The Day flower

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The day flower  

On a quite evening three figure walked down on a calm ever busiest road, small one is swinging and swaying down the road upholding the arms of the other two figures. They are a family returning to their abode after enjoying their outing. The kid has a wide smile trusting his entire life upon his mother and father feeling like he had been born to fly an innocent glee that worth more than world’s fortune. He’s been making sounds of jet planes and birds yelling I’m flying, a happy and unforgettable moment he’d cherish to end of the world. A simple middle class family without any shortage in everything to live, a loving and strict mother with hardworking and loving father a boy that grows up in both of theirs love and care.


On a day after rainy day all three of them caught cold and fever so they went to a different doctor since their regular doctor had went on a vacation, he’d checked them up then prescribed some medicine and an injection for all of them. Their entire life had changed on that moment, the doctor had used an old syringe instead of a new one on the family it had been used on a HIV patient before them and they were the last patients to visit on that day. Would the world be thankful as they were the only people that have been infected or mourn for them but it have something more in its store. Week passed by the parents health got worse day by day surrounding neighbours took them to a big hospital after taking some tests the hospital announced they are HIV+ not wanting to do anything with them neighbours and relatives have abandoned them in the hospital. Week after admission the father has lost his life due to severe TB and few days after him the mother have passed away due to jaundice.

The child have been left alone in the home when the neighbours took his parents to the hospital a couple of days he’d been taken care of by relatives and neighbours as day gone by people who’d been taking care of him is reduced to none within a month. He’d wait around the front door seeking the arrival of his parents a month later no one had come to take care of him, he loitered around the house playing with his toys and eating the snacks and bread whenever he feels hungry. Two days later he’d ran out of snacks and food he looked everywhere around the house for something to eat from below the bed to highest shelf he can’t find anything to eat after spotting some change around and collecting them he took his first step out of the house alone on a journey to a nearby store to buy something to eat. He strolled down slowly along the road with his tired and weak body, he reached the store upon noticing his arrival store keeper prompted him to stay at a distance while he take care of the previous customer after everyone else left the store the store keeper shouted asking what does he need unable to speak in high voice he tried to reach the store a little closer. Keeper pushed him out to a distance with the stick he used to hang things in the higher hooks and scold him for getting near his store, keeper told the boy he have to say whatever he wants from that distance after a moment the showed he wants something to eat in sign and action then he pointed out to a bread loaf and banana showing the money he held in his hands to the shop keeper. The shop keeper gave bread loaf and banana to the boy by sticking it to the stick then he asked the boy to place the money on the floor beside him, being glad to have something to eat the boy returned on his way to the house.

With uncontrollable hunger unable to feel what he had encountered the boy slowly dragged himself to house not seeing his parents took its toll on him, on the way he saw his close friend with his mother they were walking towards him on the road he felt relieved seeing his friend after a long time he took big steps towards them in hope of speaking with him. When he was near him the friend’s mother took the friend into her arm then pushed him aside with a bag in her hands unable to steady himself the boy fell on the road side crashing the banana and bread in his hands he quickly salvaged them and made his way into his house. He washed the half crushed and squeezed banana cleanly and ate it along with some bread to sate his hunger. He wept himself to cry that afternoon thinking about the incidents that had befallen him on that evening some diligent children’s group from the surrounding pelted his house with stones shouting he shouldn’t leave his house to go outside or meet any people cursing him to be a worst of the beings the boy had curled up in the hall’s corner covering his ears with hands weeping and crying out for his mother father without anyone to care for it.

Days gone by he never left his home on daytime but to get something to eat he take some money from the locker in closet then got to some hotel on faraway places in middle of the night and ate there and buy something in takeout for tomorrow his living condition gets worse day by day, his thoughts about his mother and father reduced gradually only the will to live and survive was all he have.

One day an old day with some group of people came to his house not knowing what to do the boy hid himself behind the opened door and asked who they are what they want, that lady slowly asked him if he’s hungry and want some food showing the food bag in her hand. Cautiously the boy revealed himself

His mother’s and father’s love that grow him up into a modest chubby little boy have all gone to his heart to survive and live leaving him almost a living bones. Slow little short steps he took towards the lady with his sight on food, that lady reached him instead unable to bear it anymore. She took him in her arms and sat him up on the nearby brick bench. Old lady pierce opened the bread loaf from the bag then placed it on the plate she took out along with a flask and tumbler. She poured the hot tea into the tumbler from flask then dipped the crispy bread piece from the slice unto it became mellowed made it dissolve in mouth when ate. Slowly and carefully she fed the boy entire loaf and made him drink the tea until the flask became empty. He burped from the meal he ate which neither in mid-night nor in late afternoon or early morning, he smiled with a relief after the meal and gazed into blue sky that envied the dark night for missing his cherished smile so much on day.

Clouds and time passed by, everybody around the house and diligent gang came to see what’s happening in the boy’s home quite sometime later police came to enquire about the boys relatives and parents while it happened the old lady ask the boy what he wants to do in life he answered that now he needs good food to eat and get healthy then to become a great pilot so he can see his mom and dad in heaven when he fly pass them. Hearing his answer old lady told him there’s a place for children like him to grow without worrying about food or help and there are many children he could make friends with. After thinking for some time that boy reluctantly agreed to go with that lady. Police have called for that boy’s uncle to make sure of undertaking of the boy to the old lady’s home without any trouble.

That evening the boy was rushed to hospital for a full check-up and treatment. Doctors have given him some antibiotics and immunity booster also to treat his malnutrition. Weeks passed for him to make a stable recovery in the hospital after the doctors have given okay he was transferred to the home of the old lady one with a spacious garden with all ages of children playing different games and hobbies. From the van the boy slowly made his way along the pathway to the home with the old lady overlooking him from behind, nearby children came to him then gave handshake and hugs making him feel their warmth with the statement of love among them. He looked around saw all the genuine smile in the children’s face and relieved he don’t have to hide anymore and he isn’t going to be lonely ever again. Lady slowly patted him on the back and he cried tears of relief.

Five weeks, it took the boy five weeks to regain enough strength to be a week little boy of his age. When he had some strength he slowly begin to come out side of his room and around the home enjoying the fresh air and breezy hot weather. On a wooden log set at mercy of banyan tree’s shadow the boy sat and observed everyone from the children to the adults that take care of them it made him think that everything that happened outside as bad dreams of places beyond hell, the old lady strolled towards him in her rounds around the home she quietly sat beside him relaxing under the tree’s shadow. Making himself resolved and accepting this is his life from now on he slowly hugged the hands of old lady that supports her body and slowly resting his heads on her shoulder arms by his cheek, the boy dozed off watching all the children playing and chatting under the gentle breeze.

In few days he had managed to make friends among the children of similar age group playing and living their life with less things to worry about. Their world knows no bounds how irrational it may be it’s a reality for them, he had been playing tag with some of his friends he made soon they got tired of it then occupied the shade of banyan. A girl in the group she’s quite older than him but they all were friends she asked if they could play a game without running or physical work, another boy as same age as her with a big mark on the right hand said he wanted to spent some time in water ways enjoying the coolness under the sun. As the group of eight chat about what they want to do and what they feel good about the boy said he wanted to play aeroplane like he wants to pretend driving an aeroplane like he had done by sitting on his father’s knees and the way he would be lifted up from the ground as his father lay below him. Another boy with four fingers in the group said he had been in plane with his father in travel and suggested they should make the plane themselves and play in it and they all agreed to do it.

Behind the building under an open shelter they all’ve gathered after some serious discussion two of them went to gather some benches and three of them started sweeping and clearing the shed area, another three helped gathering accessories for making their aircraft realistic along with four fingered boy. They placed two benches parallel with a wide gap while placing some chairs in between them in an orderly row making it resemble a plane’s cabin as much as possible the benches are the plane windows. They decide their role for the play the boy and four fingered one will be Co-pilot and pilot respectively the quite older girl and the same aged boy made to be cabin crew, two girls same as the boy’s age one with pony tail and another with twin tails seated in left side while the boy with burnt scar in hand and the girl with leather watch sit on the right side with everything ready the pane started.

“good day everyone this is your pilot and Co-pilot thank you for boarding we will be moving shortly please buckle your seat belts if help needed ask cabin crew”

They all buckle the belt borrowed from caretakers room tying them with the chairs, and the plane soared in their imagination until the pilot announced they have reached comfortable height to unbuckle the seatbelt. The cabin crew started giving some biscuits as nourishments. The twin tail girl said the plane engine blown away the box that had moved away due to wind, and the pony tail said she could watch the giant ant entering its home inside the volcano, the burnt scar boy said he once tried to touch it but got his hand burnt in it laughing sarcastically. Leather watch exclaimed she could see the river flowing to the ocean pointing the leaked water from pipelines heading to the sewer. Then they started to point out things and fit it into their imagination, quarter past after take-off Co-pilot announced they will passing by heaven soon asked the passengers to be ready for waving off the loved one with their good bye. Silence pertained even under the howling wind in a while ponytail asked why there, the boy said he wants to send of his parents and tell them he’s in good hands no need for them to worry about him.

