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chapter: 190

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Get out of town


As we approached the main street, it was chaos.


There is a mixture of tides with several people holding torches in their hands and relying on their lights to move together to get out of this city and another current that is moving around to take control of this city, another that is trying to fight them.


Again, Camillo's shout of Injured! person! Move out and give way


We run through the streets, taking the few gaps that people's rationality leaves open.

Perhaps the seizure of this city will work. I would like to think ...... they would not be planning to fail on the first try.

If so, it is best to get out of this mess before it settles down.

There will be chaos for a few more hours, but once that passes it will be difficult to leave this city.


「I hope our inn isn't on fire.」


I saw a few fires going up and I talked to both of them as I ran.


「Maybe it'll be okay.」


「Yes. It will be good, when taking control of this city they need to seize and garrison the people’s residences of the city. If it's a temporary garrison, it's supposed to be a quarters or an inn. 」

Both of them answer.


「I see. So, it doesn't make sense to burn something you're supposed to use.」


「It will happen」


Franz took over. Taking control of this city is significant, but it is not the end of the revolution.

It will continue at least until the emperor is pulled down from his throne. Whether that takes three days or a year, they must continue to hold this city until that point.

In some cases, it will be close to a siege. If so, is that an imperial aristocratic mansion? Maybe burn one or two buildings to show their cause, as an example.


Even if the aristocratic halls were spacious, the number of people that can be accommodate in one or two buildings is probably unknown and if it’s a relatively small place would not affect many people.


Reviewing the maelstrom, we managed to make it to the inn. The inn was safely there and the looting that tends to occur in such situations had not yet begun.

I went to the place where they kept the carriages and the big guard I had seen on my way in was standing there with a big cudgel in his hand.


「Sorry, we're leaving!」


Camillo said so loudly and so did the guard.


「I know, I know, many of them have already departed!」


He returned with a loud voice, not to be outdone.

If it were a normal carriage, we could have left it there and just gone with the flow and left town but Camillo's carriage was "specially made".


Leaving it here could affect the business later on. With considerably fewer carriages than when we arrived, we found our carriage and put Helen on the back of it first.


When I was about to put her down on the back of the truck, she grabbed my arm with a jerk for a moment but her grip loosened immediately as I gently put her down on the back of the coach.


In the meantime, Franz-san brought the horses and hitched them up, Camillo and I climbed into the back of the cart.


I took Helen in my arms, laid her down in a discreet place at the back of the cart and covered her with a blanket.

When I gently squeeze Helen's hand, which she seems to be inconsolable about I get a strong, squeezing response. Feeling it, the carriage started to move forward.


There is still a lot of chaos in the streets but beside us, the carriage is going about as fast as a regular walk and we get behind it.


Camillo and me are on the lookout. I cleared up most of them, but our faces are not usually seen, so it's a care in case we are being pursued. We will not be able to do anything good in this mess, but we still have to be vigilant.

While on alert, we see people trying to leave the city on foot, all of them dressed in traveling clothes.

In other words, the town's residents are mostly housebound, and these displaced people are mostly drifters who are peddling and traveling.


In the meantime, I thought about giving him a ride if he had a child or something with him, but he kept spitting people out like a water spigot - in other words, the gatekeeper was no longer able to do his job - and I didn't see him until we left at the gate.


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