Warehouse completed

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chapter: 167

Warehouse completed

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Warehouse completed


Half of the roof shingles had finished put up, so I decided it was time to go back to the workshop, where the door parts I had made were cooling well. I go to the opening of the warehouse with them.


The first step is to attach one of the hinges to the frame of the opening so that it opens outward. This in itself is nothing, as it is just a fastening.


Bring the door and install the other end of the hinge. If they were to be used for castle gates or storehouse doors, the nails would have been more elaborately designed, but in this case, they were left as long, thin boards.


Having finished attaching the hinged parts to both the frame and the door, we combine them and connect them with pins (although they are a little thicker than I would like to call them). When I moved it, it opened and closed smoothly, although there was a slight squeaking sound.


All that remains is to do this in three more locations. The installation proceeded briskly and the warehouse got a door. The bolt was cut from a square piece of lumber also a wedge-shaped doorstop made from the remainder of the lumber.


I looked at the roof and saw that the shingles mostly done, so I called KRULL to come over and hook up the mini cart.




KRULL is just happy to get to play! It's actually work but if they enjoy doing it, why not?

Have krull waiting at the entrance of the workshop, carry out the charcoal stacked inside the workshop and place it on a mini cart. After some of the load is finished, I told to take it to the warehouse this time. I am glad to see that KRULL's foot traffic seems to be in a good mood.


The floor of the warehouse and the bed of the mini cart are almost the same height. The doors are unbolted, opened and secured with doorstoppers to prevent them from closing then transport directly into the warehouse from the back of a mini cart.


This was repeated two or three times and the warehouse was piled with charcoal half the size of the work area. From now on, should the charcoal and iron ore be brought over here first? The iron ore won’t be brought in today as I'll be using it in my work tomorrow.


The same way dried meat brought into the warehouse of the one that’s not filled with charcoal. Even though there are four women, a family of five plus a running dragon is a pretty good stockpile. Although they also consume a fair amount, so it would be helpful to be able to store them separately in a warehouse.


Even with the meat brought in, there is still quite a bit of room in the warehouse. This would make it possible to increase the number of jars and increase the amount of salt pickles for long-term storage.

There are inevitably limitations to keeping them inside the house and it is easy to imagine that once the rainy season arrives, the fresh meat will be more easily damaged and harder to dry. It seems important to increase storage outside for drying before that happens, so let's plan for that.


Even with those, there would still be quite a bit of space but we could store the wheat we buy and the crops we harvest in the field there.


In other words, the one with the meat on this side is the larder and the one with the charcoal on the other side is the material store. Glancing up at the roof, the roof is almost finished. One or two more tiers of steps and it would be complete.


I picked up two pieces of wood after cutting the boards from the lumber and carved them with a knife using a cheat. Each inscribed with "Larder" and "Depository" in the script of this world. Nailing that over the door would be quite a nice touch.


Additional lumber that is dry and already usable brought into the material shed with the help of krull. Around the time some lumber brought in,


「We're done!」


「Me, too!」


riku and Diana informed me that the roof is finished.


「All right, be careful coming down!」


I called out to them and four of them responded.


krull shed, pantry and material storage. Three facilities have added to this house.


「It's turning out to be quite a magnificent house when you look at it like this.」


Diana says with deep emotion.


「I guess so. Now we'll have quite a bit of storage, and we'll have to get Camilo to do a better job of procurement. 」


「My master, don't ask for too much.」


「Eizo is relentless sometimes.」


「No, well, I'll be careful. ......」


My words met with a tsk tsk from riku and Sammy and everyone laughed.


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