Everyone’s eyes ran like a pendulum over everyone there except the boy, their deep buried memories sprung like a bamboo on a rainy day flooding the eyes. Twin tail girl snuffed her nose controlling the flooding memories while asking the boy how long to be there, the boy said as long as she want until seeing them herself like a silent arrows in a new moon night every words and sentence barged opened the children’s hearts. No one moved from their seats time passed by, pony tail locked her longing eyes on a faraway pole muttered mom between her lips with teared eye she continued with her words stayed deep beneath her soul on to the world to hear “mom, I’m sorry I should’ve died not you. If you hadn’t spent your earnings for my medicine you would be still alive, if family didn’t abandon us for the disease I might have a couple of years living with you I miss you mother” she wept her heart’s word out “We might have lived long if you hadn’t agreed to take the blood transfusion during your pregnancy with me, I’m sorry mom. The old lady takes good care of us to her best ability you don’t have to worry I will live my days happily until I see you mom.” Ponytail tucked her legs in the chair burying her face deep beneath it and crying, twin tail soothed her while hugging.

A while later after cautious sobbing and soothing in the cabin Co-pilot spoke “mother, father, sorry I couldn’t come to the hospital no one took me there, no one came near me after you left earth passing away. I dearly miss you both, this old lady takes a great care of me no more scavenging for foods, no more hiding from people. I will live my days here in the old lady’s home without any problem or trouble, don’t worry about me. I will be okay until I visit you guys there” the boy started waving wishing them good luck and said his bye. The pilot took the turn now.

“Hey papa, I might be looking at the wrong side but you are a good man and a great father except you fucked that whore without protection and kept silent until when I drank the juice with your blood spilled in it. Well you deserve the death for that but I’m living now I will live as long as I will but it’s quite a shame they have to amputate a finger to stop spreading of bacterial infection, I will live even without limbs and sight I will live”

The older girl caressed him from behind and soothed his worries away. The same age boy started pleading to his dead uncle for fucking the transgender to gain experience for his first time, the older girl pleaded sorry to her grandma for carelessly fucking her boyfriend and be fucked for her entire life in the first time. Both of them asked their late ones to pass their good wishes and sorry to parents, quite sometime pass by Co-pilot announced they would be returning to earth and to reality. Some sound effects made from the boy’s mouth to imitate a flying planes engine to change the passenger’s mind set, he announced they will be passing the ant hill volcano mountain soon and asked the passengers to look out for it.

Burnt wound boy tried to jump out of the plane saying he wants to go to heaven towards his sister and mother while everyone around him trying to hold him down from falling out of the aircraft, they comforted him down to calmness then the boy announced they are going to land in home safely asking everyone to get ready to get off the plane. The aircraft landed then reality hit in the form of lunch call, they got off their plane with heavy mind and lighter heart. Their future is set in stone what they want to achieve is live through as long as they can, they may forget about this tomorrow or next week as they know holding grudges is not worth it in their life time.

Days and months passed away the aircraft passengers dwindled along with few less crew. The pilot was the last to go with a lost limb, he would’ve lived more but he couldn’t win over pneumonia. The boy took a glance at the remaining ones and wished for a little more time to spend with them but neither fate or luck are so naïve to listen the heart’s murmur of the boy.

The boy passed away due to heavy fever and loss of blood. He wrote a very prideful thankyou letter for the old lady for taking care of him and all the HIV infected children in her home, he also thanked her for the past two years and also for the remaining months he has to live.

There may more boys and girls come to this shelter or one day there may never be a reason to run this home for these children. It all starts with uncertainty and ends with it. What we may live can’t be perfect but we live and become lived.


Thank you @matrix007 for inspiring to write this story.

Drop In Ocean

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Drop in ocean

  Crackling fire dazzled under clean night sky, a man with a hope filled eyes fly with his heart in palms of sweet breeze. Nestling tree branches that plays ear warming beats, Childs of night seeped to their duties made it aware with their cries. A harmonious vision that one can’t even pay with their soul to see even these can’t make the man’s eye to tear from the lass who sleeps on his shoulder. He’s captivated on the beauty, soon to be his wife shining in the glimmering reflected moon light from the ring on her finger. With a scoff she embraced him with strong grip and merrily on her way to dreamland in unwavering hope and security shown on her face. serene and Romey enjoyed their honeymoon week this way, a trifle time to the beings with quarter of millennium as their average life span.

Romey owns a hardware store in the city and serene works as freelance accountant. They were captivated by one and another when met at a carnival street end. They have been in love for two years and decided to tie the knot and got married. Love between people is like grass they sprout and occupy every space they could, even natural calamity don’t have the power to destroy them. Just like the love child of rain and earth, love took its deep roots in their life. A routine day maybe considered boring but those who live it with their important ones it’s more precious than heaven to them.

Romey & serene bought the building where he rents his hardware store they have sold their individual houses and bought the building it has the store in ground floor, a storage studio in first floor, a lavish and spacious 1bhk apartment in 2nd floor they moved into the apartment after the honeymoon. On the fine Monday morning of April they began their regular life as husband and wife after their passionate night early bird Romey started his day.

Having a cup of coffee he’s admiring his wife’s face in her sleep while reading news, scent of coffee trickled her nose she woke up. “Good morning dear!” Romey greeted her “good morning darling, Damn! We are married” she said chuckling when she noticed the ring when rubbing her sleepy face a wakeup call. “Well let me get ready, I will start to make breakfast after that” she kissed him and had some coffee flavour to be brisk “I think you should get ready first” Romey told her teasingly. She bite his nose and nape playfully then left to bathroom. She made the breakfast while Romey checked out his store to open for the day. They had their breakfast and discussed their plan for the day “I have to meet with two possible clients they were acquiring some new business so, they need to verify their books and their worth. If I get these job I will have work fully for next two months pay and the commission is worthwhile. May be we could do an another honeymoon somewhere far and long like a month, what do you say?” serene asked “focus on your client interview first, honeymoon idea could be a good boost for you to do a good work but remember I can only agree for three days. You know me well” “mmm you won’t let me tease you for a little, I was hoping to see your eager eyes for some morning kick to start the day.” “You know me I won’t close the store for more than four days, People come here knowing that I open the store even in heavy storms and flood. Even the last week closing is needed for the contractors to finish the house otherwise I would have made our honeymoon for only 2 days.” “Don’t let my mood down I’m going for a client interview” “Don’t worry, I have something special for you today night when you land those jobs you may receive something merry” “that’s something that can motivate me for today” “oh! Will you be coming home for lunch?” Romey asked “No, I can’t I will be meeting with clients in different places so I will have my lunch in restaurant. I will be home soon in the evening so, I will cook dinner tonight” “No problem, I can make some lunch for myself. Oh! Don’t forget to by the grocery on your way back the list is on the table.” “Sure.” They enjoyed their breakfast finished it. Serene got the belongings and left for work after getting some sugar from her husband. After cleaning up Romey opened his store around 9, people slowly began to come to his store while regulars wished him good luck and congrats on his married life. Serene met her first client the managing accountant of a big construction company and the general manager of a ship transport company after some serious discussions and weighing serene’s knowledge in the field. They have agreed to hire serene as a non-biased third party valuator for the purchase, after finishing the meeting she gone to a restaurant to have the lunch and tell the good news to her husband. Meanwhile Romey made himself a salad and some cheese sandwich with some chicken thigh along with some soup and bread. Serene called when he was about to eat and told him about she had landed one of the job and she will be back by four if she had successfully finished the meeting with the second client, he bid her good luck and to drive safe. Serene’s lunch order has been served after hanging up the phone, she kissed her wedding ring before starting to eat her lunch. After finishing his lunch romey fiddled with his ring then cleaned up his table and washed the wares before moving to his store to open it for the afternoon.

Serene got back after successfully finishing her interview with the head of a tech company for a temporary managing accountant until they could sign up with an associate accounting firm for their company in three months. She parked her by the hardware store, rushed in to share the good news with her husband. They have hugged each other out and break it out after some passionate deep kiss, she had affirmed him she didn’t miss anything in the grocery list and he sent her to home saying he will close the store by 8 or 9. She took her car and drive it into the loading bay by the back of the store and parked it below the entrance stairs. She gathered her belongings and the grocery bag then hopped the stairs to their house. She got freshened up and decided to make some crab fries, lassanya, potato stew and some rice to enjoy their day and the success of her interview. Time flew past eight before she finished making the dinner, Romey closed the shop by 8 and went to take a shower in the bathroom after watching TV for some time. Serene called out to him “darling, dinners ready be quick” in a minute he got out of the bathroom and changed into some night clothes just as he replied her. Serene and romey sat in the table for dinner after serene taking a quick shower and changing into some comfortable clothing. They bantered about the day’s work and some plans about next day.

