Her fiancé's infidility

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chapter: 1

Her fiancé's infidility

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Episode 1: The scene of her fiancé's affair


Around the time the bell rang to signal lunchtime, a man came, a count working for the Adventurers' Guild to me Mia Hoplile.


「Tonight I have something important to tell you. Tell me the size of Mia's finger. 」

My fiancée, the alchemist Count Zheal Voight


If such a person makes a statement that hints at a wedding ring, the workplace brightens up like the arrival of spring.


The Adventurers' Guild was in a celebratory mood, with workmates smiling and warmly saying, "Congratulations," and "Good for you.


It's really a political marriage without love but I'm honestly happy that everyone is celebrating. It was such a comfortable place to work that I am sorry to leave.


I have already submitted my resignation to the Adventurers' Guild, where I have worked for three years and tomorrow I will leave the company on a long life leave. The rest of it just went with the flow and honeymoon life was supposed to begin .......


Until I witnessed my fiancée cheating on me that night.

As night falls with a beautiful starry sky, I notice strange noises leaking out of the Adventurer's Guild warehouse.

Suspicious, I checked inside the dark warehouse and saw a silhouette of a man and a woman sharing an intense kiss.

Don't make love in a place like this. ...... It's not long before they finish kissing and their faces part.

When I saw the figure illuminated by the moonlight, my blood surged.

It was my fiancée, Mr. Zeal, who was secretly meeting with her.

Who would have guessed that with only a short time left before the wedding, I would be witnessing My fiancée cheating on me? At least, I had not thought about it when blessed by my peers during the day.

Why do this ...... when I have endured a cold attitude without a shred of love and have done my best to push through my emotions.

I feel like a fool for having tried so hard to put on a fake smile in order to appeal to the people around me to be amicable.




It's also not funny because the flirt is my adored junior, Baroness Katarina Medic.


I was concerned about her inability to fit in at work and I thought I had followed up and taken care of her with my colleagues and business partners. When I decided to retire from the Adventurers' Guild, I was so concerned about her pampered girl that I even bowed down to my work colleagues and asked them for a favour.

So how could they do this? Now I wonder if I just being used.


Feeling uncomfortable, I tried to leave the place without speaking to him but my hand unexpectedly hit a nearby object, causing a rattling noise.


Of course, if you make such a loud noise, the two people meeting secretly will find out...


「Mia .......」


「Mia senior, ......」


The atmosphere becomes so awkward that I can't breathe, and I can't control facial expressions. Disgust welled up from the bottom of my heart and I naturally looked at them both with disdain.


However, not the two who were meeting secretly. He is drinking and giggling without any sign of fault.


「Oh, no, I've been found out.」


「I told you, I don't have time for this today. It's the day I'm giving Mia my wedding ring and we're eating at a restaurant for the evening. 」


「But, it was Mr. Zeal who said you were not satisfied with just a lunch break. You said you got your wedding ring off the rack, too.」


As far as I can tell, the scene in front of me says it all as I see Mister Zeal with his hands around Katarina's waist, holding her close.

He is not interested in me, his fiancée at all and does not feel that I am of any value. I guess he preferred the cute Katarina.


「Oh well, we'll just have to clear up the misunderstanding.」


「...... Misunderstanding? 」


「Oh. Mia will think it's cheating but the reality is different. This is just for fun. 」


What? The word "What?" doesn't even come out of my voice. It was obvious at first glance that they were secretly meeting in secret.


「That's right, senpai. ♪ We only want each other's bodies, so don't worry about it. Isn't that common~? 」


「Of course. Any healthy aristocrat has two or three partners for a night out. 」


「But, isn't Master Zeal single-minded? I'm the only one who sees it and that was a long time ago.」


「Don't say it too loud. I've been hiding it all this time for Mia, who is too serious. It would be a waste of my attention, wouldn't it? 」


Did you hide it from me and do it? Is it concern for me? What in the world is this person talking about? --I thought you were going to make excuses, but I can't believe you completely reopened the door and assume a defiant attitude in perfection.


I wonder if Master Zeal doesn't understand that an aristocratic engagement is a contract with significant political implications.


I can't help but be taken aback by how he seems to mean what he says.


