barraging his cave of pleasure. Romey began to gently pump her shaft into action while she began to swindle her squad into his cave making his defence to dwindle. The battle changed from “T” to “69” their salivating lips and tongue started to envelope each other’s conquered region eager for ending the war in pure harmony, battle gained momentum and they reached their last form. He saddled her as he took her mounts into his both squad and his cave took over her action shaft then rode her to his heart’s content when an opening presented she took over and pinned him down now romey lay in the bed flatly. Serene with her shaft armed in prime turned into a soaring missile she unleashed it into his cave on a rhythmic rapid fire as his two squads squashed both of her mount and two captains in each squad pinched the peaks to retaliate for the rapid which made her more fired up and they made to the final round, as they built up their battle heat they slowly reached the pinnacle of love when the balloon burst all the lost heat with nothing to make them stay afloat they fall into love with each other in their arms. Serene’s last stroke shot the egg into romey’s cave it got stuck in the cave’s wall while His love oozed then flood the cave and slowly thaw out the pearl with millions of milk soldiers dwindled until one made to be one with the core egg and others became the nutrients for the life that being created. They cuddled into sleep with each other through the night unbeknownst to them of the gift love had given them.

Days and week pass by as they made their steady married life with romey managing hardware store and serene fixing up her of office in the studio with her assistants and processing the two jobs she had taken, with a regular and occasional marital play. Two weeks after moving into their home romey started to feel little tired daily in the morning with feeling nauseating and weak afraid he might be ill he consulted it with serene during breakfast. As they ready to have breakfast “I’m feeling somewhat unnatural these few days so, I’m planning on visiting clinic today afternoon. You have to take care of the lunch alone today sorry if it’s inconvenient” romey said “Anything serious, I thought you are tired due to heavy work in the store and office room making in the studio what’s the matter?” serene asked “I don’t think it’s anything serious I feel alright and in best mood throughout the day, it’s just I feel too tired and week in the morning and I’m a morning person you know that!” “Okay how about we visit the clinic tomorrow morning, I will give the instruction and direction to my assistants tomorrow we will have less work so I could make it work. I will come to the clinic with you” Romey Thought she will come with him to the clinic today itself and it will be chaotic for her since the construction company people visiting her office today for an update and checking the progress of evaluation he decided it will be in the best interest to visit tomorrow “alright we will go to the clinic tomorrow I will also place a tomorrow holiday sign in the store” “okay, don’t strain yourself” serene kissed him saying this as they finished the breakfast and conversation then moved on to their day’s work. On evening after finishing a casual work day Romey and serene made plans to visit the doctor tomorrow, and they bantered about the day and watched television spending the time in each other’s embrace as every day. Serene made the dinner and they had a hearty meal before going to bed.

The new day begin with the same old sun they behaved as usual with each other hoping it won’t be anything worse. They took serene’s car to the clinic for their 11 ‘O clock appointment with Dr. Carter after finishing the breakfast. After an hour long journey reached the clinic and waiting for their turn in the lobby to be called. A five past 11 O’clock they have been called into the doctor’s room. “Good to see you Mr. Romey, how’s the marriage life treating you?” dr. carter greeted and asked romey “I’ve been blessed with a loving and great wife what more can I ask for” romey replied enthusiastically “great, oh! Congratulations on your marriage Mrs. Romey” with just one sentence carter made serene to blush to her ears “so what’s the problem romey you are not here on your honeymoon, are you?” “It’s not something major but I’ve been feeling tired , week and sometimes have nauseating feeling in the morning for the last couple of days but I’m fine and feel bright for the rest of the day but it’s only in the morning” romey described “how’s the nightly activities between you guys , when was the last time you had a wild night?” carter asked them casually “it’s been two weeks but we have regular lovely nights in weekends and occasions” romey briefed “okay, Mrs. Romey when was the last time your pearl had emitted?” carter directed it to serene “please call me serene, It’s been almost more than two years I think it’s quite hard to pinpoint” serene corrected carter and answered “okay then, let me order you some test to take and we will decide after the test results” carter called for the nurse to direct the couples to the lab for taking tests. few hours later they got their test results and called to the doctor’s room for consultation after taking seats “what’s the result doctor?” romey asked him “congrats romey you’re pregnant and congrats Mrs. Serene you’re going to be a mother” it took them some time to digest the good news carter took that time to explain further “usually couples find their pregnancy when the women exfoliate the pearl’s sack and follicles in two or three weeks after ejecting the eggs, I mean pearl. So have some rest Mr. Romey I will suggest you a colleague of mine for further check-ups and help with your pregnancy.” After realising something serene said “I forgot, I’ve seeped rose moon when I self-relieved myself today morning” with that as conformation romey thanked the doctor then hugged serene. Serene picked the suggested doctor’s card from carter and excused themselves after thanking him. They paid the fees and picked the test result and consultation documents and drove to a nice restaurant to celebrate the wonderful news.