“I’m glad today went without any failure, I should look for some office space to rent” serene stated “I’m glad today went without any problem for you, but why do you need an office space?” romey asked her. “Well I used to do the office work in my old house so there was no need for a separate office before, even my assistants didn’t mind about that but things are different now.” “I understand, how about using the studio below as your office it’s quite spacious and look grand for an office of fewer people.” “It’s not bad but don’t you need it for storage?” “We can share that space half for office another half for storage, it’s not that I’m going to need a bigger stock pile so I think we could manage.” “Yeah, that would work let’s think about it tomorrow after I brief my assistant and apprentice about the new clients” “okay, let’s finish dinner” they have finished their dinner while bantering about the regular clients to romey’s store and serene’s client interview. After finishing they get ready for bed checking all the door locks around the house.

Romey hugged serene from behind after closing the bedroom door whispering “don’t you want your special I promised in the morning” “I thought you never speak about it” serene said “naughty girl, how can I forget my words to my wife” romey replied. He breathed softly behind her ear while caressing her waist to thigh with his tender left palm while hugging her with his right. Serene gently rubbed his left butt while slowly moving his right arm to her mouth and kissing it. They moved to the side of the bed while not releasing each other, he fondled her melons to his hearts rhythm as he started to kiss her nape and lightly tickling her lower chin from behind with his tongue while she grabbed his hair for some gripe and exhaled lightly. She turned and they faced each other with all the air between their lips vanished and a play for dominance been unrevealed between their tongues a harmonious dance of sword play in between sky and lake ended up in a tug of war. Romey begin to explore the deep valley after a draw in previous match his lips walked valley between the mountain, her mountains peak erect unable to withstand the wave of pleasure that drips down from the explorer. Serene sitting in the bed pulled his head toward her in reflex of pleasure extinguishing it unable to resist his lips while he slowly moved his hand along the dress to unveil his wife’s true beauty only reserved for him, she took the little opening and removed his shirt she fall flat on the bed and he pinned her down they both cuddled while their lips launched barrage of ammunition aiming parts of each other’s body seconds later it changed into an Russian roulette taking turns one after another. Their enthusiasm soon laid every spots marked and touched the battle got intense as they moved to big “T” formation he slowly creeped his five warrior squad into her pleasure tent and took control of her drive shaft she countered it with here squad barraging his cave of pleasure. Romey began to gently pump her shaft into action while she began to swindle her squad into his cave making his defence to dwindle. The battle changed from “T” to “69” their salivating lips and tongue started to envelope each other’s conquered region eager for ending the war in pure harmony, battle gained momentum and they reached their last form. He saddled her as he took her mounts into his both squad and his cave took over her action shaft then rode her to his heart’s content when an opening presented she took over and pinned him down now romey lay in the bed flatly. Serene with her shaft armed in prime turned into a soaring missile she unleashed it into his cave on a rhythmic rapid fire as his two squads squashed both of her mount and two captains in each squad pinched the peaks to retaliate for the rapid which made her more fired up and they made to the final round, as they built up their battle heat they slowly reached the pinnacle of love when the balloon burst all the lost heat with nothing to make them stay afloat they fall into love with each other in their arms. Serene’s last stroke shot the egg into romey’s cave it got stuck in the cave’s wall while His love oozed then flood the cave and slowly thaw out the pearl with millions of milk soldiers dwindled until one made to be one with the core egg and others became the nutrients for the life that being created. They cuddled into sleep with each other through the night unbeknownst to them of the gift love had given them.

Days and week pass by as they made their steady married life with romey managing hardware store and serene fixing up her of office in the studio with her assistants and processing the two jobs she had taken, with a regular and occasional marital play. Two weeks after moving into their home romey started to feel little tired daily in the morning with feeling nauseating and weak afraid he might be ill he consulted it with serene during breakfast. As they ready to have breakfast “I’m feeling somewhat unnatural these few days so, I’m planning on visiting clinic today afternoon. You have to take care of the lunch alone today sorry if it’s inconvenient” romey said “Anything serious, I thought you are tired due to heavy work in the store and office room making in the studio what’s the matter?” serene asked “I don’t think it’s anything serious I feel alright and in best mood throughout the day, it’s just I feel too tired and week in the morning and I’m a morning person you know that!” “Okay how about we visit the clinic tomorrow morning, I will give the instruction and direction to my assistants tomorrow we will have less work so I could make it work. I will come to the clinic with you” Romey Thought she will come with him to the clinic today itself and it will be chaotic for her since the construction company people visiting her office today for an update and checking the progress of evaluation he decided it will be in the best interest to visit tomorrow “alright we will go to the clinic tomorrow I will also place a tomorrow holiday sign in the store” “okay, don’t strain yourself” serene kissed him saying this as they finished the breakfast and conversation then moved on to their day’s work. On evening after finishing a casual work day Romey and serene made plans to visit the doctor tomorrow, and they bantered about the day and watched television spending the time in each other’s embrace as every day. Serene made the dinner and they had a hearty meal before going to bed.

The new day begin with the same old sun they behaved as usual with each other hoping it won’t be anything worse. They took serene’s car to the clinic for their 11 ‘O clock appointment with Dr. Carter after finishing the breakfast. After an hour long journey reached the clinic and waiting for their turn in the lobby to be called. A five past 11 O’clock they have been called into the doctor’s room. “Good to see you Mr. Romey, how’s the marriage life treating you?” dr. carter greeted and asked romey “I’ve been blessed with a loving and great wife what more can I ask for” romey replied enthusiastically “great, oh! Congratulations on your marriage Mrs. Romey” with just one sentence carter made serene to blush to her ears “so what’s the problem romey you are not here on your honeymoon, are you?” “It’s not something major but I’ve been feeling tired , week and sometimes have nauseating feeling in the morning for the last couple of days but I’m fine and feel bright for the rest of the day but it’s only in the morning” romey described “how’s the nightly activities between you guys , when was the last time you had a wild night?” carter asked them casually “it’s been two weeks but we have regular lovely nights in weekends and occasions” romey briefed “okay, Mrs. Romey when was the last time your pearl had emitted?” carter directed it to serene “please call me serene, It’s been almost more than two years I think it’s quite hard to pinpoint” serene corrected carter and answered “okay then, let me order you some test to take and we will decide after the test results” carter called for the nurse to direct the couples to the lab for taking tests. few hours later they got their test results and called to the doctor’s room for consultation after taking seats “what’s the result doctor?” romey asked him “congrats romey you’re pregnant and congrats Mrs. Serene you’re going to be a mother” it took them some time to digest the good news carter took that time to explain further “usually couples find their pregnancy when the women exfoliate the pearl’s sack and follicles in two or three weeks after ejecting the eggs, I mean pearl. So have some rest Mr. Romey I will suggest you a colleague of mine for further check-ups and help with your pregnancy.” After realising something serene said “I forgot, I’ve seeped rose moon when I self-relieved myself today morning” with that as conformation romey thanked the doctor then hugged serene. Serene picked the suggested doctor’s card from carter and excused themselves after thanking him. They paid the fees and picked the test result and consultation documents and drove to a nice restaurant to celebrate the wonderful news.

After a enjoying the day they returned to their home and serene made an extravagant meal to celebrate her husband’s pregnancy. Romey were anxious and happy for the news. Serene had set up an appointment for day after tomorrow with Doctor Lynda who carter has recommended. Romey and serene went to sleep with hope for a beautiful future. Day passed calmly as usual, the day for appointment with Lynda came they reached clinic half past 10 in the morning and called in for consultation as soon as they reached there.

“Good morning, congratulations on your new family member I’ve read your reports and everything is normal so far” Lynda greeted and came straight to the point perplexed by the pace romey said “Good morning doctor, so this is my first pregnancy and we don’t have any living family members to guide us through it. It will be of great help if you could take care of us” saying his worries and need to the doctor he turned his head to serene who’s nodding her head strongly affirming it, looking at both of them Lynda enthusiastically replied “Don’t worry I’m a mother of four my husband gave birth to all four of our children. In our species getting pregnant is the hard job since the pearl takes two years to form sometimes egg in the pearl doesn’t stick to a male uterus walls while fertilization also it requires a high level of love and intimacy between couples but you covered it already so, everything else will be easy I’ll make sure it will be okay!” with assurance from Lynda they were happy and became high spirit for the pregnancy, noticing they are okay with it Lynda begin her consultation “okay here’s the first order of business you are going to do REFRAIN from having intercourse, you both will be tempted to do it by your hormones since you guys need each other’s hormone secreted from your body for infant growth to the milk secretion you guys are naturally will be attracted to have sex for transferring the hormones but most of the time it leads to termination of pregnancy” understanding what Lynda said serene asked her “what should we do when in times like that?” “Oral sex is enough that way the hormones and nutrients will be absorbed in to the blood stream through stomach, to avoid unnecessary in-heat situation you should have regular oral sex in the morning and in evening or night” making sure they understand it Lynda continued “Romey you need hormones from your wife’s body to make your womb suitable for baby to grow so you have to give blow to your wife’s shaft and drink all the seep doing so you will avoid morning tiredness and stomach upsets, your body needs it to make you tolerable enough for pregnancy so every morning get your nutrients and supplements from her” hearing the procedure romey let a little sigh of relief and saw his wife with a tempting eye ignoring him serene asked Lynda “so if I eat out his cave it doesn’t raise any complications right?” Lynda replied “Normally it wouldn’t but the hormones secretion would take place at least a week after the egg get fertilised but even if you want to clean it out before the safe time you would get nauseated from the odour of womb setting liquid it won’t leak out from his vagina but if you peek inside you will get affected from it, I will make an appointment for sonar scan three weeks from now and a regular check-up a week before that would that be okay?” “it’s fine that will work” romey replied to Lynda “Mr. Romey don’t do any heavy work or lift heavy objects for next three weeks, refrain from dangerous jobs and try to eat well my clerk will help you set up the said appointments” Lynda gave them last tips and they bid farewell to each other. Romey and serene went to a restaurant by cliff side with a good view of the city after fixing their appointments in the hospital.

