Don't call me a goddess! Part - 6

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chapter: Volume 7 Chapter 6

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Don't call me a goddess! Part 6

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Pamela activates [Divine Punishment] and closes her eyes, feeling the power of the blessing given by the clan slipping from her body.


The reason was that she did not want to see the tragedy that would result from the effects of*** [Divine Punishment]*** in the future.

The effects of [Divine Punishment] are dramatic.

A ray of light descends from the heavens on the target. Like a divine blessing, the light envelops the body, illuminating the target in a divine manner and providing temporary peace of mind. The target of the divine punishment, lamenting or attempting to flee or even the screaming inferno instantly transformed into a calm space, with a forced tranquilizing effect that calms the target to the point of even smiling.


So far, even Pamela could see it. In fact, when he first invoked divine punishment she had only heard about it and did not know its actual effects. It was for this reason that she was able to exercise divine punishment without any hesitation.

Yes, the effects of [Divine Punishment] are not such as mental stability.


The birth of a human being with a stable spirit does not extinguish the light that fills the heavens and the next moment. With an indescribable sound, the head of the person accepting the light half crushed. With a violent "gosh!" sound, the right arm slams into the body. A rasping sound heard and the left foot leapt up from behind, impaling the remaining head.


Gokin Gokin and human beings are compressed. A person who is in such a state yet, continues to show a peaceful expression. A vicious work strikes fear into the hearts of those who see it.

This terrifying technique clamours for the end of something that has touched by something as big as the wrath of God.

But it doesn't end there.


As if to say that it is unforgivable for a person who has been touched by the wrath of God to pass away peacefully, the human consciousness, pain senses, etc., which have been compressed and various parts of the body have become so entrenched that there is now only the head are brought back to reality.


The pain is at once unbearable: the head is crushed, the body is compressed and folded, and so on, all at once.

The echoes of screams.

The roar that he performs in his non-human state is closer to that of a beast than to that of a person and it is not verbal.


Nevertheless, while in such a state, he is not dead nor can he faint, due to his enforced mental stability and there is no way to escape the pain. It is a short period, about a minute but in that time it continues to inflict enough pain to kill you thousands of times. As soon as the hours of agony, which can feel like hours end an intense light descends from the heavens and destroys every last soul.

Pamela had seen it.

As a priestess, as a spokesperson for the Goddess, I am head-on.

You can see the person folded up with a peaceful expression, the face twisting in pain and the eyes of mixed emotions directed at Pamela: .......

I don't want to see people die, no matter how many of them are enemies of the church. To avoid seeing such things, Pamela closes her eyes.

After about one minute of time.

At that moment, an impossible word is spoken.


「So when does [Divine Punishment] take place? 」


A woman's voice sounded puzzled. A woman's voice that should never be heard.


Surprised by the words, Pamela reflexively looks ahead.




There was Carla staring at Pamela as if nothing had happened.




(Well, what's up with that? ......)


CARLA thinks.


The goddess priestess standing in front of Carla has used some kind of a big, noisy technique called [Divine Punishment] . She also felt the power of the pure light, imbued with magic power, enveloping her.

That is all.


If you think there will be some more changes, there are none. Carle called out to her to see if she was ready for the real thing yet, but she just stared at her with a terribly surprised look on her face. Apparently, for the priestess standing in front of the Carla, it is terribly surprising to see Carla as it is.


As she was pondering how to break the collective hypnotic state of the group, which was not very responsive, she forced to think of a way to do so.


「Bah, stupid ......」


Her words reveal a terrible dismay.


「 Oh, impossible ......, impossible, the [Divine Punishment] is firmly in effect, I even felt the divine power drain out of me, then why is she still present in front of me? 」


「Well, if you say so. ......」


「What's going on, High Priest!」


Pamela's ultimate deed [Divine Punishment] to slaughter all her enemies, bestowed upon her by the [goddess] she believes in. Carla stands completely unperturbed even after receiving that [Divine Punishment] properly. Pamela feels that this fact is like a total denial of her own faith, and she even feels as if something is crumbling beneath her feet.


Pamela, so dismayed that it is hard to imagine from her usual dignified appearance, has become a girl no different from a daughter of her age, instead of her usual mature appearance. The only person she could turn to was the high priestess, who had always taken care of her in some way.


I hastily turn to the high priest and consider asking him to explain the impossible phenomenon that occurred before my eyes.

However, What I saw there,

It was not the usual soft and gentle face of the High Priest .......




「Hi-, High Priest?」



Pamela's puzzled voice responded,


「G......, guffaw, guffaw, guffaw!!!!"」


This was the smile of the high priest.


「High Priest? What are you laughing at? 」


「Oh no, I didn't think you could even dismiss [Divine Punishment]. ...... It seems that the rumour that you have God's blessing on you is true after all. ......」


「What? What are you talking about, High Priest! 」


The high priest seems to be talking to Carla, while Pamela is flustered. However, unable to go along with the high priest who started talking again, CARLA begins to move on.

For a moment, strike a beat and gather her eyes,


「I don't know what you are talking about, but may I assume that [Divine Punishment] will not take place? Then, High Priestess, please visit ......, Would you please release me from the implication that you have made on the inhabitants of the town?」


She asks a question that suddenly gets to the heart of the matter.


Carla's words echoed in front of the quiet inn.



「 What is she talking about, High Priest?」


「Ho! ......, that's just like Carla Gryce. ...... To notice the submission of the inhabitants 」


「Oh, hey ......」


「You think I don't notice? I've seen a lot of reactions peculiar to things that controls mind, so it's not like I'm not so cheap that I don't recognize it.」


「No Not again, don't proceed without me!」

Pamela, who was left out of the room and unintentionally raised her voice.


Nevertheless, Pamela's words seemed trivial to the High Priest who was on the move.


「Oh well, I forgot to mention that ....... A little girl who forgot her long-standing debt to me and took out her big attitude on me just because she got the blessing of a goddess. ......」


「You ......, what the hell are you doing, High Priest!」


「A little girl, who without God's blessing, would have the same power as any girl, would stand above me? Do you think that I would allow such a thing? 」


Pamela's face twists at the High Priestess' words. What coloured it was anger. In her anger, Pamela uttered the words.


「You have deceived me!」


「You're just realizing that now? You've got a very happy head on your shoulders.」


「Now that my blessing is weakened, I will do nothing but when my power returns, be ready for it!」


The High Priestess' expression did not waver in the face of Pamela's statement.

No, on the contrary, it warps even uglier and starts smiling in a disgusting way.


「'Nothing, you little twat, you don't know what you're talking about. ...... I have been waiting for this moment!"」


Finally, the High Priest's malice began to move.



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