One's usual routine

Novel Name: Isekai Blacksmith shop slow life

chapter: 162

One's usual routine

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One's usual routine


Later, as we discussed at dinner decided not to fence in the krull hut. To avoid a situation, in the unlikely event that a bear enters the fence and get in but KRULL cannot get out.


I'd rather have a good chance of krull getting away with it than have that happen. I think it would increase krull's chances of survival and he would come to me to let me know if there was an emergency. After all, KRULL is smart.


The next morning, 5 people + krull march to retrieve the catch. The boar was bigger than ever but thanks to krull, we were able to pull it up and transport it smoothly.


Of course, we have not forgotten the bear story. On the road, we proceeded with more caution than usual. Probably there was no trace as Samy did not say anything. The trip there and back was uneventful.


It would be nice to have a few more long-handled or projectile weapons in these situations. In case of emergency, it's best to be able to attack from outside the bear's spacing. It’s shelved for a long time and more bows and short spears are worthwhile.

Once you get home, the rest is business as usual. I quickly removes the skin and separates the meat from the bones. The boar, which was quite large, turned into food.


Since I had just obtained a large piece of wild boar meat, I really wanted to make tonteki but since I didn't have soy sauce or garlic I gave up and just grilled it with herbs and brandy. Because it's still tasty enough.


Soy sauce, is there any in the north? I'll have to ask Camilo about this too. If you can get dried bonito flakes, kelp, rice, etc., I would like to do so but the first step is to find out if they are available. Camilo will be a pain in the ass but let's give him the best of luck.


If he want, I can pile up gold to some extent. I don't dislike Western-style cuisine and have no significant complaints but the prospect of eating Japanese food if you try your best and the impossibility of such a thing in the first place change the size of your hope.


In the afternoon, I will do blacksmithing, riku and Liddie will study magic (and tend the fields), Samy and Diana will do mending.


Both Samy and Diana improved considerably in mending recently and able to fix minor scuffs nicely.


But anything that looks like it's reaching its limits will probably need to be replaced. Speaking of which, does the production cheat apply to sewing clothes? Normally there is no reason why it should not apply but just in case it does, let's try making our own clothes once.


When I think about what I need and what I want to do like this, there's so much to do ......!


It sounds good to say "slow life," but that means nothing more than doing things yourself where you should be relying on others. I grow my own vegetables that someone else grows for me. I cook the meat that someone else cooks for me.


Of course, the amount of time spent on one's own work reduced so, there are inevitably some good and some bad. Naturally, we cannot hope to live as conveniently as we did in the previous world but, even though our goal is to live a carefree life in this world we would like to rely on others where we can.


We were also able to mass-produce a good number of knives that day. In terms of wholesale volume, it's a little over a week's worth of numbers, so it's efficient.

As for knives, I heard that sales of high-end models are not so good so, it is a little disappointing that mass-producing only knives is not a way to make money. If this one sells well, I could make only this one and use the free time for something else.

I quickly discarded such unrealistic plans and cleaned up my workshop while thinking about what to make first.


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