They enjoyed their evening with their talks about the unborn baby and how they can be a good parents along those banter they wished for single child in the first pregnancy hoping to have one without any complications. Serene wanted to buy baby clothes and crate but romey said they should focus on their work first and they can buy the baby clothes after the 9th month as evening passed they eventually reached their home as they shopped and enjoyed themselves with amusements on the way back. Days passed by as they followed Lynda’s advice for the morning and night routine , romey’s morning drowsiness got cured and he started to have some fat deposit around his body little by little. They visited the clinic in three weeks and the sonogram result showed them they have one healthy baby. Lynda said the foetus is forming gradually and need an another sonogram after six months if everything is okay we can expect safe birth of a healthy child in 11 months from now and advised serene to clean up romey’s cave regularly from the following week. Days and moths passed their routine day continued serene finished the two jobs she had taken without any problems she had received a good sum of money as commission for the transport company deal and the tech company recommend her for a start-up company who are looking for account managing firm suitable for their company and serene landed a deal with the for five years. Romey decided to run the store on half day only three months prior to the delivery. As they followed Lynda’s advice Romey gave birth to a girl without any complications and serene started to lactate a week prior to the delivery both romey and serene hold their baby girl a year after their marriage. . Romey gave birth to four more children and they all lived their life. Romey and serene love life continued as they lived up to their 200th age.

Revered sin

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 Estimated reading time: 16 minutes.

Revered Sin

May, impulsive hot air that brush pass the ears land’s breathe could be heard for any mile eyes could sweep over. Trees wave their barks and branch unable to withstand the what breeze bring over birds and cattle having a nap just to outwit what burns high and middle in the sky, shaded roofs along the roads of town a simple one that people made their living leisurely along those rhyming scenery a violent storm is raging on inside a calm eyes.

“There’s always two things what one can do and what one can’t do !” the boy remember those words just as when he gazed into mirror the words of reminiscent past he drags on to future. He just shakes off the thoughts and picked up his stick and dashed to the road. As he strolled down he salutes his passing uncle and states he is going for a hike above the mountains for a change of mind then he moved on in his way. A stale lake reflects the mountains competing with silver mirrors he hoped along the shore of the lake like an owl ogling its prey feeling the winds with his hands as he’s above those mountains an endless fields of hope to the horizon been filled along the mountain tail . Frail breeze is enough to make anyone a bird in the heights. Trees along the way with just enough space to make shrubs and herbs sprout even it would look like a lie when one hears it’s all been natural. He quickly made his way onto a boulder in the middle of the mountain like a lone blind man in his house. A view just for him is what awaits on the boulder, roofs of houses weaved like a scales of dragon in the slumber fields that breathes of sigh a grand mirror just for him calming breeze that makes one lazy enough to forfeit breathing yet none could control ire he boasts in his eyes so is the dilemma of dead.

A regular day begin for the village people women took their clothes basket and made their way to the river, men commence their jobs rhythmic saw and nail hammering resonate from the carpenters, blacksmith’s crackling fires and blazing heat along with pounding irons turning into hoe and blades, humming men weaving his net to patch and catch his fish, land’s been tilled by bulls and humans, children’s on their way to play with their new day. A smiling sun made his way to three fours from the horizon a drenched fellow with bloody dirty and rugged cloth entered the village his knees gave up along the roads of village. Two men in idle banter rushed to that man’s aid within his tattered arm he carried a year old child they became wary after they found out he was rushed to the village’s doctor.

Everyone in the village came to see the man and child being treated in the village head’s house it’s been three days since the man and child arrived in their village their vitals are still not showing any improvement everyone is quizzical whether they will be able to live or not. Fifth day the child woke up his complex started to look okay but that man is still pale. Head arranged some delicious fresh fruit for the boy he devoured those fruit slowly enumerating its deliciousness juice dripping on his chin line tells he enjoyed them head looked satisfied after seeing it. Head slowly made the boy to eat more nutritious food boy’s health started to improve little by little.

Rugged man gained his consciousness in eighth day yet looking like someone at death’s door step he looked around for the boy franticly noticing that head rushed to his aid and kept him in bed and consoled “don’t act rash you just started getting well, have some rest and get I will get you something to drink and eat “that man asked “The boy?” Head affirmed that boy is safe and alive he’s playing with other kids in the outskirts. Hearing the safety of the boy he heaved a heavy sigh and slumped in the bed with relief eventually dozed off.

After arranging some food and drinks head woke the man up in the hopes of finding anything about him and the reason for his state when he reached the village. Head woke the man up to eat he carried his restless body to sit up at great effort, “here drink some fresh juice it should ease the burden “ head said “thank you for the kindness “ that man drank it little by little slowly parching his dried up throat .

After making it comfortable for that man head started to question him “what happened?” after a heavy breath and loud sigh he began to explain “ we are spirit blessed people wherever we decide to live every spirit will be obliged to be in harmony and every living being gets benefits from it, late king of roosenaria gave us a place to live and when we were wanderer’s we have lived there peacefully for almost three generations we made a village for ourselves little by little surroundings got better natural resources became abundant slowly spirit blessing spread to the neighbouring villages, towns and cities they reached everywhere where malice is low and neigh eventually kingdom became prosperous previous king rescordian proclaimed it’s because of us and gave us autonomous freedom to our town and the territory maintained by when the king was nearing his lifetime he named the first prince consort his successor and made him the king . After that he retired to our territory along with his queens to live peacefully and spend his retirement then some people dissatisfied with us being autonomous and king living here instigated a civil revolt among the nobles supporting princes and princesses. Third prince consort reeglan decided its all because of king and us spirit blessed so he gathered a platoon and raided us. Massacring almost every one of us some fled the territory he killed all the queens and king, Later they have trialled and killed him for treason soon after that kingdom lost its prosperous abundant nature and civil unrest became ever so high. Due to that First prince consort, king heglan was assassinated it made the doom of the kingdom more apparent the last surviving member of royalty 13 year old princess leva assumed throne hearing the regents advice she proclaimed loss of blessed one’s is the reason and decreed to capture every last one of us . That made our people further fled the country, greedy aristocrats and people wanted to keep us in cages some succeeded. Upon seeing our state the spirits became enraged and caused calamities to escape the predicament they started killing us.”


After calming his mind head offered some more juice to drink after that man drink it he asked “so who’s the child? How did you end up here?” after some moments he spoke “I’m nevar a close aid of late king rescord, that child is mehwa my late sister’s child both of his parents are no more. On escaping from pursuer’s we boarded my close friend’s merchant ship Alas! Lady luck is not on our side, while traveling on raging stormy sea a kingdom navy ship pursued us to escape them we transferred to a small boat after escaping the storm we reached ashore on some unknown place. To survive me and mehwa started looking for a settlement for days. I should thank the spirits for guiding us here.” Having some moment to settle his mind he asked the head “what’s the name of the country? how long will it take to reach kingdom?” head started explaining “it’s a big island only five tribes live here we are not affiliated with any nation , we never had any contact with kingdom but it takes two weeks of sea travel to Escomar empire northeast of this land.”

“Mmm it takes a month long journey to reach empire from kingdom, we shall be safe here. If you don’t mind can I request for us to live here village head?” nodding his head in contemplating village head replied “First take rest and recover fully we shall discus this after that among villagers until you and that boy can live here” “Thank you for your generosity” nevar replied with gratitude.

Few weeks gone by they both recovered well and could be seen lively. After making a plead in the village council they have received some land to build house and make a living. Nevar found a job in blacksmithing workshop and continued to take care of mehwa. Two years gone by mehwa grown to be healthy boy, on a new moon mehwa begin to understand spirits of nature tending to their needs he soon became loved by spirits.

Days gone by Living on that island became their norm, one evening mehwa wanted to know about his parents and origin so he started enquire about it to his uncle after dinner. Nevar decided it’s time to tell mehwa about everything resolved himself and told everything as a form of story. Being bought up as a good natured boy by his uncle after hearing everything about it mehwa just kept quiet and said thank you before going to his bed.

Next week few merchants from empire docked in the neighbouring coastal village to resupply their ship for long travel they traded material goods for dried foods and water. Few knights looking like guards and workers roamed around the village enquiring about the spirit people or any anomalies around the region hearing about these actions harbour master decided to inform the village head about these and he did after the ship departed.