After a enjoying the day they returned to their home and serene made an extravagant meal to celebrate her husband’s pregnancy. Romey were anxious and happy for the news. Serene had set up an appointment for day after tomorrow with Doctor Lynda who carter has recommended. Romey and serene went to sleep with hope for a beautiful future. Day passed calmly as usual, the day for appointment with Lynda came they reached clinic half past 10 in the morning and called in for consultation as soon as they reached there.

“Good morning, congratulations on your new family member I’ve read your reports and everything is normal so far” Lynda greeted and came straight to the point perplexed by the pace romey said “Good morning doctor, so this is my first pregnancy and we don’t have any living family members to guide us through it. It will be of great help if you could take care of us” saying his worries and need to the doctor he turned his head to serene who’s nodding her head strongly affirming it, looking at both of them Lynda enthusiastically replied “Don’t worry I’m a mother of four my husband gave birth to all four of our children. In our species getting pregnant is the hard job since the pearl takes two years to form sometimes egg in the pearl doesn’t stick to a male uterus walls while fertilization also it requires a high level of love and intimacy between couples but you covered it already so, everything else will be easy I’ll make sure it will be okay!” with assurance from Lynda they were happy and became high spirit for the pregnancy, noticing they are okay with it Lynda begin her consultation “okay here’s the first order of business you are going to do REFRAIN from having intercourse, you both will be tempted to do it by your hormones since you guys need each other’s hormone secreted from your body for infant growth to the milk secretion you guys are naturally will be attracted to have sex for transferring the hormones but most of the time it leads to termination of pregnancy” understanding what Lynda said serene asked her “what should we do when in times like that?” “Oral sex is enough that way the hormones and nutrients will be absorbed in to the blood stream through stomach, to avoid unnecessary in-heat situation you should have regular oral sex in the morning and in evening or night” making sure they understand it Lynda continued “Romey you need hormones from your wife’s body to make your womb suitable for baby to grow so you have to give blow to your wife’s shaft and drink all the seep doing so you will avoid morning tiredness and stomach upsets, your body needs it to make you tolerable enough for pregnancy so every morning get your nutrients and supplements from her” hearing the procedure romey let a little sigh of relief and saw his wife with a tempting eye ignoring him serene asked Lynda “so if I eat out his cave it doesn’t raise any complications right?” Lynda replied “Normally it wouldn’t but the hormones secretion would take place at least a week after the egg get fertilised but even if you want to clean it out before the safe time you would get nauseated from the odour of womb setting liquid it won’t leak out from his vagina but if you peek inside you will get affected from it, I will make an appointment for sonar scan three weeks from now and a regular check-up a week before that would that be okay?” “it’s fine that will work” romey replied to Lynda “Mr. Romey don’t do any heavy work or lift heavy objects for next three weeks, refrain from dangerous jobs and try to eat well my clerk will help you set up the said appointments” Lynda gave them last tips and they bid farewell to each other. Romey and serene went to a restaurant by cliff side with a good view of the city after fixing their appointments in the hospital.

They enjoyed their evening with their talks about the unborn baby and how they can be a good parents along those banter they wished for single child in the first pregnancy hoping to have one without any complications. Serene wanted to buy baby clothes and crate but romey said they should focus on their work first and they can buy the baby clothes after the 9th month as evening passed they eventually reached their home as they shopped and enjoyed themselves with amusements on the way back. Days passed by as they followed Lynda’s advice for the morning and night routine , romey’s morning drowsiness got cured and he started to have some fat deposit around his body little by little. They visited the clinic in three weeks and the sonogram result showed them they have one healthy baby. Lynda said the foetus is forming gradually and need an another sonogram after six months if everything is okay we can expect safe birth of a healthy child in 11 months from now and advised serene to clean up romey’s cave regularly from the following week. Days and moths passed their routine day continued serene finished the two jobs she had taken without any problems she had received a good sum of money as commission for the transport company deal and the tech company recommend her for a start-up company who are looking for account managing firm suitable for their company and serene landed a deal with the for five years. Romey decided to run the store on half day only three months prior to the delivery. As they followed Lynda’s advice Romey gave birth to a girl without any complications and serene started to lactate a week prior to the delivery both romey and serene hold their baby girl a year after their marriage. . Romey gave birth to four more children and they all lived their life. Romey and serene love life continued as they lived up to their 200th age.

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