A neighbouring country

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chapter: 175

A neighbouring country

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A neighbouring country


「Mass production.」


With me now, I can make more because I'm producing even faster, and depending on what it is, it won't be a problem.


「I don't mind, but instead ......」


「And in return?」


「At least explain what's going on.」


I told Camillo that. It is not the same as making something without knowing what the client wants.


Camillo always ponders before explaining to me. I guess they want to avoid getting involved by telling me but I can't help but think they have other intentions these days.


I haven't asked him about that because it would be a wild guess, but I wonder if he will talk about it someday.


「Don't talk about this anywhere else, okay? 」


「I don't have anyone to talk to.」


「That too. 」


Hearing my words, Camillo chuckles. He's one of the few people who knows where I live. I live in a house in the woods where almost no one comes and I rarely get a chance to talk to anyone who isn't here. We have few occasional guests but other than that, there is no one to talk to, so there is no way to leak anything.


At first I looked around at everyone, they were all nodding in unison. They don't have anyone to talk to either.

Seeing this, Camillo took a breath and said.


「I won't bore you with the details here but there will be a revolution in the Empire soon. The ringleaders say they want to overthrow the emperor and have a people's political festival. 」


「That's not very peaceful. 」


「Oh. It seems that the kingdom, having obtained this information intends to take advantage of the confusion to expand its territory just a little bit. 」


「So, is it the Count's turn?」


「No, it's the Marquise. But through the Count.」


「Oh, that ...... 」


Marquis of Menzel. Marius - in other words, he is the guardian of the Countess of Amour. I think that person knows to some extent.


「We can't let Marius continue to take the credit, can we? 」


「I guess so. To do so would be called favouritism and above all, it would give the Count too much power.」


「So it's not good for anyone to see the Counts of Amour, who are famous for their military prowess, succeeding his successor and then suddenly completing two successful missions? 」


「That's what I mean. Nevertheless, it is like the Marquis that he is not willing to give credit to anyone but his own people and this time, you're the guy I want. 」


「Through Marius? 」


「Via Marius. 」


Well, then, you've already been exposed to most of them. Of course, it would be obvious that he was supposed to be a friend of mine in a certain position in the north but he was with a supply team on an expedition to defeat demons. I don't know if they even know that it was me who created the heirloom.


「I can't say no to his name in the first place. So what am I supposed to make? 」


「Twenty spears and thirty long swords.」


「Not as much as I thought.」


「If you move too openly, the empire will find out. They're going in with a minimum number of men. 」


「I see.」


「So, I'm sorry but I need it next week. 」


「See you next week. ......」


「Impossible ?」


I think for a minute. Last time I made 50 swords and they were fine. If I make 20 spears and leave the swords to riku and the others, I think I can just barely make it and I'm working more efficiently, too.


「No, I'm fine. Then I'll be back next week to deliver. 」


「You're on」


Camillo and I shook hands firmly. I hope neither of us will get involved in anything strange.


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