Village head discussed this with nevar, nevar decided they can’t run away again without having any solid evidence against pursuers. Days and months pass by there’s no new news from the coastal village regarding the people looking for nevar and mehwa or any spirit people.

With just the presence of mehwa, Village’s natural produce increased by two folds fishes caught in river can’t be held in single hand ,woods procured from forests are hard as iron . Villagers enjoy their high bounty that year with a weeklong banquet.

At the end of the fall season a group of empire knights and mercenary along with kingdom high command personal came to the village where nevar and mehwa were residing, village head invited them to his residence on the outskirts of village to further discuss there. He had signalled one of his entourage to warn nevar on his way to the outskirt residence, within the residence after serving refreshments for the guests’ village head started his question “what do we owe this unprecedented meeting with empire people?” Knight of the empire replied “we are having a dire situation in our hand, kingdom’s land had become a living hell. Its fertile lands is now worse than a desert without water, kingdom’s refugees in empire is so high we can’t do anything for their accommodation. Empire’s people are in distress fearing kingdom’s calamity may come to empire along with its people, most worry about civil safety and distress come from with this high number of Refugee Empire’s court nobles are torn between indecisiveness. We are sent here personally by the empire on the hope of solution to this calamity”

“Why didn’t the empire negotiate a relief benefits with the kingdom? What’s here to aid this situation?” Village head enquired the knight “our spies have confirmed that remanence of anti-spirit people have been eradicated from the kingdom forcefully and naturally even more they had said poorest family in empire could lead a better life than the Kingdoms royal, this is chief staff of roosenaria royalty I think it will be better for this person to explain further”.

During the meeting village head staff met with nevar in blacksmith and told him what happened upon hearing he further enquired details about kingdom men, he recognised who it is and quickly went to grab mehwa.

When the chief staff about to speak, head’s waiting man came in to give an urgent message. “Excuse me, someone wishes to join in our meeting hope you don’t mind” after announcing that he gave a nod to his butler. Nevar holding mehwa in his arms entered the meeting room with butler leading the way.

Upon seeing nevar chief staff face brightened a little, Nevar took a seat near village head and greeted chief staff “hello ruel, I’m happy to see you alive and kicking” ruel replied “I’m glad you survived and looking healthy just like in your prime” couldn’t grasp what happening around him empire knight looked for an explanation upon seeing it head began to explain “this is nevar former close aid of late king of roosenaria” then knight took the help rope “I’m tefal Empire’s west wing commander and official foreign emissary” .

After settling little details they began their meeting again, ruel started “homeland is in worst state then we could dream as a nightmare, we all truly wish for forgiveness from spirit and trying everything in my power to invite every blessed one I could find to roosenaria” few moments passed by in silence nevar break it “Before you ask me anything you should hear this , my old sister was mistress of late king rescordian and they had a beautiful daughter , when they retired to blessed territory they had an another child a boy!” everyone gasped for air leur interjected “but I didn’t know anything about this incident” nevar replied “Late king didn’t want anyone to know he wanted to raise the boy in a normal life and that possessed high spirit blessing he decided kingdom’s nobility would do anything in their power to make that one of their pawns that’s why he made everyone who knew of the truth to swore in his life” tears of pearl dripped along his like an iceberg falling off a cliff “whether to go to kingdom or not it’s up to the boy but all I ask is you give him a normal life like the rescord wished for him and swore on the great spirits on this” ruel trying to digest the fact that he’s given an arc to save his beloved kingdom but the strength and rope to keep it steady he couldn’t find it in his will to bear them. When ruel was immersed in his deep thought pit tefal asked nevar “would you be to known about the whereabouts of the child you speak of?” Resolving his iron will nevar turned his look to mehwa, ruel startled by that question wake from his epiphany of thoughts and looked at near without hesitation upon that he looked in the eyes of mehwa the will he so lost on his beloved kingdom stirred like a tempest an rushing of hope to make even dead bones alive is roared through his body. ruel took a few steps neared mehwa kneeled in front of him with his arms stretched and joined palms extended to mehwa he asked him with all his will in respect “I swore on my life to the great spirits kindly save the beloved kingdom” like gushed out of a dried up well tears welled in ruel’s eyes , seeing all these happen in rush of a moment mehwa turned to nevar unable to decide what to do seeing him nevar said “There’s always two things what one can do and what one can’t do! It’s not about the inability to act but not against the moral you live by where you won’t make other’s life miserable” few seconds gone an everyone in the room seeing the turn of events can’t omit what they have seen as mere dream a point in history that will change everything that’s about to happen.

“What do I have to do?” mehwa asked ruel, with tear eyed ruel “would you kindly grace us with your presence in the kingdom?” “Uhm! Okay but for how long?” as a chief of staff he would anticipate every answer and possible questions alas he couldn’t utter a word with calculations surrendering to fate he gave “As long as you wish, the life you want to have may a normal life you could make anywhere in the world you could make it in kingdom I would see to it as long as life dwells in this humble body” hearing ruel’s words of will mehwa agreed to visit kingdom.

After a month long sea travel they have arrived in the shores of kingdom. A foul smell spread along the air surrounding the shoreline they slowly docked in the harbour. What they see are not even possible in the nightmares of dream world. Scorched lands that would make torture chambers for demons of hell, plants that sprout die in hours vultures roam in high never land’s near dead towns and cities reek of vile character even a dead would sprint out of fear.

Mehwa travelled in the carriage seeing all of this along with uncle nevar, commander tefal and chief staff ruel He never asked about anything quietly watching everything through the wagon window. Wagon swayed on full speed into the castle everyone come down from the carriage and made their way into the castle. Night has reached they had dinner from the travel ration. On to the deep night mehwa thought about his fun days in islands along with his friends the nature’s lushness, when he thought about kingdom the scenes he saw bring tears among the nocturnal noise he muttered “they miss what they have lost”. When the sun quietly creeped out from his slumber in the horizon dark clouds surround the vicinity of kingdoms slowly it covered everything not a ray of light could be reached.


Suddenly rain poured down like a blocked gutter being freed. It continued for two whole days washing away everything that’s not meant for living. After the third Lushness of nature could be smelled on the air like a spirit danced before your nose with glee of living. Sprouts become plants in days dried up wells, ponds, lake and river were filled with sweetest water. Seeing all these ruel kneeled and thanked for reviving the kingdom.

GK's Blog archiveold anime, manga - review ; JP WN translation- Mak 5 Fri, 13 Oct 2023 14:30:27 +0000 en-GB 1.2 154089392 1694 32 32 Fri, 15 Mar 2019 18:09:16 +0000 !( Demon lords and assistant

This anime adaptation of this manga is making a quite a uproar among the fan base. TBH i got surprised to see a series trailer while reading the manga but it's the same with goblin slayer, let's mediate on manga for now.

If you read the manga for two chapters you might have an idea of a boring story line but the author throw us off guard when he starts to make an out of world concept for the Out of the World manga. The MC's decision seems to be having a quite a vision for that world's benefit on a long run.

His encounters with various royalty might presume a high image however his playful thoughts and child like persona justifies how he died a virgin death for a 30 year old man. (spoiler alert) His fight with Yuuki as a demon lord at the end raises a question whether he got reincarnated because of yuuki as a saviour. Rimuru's idea on raising his monster companion on Japanese style will make anyone a quench for it.

Rimurus encounter with demon lords and royal king's and establishing a nice country for trade and tourism will make a one's mind kindred and yet i would like to see how the story board moves in manga when he kill a 10000 knights and Diabalo's first appearance to the banquet of the 10 great demon lord ( i think i have spilled enough spoilers).

I will make my view on it once either the finish of the Demon lord Arc or Start of the Eastern empire arc i do not wish to spoil the readers on reading it first hand, Until then Caio…!@!.

]]> 47 0 0 0 Sat, 23 Mar 2019 18:46:05 +0000

The hero is overpowered and overly cautious

Kono Yuusha ga Ore TUEEE Kuse ni Shinchou Sugiru ; この勇者が俺****TUEEEくせに慎重すぎる

A novice goddess Rsitarte worry to save a world from evil king and his underling. it's an tale to establish a god's heavy work on saving a world under their protection. The goddes's act is an notion of the proverb "haste makes waste" she tried to choose a hero but accidentally she saw an over powered one then started summoning him. She begun to out of conceit with one of his trait as hero against all his traits later.

The goddess chose Seiya ryuguuin as a hero to save the world she is given to protect. seiya's action doesn't seem to have a great picturing role in manga but ristarte's vain to show of her hero to fellow god's has been completely in vain is fun to read with a sister complex to senior sealing goddes ariado. seiya seem to coward to ristarte but his actions keeps her dumbfounded from time to time along their journey in the world in despair. in training

Seiya is heavily cautious of his actions and decision over tiny details, Any OCD person shall bite the dust against his cautious behaviour. He believes having power ten folds to his enemies power is considerably safe, which might be an overstatement however in future chapters he might be revealed to have power skill rivalling the gods. Overall it's an comedic isekai - shounen manga having a new flavour to hero and gods tale an delight to an everyday Heroes and gods story.

