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chapter: 171

Product Checking

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Confirmation of the finished product


I go out into the yard with the newly made spear thrower and spear. First, let's throw the javelin as it is. I also got a bit of a cheat in combat (it seems to be a lot stronger than normal people), so you have to subtract that but it's a good indicator.


The garden ...... or rather the area around the house is quite large. There is enough to ensure 100m-200m. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to practice my bow, and I wouldn't have room for a field or an extension.


The actual distance flown should be eyeballed. If the time actually comes to use it, there's no way I'm going to use a laser rangefinder to measure the distance and throw it.


I hold the spear as if carrying it and throws it with a little help. The previous world javelin record was around 100 meters but there was no way I could throw that far and it flew about 50 meters by eye. This is more than enough just to intimidate.


Next, set the spear in the spear thrower and throw it. The spear, which had gained great power through the principle of leverage flew much further than I had expected flying roughly 140 meters and plunging deeply into the ground.


As I recall, in previous world, a performer broke a balloon 100 meters away by throwing a spear with a spear thrower so, the spear thrower may be of some use.


However, they are inferior to bows and arrows for sniping and for close range projectile weapons (not large ones like trebuchets but slings, which are used by individuals) are easier to procure bullets. The number of bullets that can be carried is also literally in the realm of difference between spears and arrows. Apparently, used in the previous world since quite ancient times but there seems to be a reason why only a few areas have remained until later generations.


Nevertheless, it is impactful to have a spear made of all iron flying at you from a distance and although we do not know if other troops have spear throwers even if they are accustomed to it, they will not reach us when they throw it back without a spear thrower. By the time it arrives, it is long past the bow range. If so, it would be pointless to have made it.


I checked the condition of the spear throwers and spears I had made but there was still some time left so I made two more spare spears. It's basically a projectile weapon and without bullets it's less meaningful.

My side was cleared out early so I look at the magic-infused knife that riku had made. It’s just a step short of the high-end model I make but it is very well made for a general model. In a normal workshop, this would be enough to go home with. When I say so,


「My goal is to get my hands on something that is custom-made by my master.」


「I think it's been a long time.」


「Of course, or there would be no point in being an apprentice!」


Riku returns, snorting heavily. When I first came here, I didn't know about magic power either, so I assumed that as a dwarf, she could make use of iron composition to get up to a high-end model but now that I know about magic power she might really be able to get hands on my special order.


Mine is a cheat, so I'm sorry I can't give you specifics but I'd like to wish you the best of luck with the lookout.


「That's true.」


When riku said she was going home, she must feel ridiculously lonely I thought but I smiled, not letting it show on my face.


Afterwards, while riku and I were cleaning up a clang-clang sounded in the workshop. It seems that the group that was out hunting has returned.


「I'm home.」


Sammy enters the work area with vigour. She is in a very good mood.


「Oh, welcome back.」


「That bow took the biggest boar I've ever caught!」


Ah, so you're in a good mood.


「Oh, that's good. It's worth it. 」


「The fact that all three of us could use bows was also a big deal.」


「It's nice to be able to get a shot off before they get too distracted.」


Diana and Liddy follow and say. It seems like she's only been doing seiko(beater on hunt) all this time. I think I understand that it would be a lot easier if we could be flexible in this area.


「'Well, I guess I'll have to splurge a little tomorrow for lunch.」




Sammy was pleased at my words, riku chided me and the usual scene of everyone laughing was there.


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