Don't call me a goddess! Part 1

I'm op but begin an inn

Volume 7 chapter 1

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Don't call me a goddess! Part 1

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A room with a tranquil air.

The woman, clad in a robe of sacred air was receiving a report from a man.  

「So, someone in the name of the Goddess has appeared? 」

「 The "Mere Old Man" said to be making a great deal of profit from the inn he runs, which he proudly calls the "Inn of the Goddess" in order to advertise it.」

「'I see. Playing with the One and Only God of the Clan for your own gain is outrageous. 」

「The punishment deserves for that. I wonder if [divine punishment] is necessary. 」

「I know. Be prepared, High Priest Butcher Budeo. I will personally execute [divine punishment] on that fool. 」

「Ha-ha, as you wish, Goddess Priestess! 」

The man called the High Priest who hangs his head down deeply saying so.

The woman called miko (priestess) never noticed that black smiling face of the high priest facing down.


  The inn is peaceful as usual.

At the reception desk, rique in charge is serving customers with her familiar slow voice and sylvie is waving her arms in the kitchen. Since luca takes care of the maintenance, Carla was absent today.

Since the beginning of the inn, Carla had been working hard and had to deal with problems that arose during training and later on during actual work, so she could hardly take a day off.

Three of the newly hired employees, each one of them now competent enough to run the inn on their own thanks to Carla's hellish training. If four such talented people work, it is an excessive force in the inn of Carla, which is not so large in scale. Considering the fact that Carla had not been able to take a rest, luca proposed the current inn management system in which three people take turns rotating and one person takes a rest.

When Carla took a break, she went for a walk by herself.

This phenomenon often occurs when you suddenly have a day off from work, but you may have experienced that you don't know what to do as you will be usually working.

This time Carla’s walk is also such 『 even if it is said that I take a break from my usual working time ... ....... Moreover, everyone I know is working. ...... I'm bored ... 』 kind of aimless wandering that comes from impulse.

Then you've got that thing with the various pastimes. I know some of you may be thinking, "I've been doing this on the side of my job for a while now, and suddenly I'm being asked to take this side-line seriously," but it can be hard to get serious about it.

  It's the kind of thing where you can write a novel in your lunch break, but when you try to write it after work, you just can't seem to get it down.

In this way, Carla, who is somehow not serious about her pastime, continues to wander around based on the idea that "even if I stay at the inn, it will interfere ...”.




(Huh ......, I'm bored ......)


It's been a long time since I've had a day off. With more employees, one person has more free time. I'm very pleased with that and I would say it's a success because it's what we had in mind at the beginning in terms of increasing our workforce.

However! I never thought I'd be so bored! Who would have predicted it!

Ange and the others haven't gone out for a bit, Rika san is working all day today, and Anna is sticking to her parents' inn to practice and improve the inn management method I taught her two days ago. I wonder if Mr. Rapport would like to come over. (I could teach you how to cook a little now, oh? That’s ...)


It's good that I left the inn in such a free time, but to be clear there is nothing to do.

It's a strange thing in this world, because usually on holidays like this even the most annoying visitors don't come.

As I was walking along, thinking about the evanescence of the world, I saw a familiar figure walking ahead of me.


「Ms. Cross, It's been a while. When did you get here? 」

「...... Mm, Carla, is that you? It's been a while. We just got here a few minutes ago. 」

「I see. How are Kaku-san, Tri-san, Maru-san, Kona-san, Cadrean-san and the others? 」

「... fine. ...... Kaku has become even more energetic lately. 」

「Well, I see. That's good. A party comes alive when the leader is energetic. 」

「...... Phew, I agree.」


Walking up to me is Ms. Cross, the sub-leader of the adventurer party [Edge] a B-level adventurer recognized for his abilities even in the Royal capital Guild.

Everyone at the Edge are frequent guest of our inn and the leader Mr. Kaku, has even come to our employee recruitment test. ...... Well, it's a quick rejection. Specifically, he was one of the few members who were rejected on the interview and didn’t attend announcement of the results.


「I'm sorry we couldn't get you a reservation at our inn this time.」

「...... No, not really. I booked in Raku no Raketei (bear pavilion) since yours was taken. The food over there is also quite good. 」

「 Thank you. So, how long are you? 」



Ms. Cross answers my questions in a courteous manner. The only thing she didn't seem to understand was the last question.


「Hehe, it's your stomach. You are pregnant, aren't you? 」

「......!!!...... Well, I finally have a child」

「Yeah. Congratulations. Since you're Cross-’s child, I'm sure you'll be a cute one. 」

「...... Thank you. ...... Hehe, I've got more to report to Kaku and the others. 」

「That's right. Blessings from party members are irreplaceable. Well then, take care. 」

「...... Oh. ...... I will come back some other time」


With that, Ms. Cross left. She’s a silent person, but she was a little chatty today. ...... Obviously! You have a child of your own.


「Good. Kids, huh? Since I was born a woman, I want to have at least one child. ...... Oops, it's that time already. 」


A few minutes after I left Ms. Cross. I was thinking a lot about my child and it seems that a little time has passed.

I need to go home soon... It's almost time for Kyle to come to eat.

I feel my steps as I think about what to make today they are much lighter than when I left the inn without thinking.


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