Seiya's training session with sword god might give a good idea how severe is his over cautious behavior. Up until to the chapter 5 seiya's presence is a bit low for a protaganist in a story yet, it has been compensated with ristarte fancy and funny shows of memoir.

Verdict: An exemplary story work a good adaptation of web novel. An new flavour of delight for Isekai fans.

]]> 117 0 0 0 Tue, 26 Mar 2019 12:58:15 +0000

Goblin slayer Ch: 34

Starts with Nice and refined shots of guild girl. Their start of the date on afternoon of festival. this chapter doesn't give details on their date as they did with cow girl, but they did notice to key turn events and details to the surrounding character. It's kind of nice to see the guild girls frustration to seek Goblin slayer's attention to her. she wants him to see something intimidating of her feelings in some private space, she lures him to guild office worker's space and shows a spectacle view exclusive to him.

Along with the story we can see a disaster approaching within the breeze effect story with various flag. i really thought sword maiden to make a entry in one of his date, well that didn't happened. Goblin slayer's actions seem to caught something fishy on the festival occasion not having a goblin slaying request for a week tend to be the key for it. another flag from the author to be entry of party heroes who defeated the demon lord, and goblin slayer's some strange request to elf. An evident of some thing big has been flagged whatever it is i want some actions and the trademark Goblin slayer's out of the box ideas. If possible i want to see the mysterious ring goblin slayer posses in action on future chapters, one he found it as shown in the one year spin off.

This chapter closes it's curtains on orcblog's companion cleric priest entry to some stage for the closing of the festival under the flying paper lanterns.

]]> 127 0 0 0 Thu, 28 Mar 2019 12:52:09 +0000

******AKB49 : Renai Kinshi Jourei**

Urayama Minoru (alias) Urayama Minori he is in love with a girl (Yoshinaga) so madly he wishes to make her happy by making her wish come true, Joining a AKB49 music group. he found her in lowest esteem during auditions for AKB49 group.

Anyone might think cheering her up like lovely way to woe her but he decides a different way, yeah the manga has to be different right? . He decided to dress as a girl to participate in the audition to make her a well achieved idol surprisingly he does better than her and pull yoshinaga into a great heights of idols. however people noticing minori being a boy all kept quite and taunts his pride being an idol the story starts as for the love stage to the sake of being an idol and for the fans it might seem he is enjoying being a girl but few quirk in the story shows he does everything for his love. Minori

The story moves with thrilling twist and tryst keeping readers amused for next event to unfold. It doesn't give an insight about being a girl or cross-dresser's perception. it's purely goes on about his love what he gained from it. he indulges his true passion to make people happy at some point however the author made it all about his love. He takes up the position of idol and makes intriguing announcement to have the old popular ones bite the dust and he does it splendidly with a lot of commotion and pure hard work,it might sound strange to hear a guy being a idol with a huge fan base yet the way of story and author's narration give a new colour to it and keeps it alive to make the readers keep on reading it. attention to minor details on the story line makes on to wander "is it really possible in reality". This manga didn't fail to make the readers smile and laugh, it can make you think "are you doing your utmost on your life?". This manga embraces the hard ship & hard work done by Japanese Idol group which makes you to appreciate the real world ones, they done their research on thoroughly.

a good comedy manga to read on hard work and trying to make anything is possible.

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A second chance to a salvaged soul by social and sexual abuse, that's what matches this manga's Main character. this manga way of telling the standard of bullying is quite explicit. To whom who wants to read it, This isn't for light hearted people. it shows a great amount of vulgar and sexually explicit scenes.

Human living as wasps that's the base line of this manga. Endou himeno a high school girl victim to severe bullying by her school mates. when you see himeno crawling on four legs naked as a sheer pleasure of amusement for the school girls you can feel the weight of the content author trying to make. Her situation in house is much worse than her school. when a mother saw her girl being molested by her second husband she will beat the shit out of him that's reality, However getting jealous of her child and torturing the child for her husbands affection will blast out their definition of mother's love.This will make anyone wonder why she didn't commit suicide, when you live mourning life for a long time it becomes a absolute reality.

The story changes it's course as giving Himeno a chance to build a paradise to her wish in a form a wasp when her school mates made her eat a bug. The next set of event's thrown me to think is it an another reality. when she found that she become queen to those she had infected. it seems to pay for her so long misery, The intervention of government organisation to capture her alive made her getting a nation to herself a eutopia for her liking.

This manga is a story of Absolute blood shed which questions a very morale of a society model. An aid of empathy for a severe bullying and social abuse victims.


A story on beasts and vile in humanity nature to it's extreme core no one can imagine.

]]> 147 0 0 0 Wed, 10 Apr 2019 19:25:47 +0000

****Domestic girlfriend ; Dome kano - chapter 226, Review

He gets a girl to live in his apartment after braking up with Riu, He met her in a mixer he arranged for his friend. misaki followed him like a puppy which is cute and likable. Then the Story line starts to spin off like a deja vu to resemble the manga starting point. Then twist turns to one and another. Then Misaki's back story with a weight to move the readers to a point to make and show Sympathy for MC.

Her tragic state gets deeper and deeper to a point on where natsu gets frustrated and found her doing and dealing drugs. Natsu wishes goodwill for all the ladies he encounters but this one gets him into a hectic Situation on edge of death. Hina being a proper big sister worries for natsu and gets help from owner of the dinner masa. A drug morphia misaki working for kidnaps them in pretence of theft of drugs. Hina and masa beating those guys and making a statement is dramatic and fun to watch, misaki pledges on becoming clean for everyone's sake. Tachibana

In this chapter i can see a flag on miskai being a full pledged girlfriend or Natsu writing a novel on misaki's life and hina becomes his lover again. The author may make different decision on this regard who knows an interesting new character may arrive . It will be nice if natsu can become a novel author again.


FILE icon Dome

X Kano

]]> 162 0 0 0 Thu, 11 Apr 2019 12:35:59 +0000

******I was Reincarnated as a Hot Spring in an Alternate World, and I'm Way Too Effective **

Among lots of typical Isekai manga where protagonists become either hero, mao or an animal or monster with it's core character a manga making an Onsen to be MC. A bold move to think making making an manga on onsen Yet, the story's way of cruising the reader and keeping their interest on on tip of toe for How? and what's next . Art by tonee89

Ecchi scenes of this manga is very high as the MC being a onsen a swarm of beautiful girls occupy most script. onsen getting level up by the number of people he healed and the appearance becomes an etiquette modern onsen. The adventures of the girls helping the onsen to keep running have the story move on with different possibilities of new ventures.They want to make a onsen town for their village. Being a onsen main character distinguishing himself as a Onsen god Atami. Shirakawago Onsen

Upon competition from a unexpected source they fight with all their will and making a great progress, While the manga chapters keep end up with cliff hanger making the readers curiosity haywire for what's next


High school student Atami Kusatsu on his way to a rural onsen, meets with a tragic accident along the way and dies, but he's reincarnated as an onsen in a fantasy universe. In this world, the liquefied Atami turns out to have remarkable physical and magical healing properties, and he soon finds himself being regularly visited by beautiful elven adventurer Laticia, large-breasted priestess Kumu, and petite village chieftess Chichiku.


An unthinkable concept with a rational story line, a praise to the mind behind for making it.

]]> 176 0 0 0 Sat, 20 Apr 2019 12:31:18 +0000

A new mage!!!

What does Kumo Kagyu meant to with a newly introduced mage?, Does she have anything to do with next chapter release of the main manga. Kumo Kagyu have already done this type of thing with the spin off brand new day with the introduction of hero and she made a entrance in the main manga with goblin slayer on chapter 21.

GS meeting end of Magus of ElectricityMagus of Electricity

The mysterious ring passing for 2 chapters have made it's true self in this chapter a breather ring. Along with it we get to see a new character Arc mage - magician of eletricity, she tend to be like a shut in mad scientist engulfed in their thoughts. On encounter with goblin slayer she has been working with physchic cards we can assume she is reading some ones future maybe hers finding she will be receiving the ring or the goblin slayer's one where he finds a ring her amusement on hearing a ring makes it all suspicious. Does the mage have a black history like sword maiden.

Her reactions to goblin slayer's words for killing goblins makes it a peculiar stance, what will be the goblin slayers new tool to kill goblins. The weight of the line "The rolling dices of god of destiny and god of faith" has been implying goblin slayer's path doesn't stray but it can impact on the path of others.

The hype for next chapter has going on to never seen before height in this manga will it satiate the reader's heart's desire for it.

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An Unprecedented assailant

This chapter tried to convey the readers there's a possibility of romantic relationship with goblin slayer for nearly 6 pages and even on previous two chapters. It showed the compassion the priest girl have for him and the raw feeling of guild girl and his past reminiscence, for all the lost soul he had buried in his anguishing heartfelt memories.