「I can't believe it. ......」


「Unfortunately, aristocrats don't need a loving marriage.」


He was not qualified to talk about noble marriages when he cut short his time with his fiancée and played around with my junior.


It was nothing short of hilarious that Master Zeal, who had created a deep rift between the two families did not understand the gravity of the situation.


「It's ridiculous to make a fuss over something as minor as a night out. Come on, get yourself in a good mood. 」


Finally, Master zeal removes his hand from Katarina's waist and slowly approach me.


I could only sigh when I saw what he pulled out of his pocket with a smug look on his face.


「I prepared it for Mia. My first G.I.F.T is a wedding ring and it's going to be unforgettable, isn't it? 」


Are you insane to give me a wedding ring at this point in my life? I would still be more convinced if you told me I was making a fool of myself.


After being engaged for eight years since I was ten years old, it doesn't make sense that my first gift would be a wedding ring. Didn't even send me a single flower for my birthday ...... No, don't even think about it anymore.

You don't have to deal with people like this.


「I can't accept a wedding ring. I don't need it.」


「What are you talking about, it's a gift from your... Favourite... me.」


It's also extremely delusional. I wish people would put their hands on their hearts and ask themselves if they were in a position to have such feelings.


「I think you are mistaken, so let me make this clear. I have only done my best to honour our Hopelil family and I do not have any favouritism toward Mr. Zeal. Not one bit.」


As a person who has been doing the chores imposed on me by the Count Voight family. who has been following Master Zeal's instructions with reluctance, there is not a single element that makes me like him.


We have just been holding back for so long to avoid bad publicity for our family. I had no choice but to accept it, telling myself that this was also my destiny to be born into the aristocracy.


However, that ends today. There is no need to obey what he says.

Perhaps influenced by the contempt with which I continue to stare at him as expected, Master Zeal's expression begins to cloud. He was gritting his teeth in frustration as he slowly began to understand the situation.


「Are you going to tell me you're breaking off your engagement to me? 」


「It's too big a problem to overlook. “It would be perfectly normal to break off an engagement.”」


「Ridiculous! I'm a Count and I'm about to marry you and you want to break it off, that's a big problem! 」


「No, thank you. I respectfully decline. 」


I knew it was useless to talk about it, so I stormed out of there.

It might be easier to break off the engagement if you had been subjected to one of these violent acts. But I didn't want to see his face even for a second, and I didn't want him to get upset and get seriously hurt.


As a matter of course, there was no sign of pursuit but just to be sure, I glanced behind me as I walked along.




I slammed into the wall with such force that a loud Dong! I feel helplessly miserable about it and I am flooded with grief as reality washes over me.


It's pathetic. Why would this happen ?


Tears fall down my face as my life tumbles down the stairs, as if I had stepped off a staircase a complete change from the celebratory mood of the daytime.


I am not particularly pretty nor do I have a great style. However, I thought if I continued to make an effort to be unashamed of the Viscount.

I have continued to diet and train the muscles in order to wear dresses, learned manners in order to live as the count's fiancée and have been aware of and concerned about the eyes of those around them.

Yet, they won't marry you unless they are compromised? That's ...... too much.


「Am I that unattractive ......」


「I don't think so. What's going on? 」


As I was crying myself to sleep, a voice suddenly called out to me and I huffed.


I hurriedly took out a handkerchief and wiped my tears but it was too late. There was the Marquise Caine Augusta, who has been in charge of the request many times.


A man with brown hair, shining deep green eyes, and well-defined features. Despite being 20 years old, two years older than I am, considered a genius chosen as the youngest court alchemist.


He is supposedly a difficult person among the nobility but he is not. Unlike my fiancée Master Zeal, he was a kind man who taught me a lot about alchemy and gave me a very good impression of his personality.


「It's nothing. Um, please pretend you didn't see that.」


「I don't mind, but instead of ......, could you please confirm my request? I've handed over to you but suddenly I need Miss Mia to confirm it for me.」


Looking at Mr. Caine's gentle smile, I immediately know that he is concerned about me. They are trying to keep me company until I settle down.

Such kindness of Master Crane touched my heart and I moved to tears again.


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