I had thought goblin's will likely ambush the ceremony as when a horde of goblins with a goblin lord attacked the village. when a mysterious creature tried to assault goblin slayer I guessed it will be a goblin trained by someone to kill goblin slayer as expected he had foreseen the attempt and saved the guild girl. He safe guarded her and begin his survival fight.

Guild girl missing short knifeGuild girl saved

As a candle in the wind my expectation were blown of to withering, when the guild girl identified the assassin to be an Dark elf. Goblin slayer didn't finch on surprise made haste to charge on the dark elf. he evaded the dark elf's poison throw knife and set up a trap to counter the assassin's advantage. He killed the dark elf in more of a goblin slayer way.

What will be the up coming chapters dosage for goblin slayer fans ?

Will we see the story to progress more on other elements other than goblins. i would like to see the tale move on that direction without losing the sense of goblin slayers single concentrated character.

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Nana to kaoru-kokosei no SM gokko

The main manga nana to kaoru has turned out to be quite a hit. It's unique and rational way of handling an minor S&M play is quite pleasable to it's destined fan's. The feature film based on the manga resemble the manga quite a lot. The manga gives quite an in depth information on Kinky hobbies from the danger's to the pleasure and feeling of the person involved in it. It's an guide to the Kinky aspirer's.

Nana to kaoruCover

Nana to kaoru-kokosei no SM gokko is an sequel to main manga it's a gift to all nana to kaoru fans. It starts up from the ending chapter of the main manga, after kaoru got hospitalised and before the sequel black lable.

Nana to kaoruBlack label cover

The sequel progresses on new course of their breather session with a make over of modern technologies. Their breather's evolves to a mature relationship, without spoiling the story's core lineage.

It's an treat to all nana to kaoru fans with a replenished breather session with more of it from the sea of kinky ideas.

face reactionnana's pleasure face

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Parallel Paradise

A no man world where women solely lived suddenly have an unexpected visitor A MAN. Youta this manga's main character has sent to this world of woman for no other reason than to have sex with them.

It's an isekai manga and yet the MC have transferred to other world by someone who threw him out of the window and made it a suicide. He has been portrayed as an drug for the girls living there, one touch of his finger tip is enough to make those lass mourn in undeniable pleasure. he has to have sex with at least once with all those girls to save them from dying on age 20, it does sound unreasonable to ask of a single man to have sex with a world full of woman to save them so as an typical isekai MC he sets out on a journey to find a decisive cure for all this harem situation. he is doing those thing not for justified reason but if he didn't he will die by having sex with all these girls on extreme horny havoc. what a cliche a man having an paradise fully to himself and decides on changing the world by killing the god of lust to remove the curse.

Manga's illustrations of intimate scene are quite charming and story's tryst of roll makes the readers luring into what's next.

precedent yet unprecedented turn of events in manga gives a unique colour to the manga from a typical isekai manga. story has a big play on being an backbone for this ero manga. play of tragedies are quite warming on moving the story to next arc. This manga is filled with sexual action almost every nook of it story turns to it's core and the story keeps upper hand on guiding the manga with it's surprising events unfolding to the reader's on precise time to digest the scene on most favourable way.

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The Eminence in shadow

Description : Just like how everyone adored heroes in their childhood, a certain young man adored those powers hidden in shadows. After hiding his strength and living the mediocre life of a mob character by day while undergoing frenzied training by night, he finally reincarnates into a different world and gains ultimate power. The young man who is only playing at being a power in the shadows, his misunderstanding subordinates, and a giant organization in the shadows that gets trampled….. This is the story of a young boy who had adored powers in shadows possibly eventually reigning over the world of shadows in another world.

We have seen side characters explain about circumstances and what they need to do to protagonists but this one here is way different. a normal school boy in search of power to be a phantom character and meets demise by his greed and reincarnated as a baby in different world with magic.

He doesn't have any understanding for any of his morale and destiny he is a blind man on track to be a eminence of shadow he makes up various things to makes thing little be cinematic. he works hard in background and display great result as shadow but his mob character makes up for all this ruckus and gives an vibe to this manga. His stance on not to be outstanding is outstanding.

(Cover ***art***"> ***art***

An isekai novel with an overpowered protagonists who acts as an mob character. It lacks none but an extravagant ecchi scene Oh! wait the author makes it up with an unimaginable humour with a harem of girls, Yes a group of Seven elves becomes his companion in shadows after he saves a possessed elf girl and it become seven From alpha to epsilon. yup! he named them on Greek letters together he forms a shadow garden ( common he has to be better on picking names).

To cid (MC) he is uttering some nonsense to make a play as shadow and the shadow garden are trying to play along since he saved their lives. But in truth all that nonsense is already an reality on that world only he doesn't know that, It's like he has chosen for this world. The tragedies that besiege him are entangled with one and another that gives an sense of excitement when revealed to the readers. He is powerful but his action doesn't have any hidden agenda as believed by his subordinates yet they are blind to their saviour's non-hidden agenda actions which makes it a perfect piece of comedy.

Overall verdict: villain who saves the world an controversial irony with lots of humour.

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A Medieval Feminist

アルテ ARTE ; Author: Ookubo Kei

DESCRIPTION: Firenze, early 16th century. The birthplace of the Renaissance era, where art is thriving. In one small corner of this vast city, one sheltered girl's journey begins. She dreams of becoming an artist, an impossible career for a girl born into a noble family. In those days, art was an exclusively male profession, with woman facing strong discrimination. In spite of these challenges, Arte perseveres with hard work and a positive attitude!

A story captivating feminist young lass in medieval period where male dominance is higher trying to be an renowned artist and trying to make her dream a reality. Arte the protagonists starts to explore the world of art after her father passed away she rebels against her mother who tries to shackle her in the name of marital arrangement. she tries hard to find a artesian firm to take her as a disciple only to find a Biggest mountain of hurdle before her that she is a woman.

Arte manga volume 1 coverVolume 1 cover

She gets up and down on every recognized artist shop in the district only to be disappointed and despaired then she makes an statement by action to them who looked down because she's a woman. a last hope given to her, leo a reputable middle aged artist who took her as an assistant. His training method are not normal in norms to other artisan but she determined to become an artist a mere higher work load can't displease her. she shows every eyes that looked down on with what a woman can do then changed to a admiration for her works. Every gap author could find she placed them with feminism in an rational way, she made the scenes with courtesan to display the power of the words "it's an man's world" to who can hold the absolute power.

Arte manga volume 3 coverVolume 3 cover

The manga speaks more about women's self reliability then pity excuses of feminism in every nook and cranny of the story but the author places an certain ideology of rational feminism not a tug war between feminism and male dominance. arte's self righteousness and determination makes a great way to expose those ideology. a gradual story flow with a colourful character base gives an quite a range of derivation.

Art work in the manga panels are fine to a point on making it a art. The drawings conveys the story's intention on a wider light and leaving the reader in a state of awe.

Manga adopted to anime and first episode released on 04.04.2020

Playlist for Arte anime

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Verdict : A daily dose manga for all the ecchi lovers.

What will be an imperial swords thought's on a maintenance ?

Tatara a blacksmith trying to make a imperial sword for his heart's content is collecting all the data he could and some imperial along the way with some fruitful and erotic encounters.

Manga artist done great job on illustrating various imperial swords personification, it catches the sword personality quite well with their attribute.

The main story plot and twists are centred around tatara research journey to study about how to make an imperial swords, as the story moves on various theme with each chapter it balanced well between comedy and imperials lascivious thoughts to tatara's care for them. Story directive done justice for an artists care and love for his tools and creation.

As the plot moves we could enjoy an lasting comedic acts than ecchi traces within our thoughts. It's quite amusing to read and ruminate the swords thoughts while their maintenance being done.

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Manga Name : Megami no sprinter

Genre: seinen

Moderation: Erotica (19+)

Blog Rating : 3.8/5 Score:73/100


English name : Godess’s sprinter

Web Novel : No

Mangadex: 7.3 Bakaupdates: 6.6


Verdict:* A manga dedicated to coregasm and self-disciplinary*.

A track and field themed manga with a peculiar training method established through sexual arousal a story line keeping to maintain it status quo of Animus nature among the characters. Its flow of art emphasis on character details with its background art not hindering personas.

The story cases a bustling comedy with takase countering accident and tragedy he befalls on himself. We may consider it as heaven for ecchi lovers but the artwork leans on the side to hentai as it establishes character expressing nudist behavior but have been used well along the story plots. An non blood related insists story backed with motive not with pleasure arguably a nice teasing play appealing to shota lovers with obvious mild and logical taboo. Manga has a decisive story as it pleads with importance of self-discipline making it apparent. This manga strolls around with quoting various myth and science facts combined but the main fact for increasing testosterone that has been used in manga can’t be validated by me in my research in urban myths and research papers. Overall story could moot to be an analogy like series for people enjoying coregasm.

it is a story that made me wondered why they need to go that extreme, a paradise for eternal lazy that makes them motivate to exercise. Visual treat for muscle lovers .

The story line oscillates along with same format in different dimension and plots. Scattering of story plot among the character is questionable as the MC takase has been portrayed as living puppet for kyouko, female to male story plot ratio is unbalanced as it becomes a female domineering or eccentric. The harem possibilities do tend be facade. It contains more scenes of erotica than comedy for non mature reader’s it could be non-bearing.

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Recruitment Episode four


It's been a while. This is the author who said he was going to write a collection of stories, but it turned out to be a collection of dead stories.

Well, I hope you'll take a look at that too.


We'll proceed with the test here for now.


「Let's start at the beginning.」


I heard the landlady's beautiful voice through the door. This is where the big moment that will change my life begins!



「Excuse me.」


With those words, the first examinee walked in.


「I'm looking forward to working with you.」

「Yes, thank you. So could you begin by telling us your exam number, introduce yourself and tell us why you wanted to work at the inn? 」


I did the basics of the interview test. Since there are no how-to books in this world, what kind of ridiculous answers will they give? Actually, that is one of my secret pleasures. 

What? 『 You have a surprisingly bad personality 』All of you who think I have a bad personality now, come to the front ......, if we talk with our fists a little, I think you will understand....... I've always wanted to be in a position to ask questions as an interviewer, because I'm a strong person who survived the ice age of employment.

Now, what kind of person is he and does this self-introduction tell us a little bit about him?


「Yes um, exam number 2822 my name is 『Rion Arcadyne』. My age is 34 I'm proud to say that I'm pretty well known as an adventurer. As for the reason for my employment well, the adventurer's family business has become too hard for me due to my age. So, I was thinking of getting a job here and stepping away from being an adventurer.」


Rion Arcadyne, that's an adventurer I've never heard of. ...... And if you're 34 years old and your adventuring family business is getting harder, you're not very strong,...... and you don't seem to have much room to grow.


「What is your level and rank as an adventurer? 」

「Yes, I'm level 42. Rank is C class.」


I'm not sure hiring him would be a good idea, he's over age than me also his level and rank are a bit subtle and not par to the work needed.

(T.N: had to remake the whole sentence to make sense as translation didn’t, it may differ from web page translation)

Let's waive him off this time. Let's just ask one last question, shall we.


「It's a quick one but we're running out of time so, here's my last question.  In the service industry such as lodgings, customers are very important. There's a certain philosophy behind it: ....... Well, I'll get to that later So here's my question,

 What is a customer to you? 」


---- Candidate POV

The tension of the interview test makes me escape from reality. 

It was the landlady's room that we were shown to as the venue for the examination. From what I've heard from fellow adventurers who have stayed at the inn it's a room that no one has ever seen before and in a sense it's a mysterious unexplored place.

It's kind of strange to think that I'm the first man (maybe) to set foot in such a mysterious and unexplored region.


「Excuse me.」


The room of the proprietress where I’ve stepped in was contrary to expectations, a room with a very calm atmosphere. Because I had heard that the proprietress was still young, I had imagined on my own that the room was more feminine and capacious but it seems that it was not so. 

There's a bed, a desk, a bookshelf (which is a bit bigger) and probably a wardrobe. They are all old but of good quality and have the character that comes from long years of use.

There is no dust or garbage in the room and it looks like there is no sense of life at all at a glance. But strangely enough, I could feel that people or rather the landlady were sleeping here. 

The landlady sits on a chair in the room where there is no feminine thing at all and is asking this way. Tensions rose considerably.

Oh...... no, there was only one feminine thing, There's a stuffed bear on the bed. A stuffed bear with a big ribbon around its neck sits in a cute position, giving the room which is full of the pursuit of functional beauty a somewhat relieving impression. I was a little happy to have caught a glimpse of the proprieties' feminine side. 

There is a large window facing the backyard and the light coming in from the window softly envelops the room. The gilta standing against the wall gently reflect the sun's rays and the entire room is enveloped in soft air.

Come to think of it, the landlady is also good friends with the leader and diva of the 『"Fantasy Music of Yuyu"』....... I wondered if it is true it seems it is.


In the meantime, the landlady asked me a few questions. I answered them simply because they were all questions that I didn't need to think about too hard. Well, I didn't lie about any of them so I guess I'm okay. 

The last question came without hardly exchanging a word with the landlady. Well, there were a lot of examinees outside so the time spent on one person must be short.

The question was, "What is a customer?" The answer is simple. Because it seems the landlady always says so.


「Yes, the customer is God! 」


Perhaps these words are an expression of the landlady's feeling that she treats her customers as if she were in contact with a clan god. So the key to this test is whether you can say this word or not, it was surprisingly easy.


「Do you really think so? 」 

「Yes, because the customer is God! 」

「I understand, Thank you. Please wait for the result. The results will be announced here two days later, so please gather in front of the inn at 10 a.m. two days later in the same manner.」 

「Yes! Thank you very much, excuse me.」


It may be because of the expressionless face but the sense of intimidation disappeared suddenly from the landlady who was giving a severe impression. Probably a good impression, Okay! I've found a new job and I'm going to show off to my fellow adventurers. I can just see the envy on their faces. After all, the beautiful proprietress and I are going to be running the inn together, so I'm sure there will be such and such a thing.

---- POV end-------

Exam Number 2822, Adventurer 『Rion Arcadyne』, Rejected 

The landlady's murmurings didn't reach him at all as he left the room in a spree.


__ Authors Note_______________

Yes, the first challenger.

The results are available at .......

I described carla's room a little more than that.

We'd like to give you a glimpse of carla's room, which until now has been shrouded in mystery.

See you in the next episode.


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Manga Name : Daija ni Totsuida Musume

Verdict :

 Illustrious life of arranged marriage. 

Arranged marriage is quite normal for most of the earth's culture but when your marriage is arranged with a unexpected person would love still blossom between them. This manga had dealt with thatw topic in most comical and emotional way, married life between a mountain snake deity and a frail women is what the story about. 

 It' not a hentai manga of tentacles and slithering snakes but a good love story captivating between two different entity a snake and human. The story narration is smooth enough to making me want to read it again this is the second manga I've read again after completing all the chapters first being goblin slayer.   The art style complements characters emotion and story nature it illustrate the character's emotion well enough to convey them to the readers, it's not made up to a fine details of  grains but a little aesthetic look gave the manga it's own charm. 

making the female main character (miyo) a lonely and outcast women gave a logical reason for her marriage with snake, the reason for the marriage has not been revealed in the story so far but establishing miyo being outcast and made as scapegoat for the snake is enough to move the story forward but i hope the author reveal the reason for their marriage. 

snake is very concerned and caring towards miyo it has been established as head of the family. Their every day life has been portrayed comical making the story not so heavy for readers, snake's inadequate sense for human feeling made suffer some trauma which had been portrayed hilariously possible gave some good points to the manga. 

 miyo has been described mostly as a domestic care taker for snake than a loving wife, but having snake's little deeds breaking down the wall between miyo is a element nourishing their love to blossom. rome wasn't built in a day so does a love between a huge snake and female. As a married couple snake's attempt to being intimate with her have always been successfully ended in failure hilariously so far the chapters translated. 

With a smooth art style to tell a neat romcom story like between a giant and fairy, this manga is worth reading. having the illustration emphasis more on emotion and comical elements makes it a pleasant read but having some smut makes it inappropriate for underage. it's a recommended read. 

This manga is romantic comedy as much as erotic one the author have skillfully played the characters it doesn't give a reason to resent after reading it. I have sailed on the mangaka's imagination sea on what it's like to be bride of a giant snake and it have been illustrated as close to reality in it . Every character has given a human persona which makes it easier to relate. the awkwardness of nightly activities between newly weds, fights and love on daily activities. It's a well contened story.

Recommended manga for mature readers

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Akane Banshi





The art of Japanese storytelling rakugo, it's a story about young girl who wants to make her dad proud by trying to make his style of rakugo famous and acceptable. It's a story centred around akane the young girl. The story author has moved the characters and twists nicely making me understand the concept of their life and passion of a typical rakugo it makes me understand what the mangaka tries to establish and the story spares no dime with wittiness and comedy every turns and gaps of emotion are filled with comedy. 

The artwork in the manga are eccentric to characters and detailed, making me understand what the characters trying to establish through their thought. The distinction of character revealing in the story told when the performer of rakugo on stage are nicely done to give us the perception of art. The emphasis on facial expressions throughout the manga gives a justifiable cause to the rapid expression change on the stage of rakugo. It may be one of few manga to give fulfilled emotional carry on artwork but they are needed to carry the story. 

The comical sense of this manga maybe a bit lacking on terms of story characterisation and the character interaction but the wittiness and story uniqueness balances it out , making them non visible. The character visualisation of rakugo story gives a self of comfort and understanding to make us relatable to the conversation among main story characters.  

A well defined character set and accompanying story lines doesn't give any type of discomfort. A truly onetime enjoyable treat. 

A not so Main character driven story but a journey along the main character's life to goal of her father's dream. A manga worthwhile reading of time and memorable.

Official English release on mangaplus(

*******Verdict:******  A onetime enjoyable treat, memorable.***

!( !( !(

read merrily and enjoy the art and story

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