The Day flower

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The day flower  

On a quite evening three figure walked down on a calm ever busiest road, small one is swinging and swaying down the road upholding the arms of the other two figures. They are a family returning to their abode after enjoying their outing. The kid has a wide smile trusting his entire life upon his mother and father feeling like he had been born to fly an innocent glee that worth more than world’s fortune. He’s been making sounds of jet planes and birds yelling I’m flying, a happy and unforgettable moment he’d cherish to end of the world. A simple middle class family without any shortage in everything to live, a loving and strict mother with hardworking and loving father a boy that grows up in both of theirs love and care.


On a day after rainy day all three of them caught cold and fever so they went to a different doctor since their regular doctor had went on a vacation, he’d checked them up then prescribed some medicine and an injection for all of them. Their entire life had changed on that moment, the doctor had used an old syringe instead of a new one on the family it had been used on a HIV patient before them and they were the last patients to visit on that day. Would the world be thankful as they were the only people that have been infected or mourn for them but it have something more in its store. Week passed by the parents health got worse day by day surrounding neighbours took them to a big hospital after taking some tests the hospital announced they are HIV+ not wanting to do anything with them neighbours and relatives have abandoned them in the hospital. Week after admission the father has lost his life due to severe TB and few days after him the mother have passed away due to jaundice.

The child have been left alone in the home when the neighbours took his parents to the hospital a couple of days he’d been taken care of by relatives and neighbours as day gone by people who’d been taking care of him is reduced to none within a month. He’d wait around the front door seeking the arrival of his parents a month later no one had come to take care of him, he loitered around the house playing with his toys and eating the snacks and bread whenever he feels hungry. Two days later he’d ran out of snacks and food he looked everywhere around the house for something to eat from below the bed to highest shelf he can’t find anything to eat after spotting some change around and collecting them he took his first step out of the house alone on a journey to a nearby store to buy something to eat. He strolled down slowly along the road with his tired and weak body, he reached the store upon noticing his arrival store keeper prompted him to stay at a distance while he take care of the previous customer after everyone else left the store the store keeper shouted asking what does he need unable to speak in high voice he tried to reach the store a little closer. Keeper pushed him out to a distance with the stick he used to hang things in the higher hooks and scold him for getting near his store, keeper told the boy he have to say whatever he wants from that distance after a moment the showed he wants something to eat in sign and action then he pointed out to a bread loaf and banana showing the money he held in his hands to the shop keeper. The shop keeper gave bread loaf and banana to the boy by sticking it to the stick then he asked the boy to place the money on the floor beside him, being glad to have something to eat the boy returned on his way to the house.

With uncontrollable hunger unable to feel what he had encountered the boy slowly dragged himself to house not seeing his parents took its toll on him, on the way he saw his close friend with his mother they were walking towards him on the road he felt relieved seeing his friend after a long time he took big steps towards them in hope of speaking with him. When he was near him the friend’s mother took the friend into her arm then pushed him aside with a bag in her hands unable to steady himself the boy fell on the road side crashing the banana and bread in his hands he quickly salvaged them and made his way into his house. He washed the half crushed and squeezed banana cleanly and ate it along with some bread to sate his hunger. He wept himself to cry that afternoon thinking about the incidents that had befallen him on that evening some diligent children’s group from the surrounding pelted his house with stones shouting he shouldn’t leave his house to go outside or meet any people cursing him to be a worst of the beings the boy had curled up in the hall’s corner covering his ears with hands weeping and crying out for his mother father without anyone to care for it.

Days gone by he never left his home on daytime but to get something to eat he take some money from the locker in closet then got to some hotel on faraway places in middle of the night and ate there and buy something in takeout for tomorrow his living condition gets worse day by day, his thoughts about his mother and father reduced gradually only the will to live and survive was all he have.

One day an old day with some group of people came to his house not knowing what to do the boy hid himself behind the opened door and asked who they are what they want, that lady slowly asked him if he’s hungry and want some food showing the food bag in her hand. Cautiously the boy revealed himself

His mother’s and father’s love that grow him up into a modest chubby little boy have all gone to his heart to survive and live leaving him almost a living bones. Slow little short steps he took towards the lady with his sight on food, that lady reached him instead unable to bear it anymore. She took him in her arms and sat him up on the nearby brick bench. Old lady pierce opened the bread loaf from the bag then placed it on the plate she took out along with a flask and tumbler. She poured the hot tea into the tumbler from flask then dipped the crispy bread piece from the slice unto it became mellowed made it dissolve in mouth when ate. Slowly and carefully she fed the boy entire loaf and made him drink the tea until the flask became empty. He burped from the meal he ate which neither in mid-night nor in late afternoon or early morning, he smiled with a relief after the meal and gazed into blue sky that envied the dark night for missing his cherished smile so much on day.

Clouds and time passed by, everybody around the house and diligent gang came to see what’s happening in the boy’s home quite sometime later police came to enquire about the boys relatives and parents while it happened the old lady ask the boy what he wants to do in life he answered that now he needs good food to eat and get healthy then to become a great pilot so he can see his mom and dad in heaven when he fly pass them. Hearing his answer old lady told him there’s a place for children like him to grow without worrying about food or help and there are many children he could make friends with. After thinking for some time that boy reluctantly agreed to go with that lady. Police have called for that boy’s uncle to make sure of undertaking of the boy to the old lady’s home without any trouble.

That evening the boy was rushed to hospital for a full check-up and treatment. Doctors have given him some antibiotics and immunity booster also to treat his malnutrition. Weeks passed for him to make a stable recovery in the hospital after the doctors have given okay he was transferred to the home of the old lady one with a spacious garden with all ages of children playing different games and hobbies. From the van the boy slowly made his way along the pathway to the home with the old lady overlooking him from behind, nearby children came to him then gave handshake and hugs making him feel their warmth with the statement of love among them. He looked around saw all the genuine smile in the children’s face and relieved he don’t have to hide anymore and he isn’t going to be lonely ever again. Lady slowly patted him on the back and he cried tears of relief.

Five weeks, it took the boy five weeks to regain enough strength to be a week little boy of his age. When he had some strength he slowly begin to come out side of his room and around the home enjoying the fresh air and breezy hot weather. On a wooden log set at mercy of banyan tree’s shadow the boy sat and observed everyone from the children to the adults that take care of them it made him think that everything that happened outside as bad dreams of places beyond hell, the old lady strolled towards him in her rounds around the home she quietly sat beside him relaxing under the tree’s shadow. Making himself resolved and accepting this is his life from now on he slowly hugged the hands of old lady that supports her body and slowly resting his heads on her shoulder arms by his cheek, the boy dozed off watching all the children playing and chatting under the gentle breeze.

In few days he had managed to make friends among the children of similar age group playing and living their life with less things to worry about. Their world knows no bounds how irrational it may be it’s a reality for them, he had been playing tag with some of his friends he made soon they got tired of it then occupied the shade of banyan. A girl in the group she’s quite older than him but they all were friends she asked if they could play a game without running or physical work, another boy as same age as her with a big mark on the right hand said he wanted to spent some time in water ways enjoying the coolness under the sun. As the group of eight chat about what they want to do and what they feel good about the boy said he wanted to play aeroplane like he wants to pretend driving an aeroplane like he had done by sitting on his father’s knees and the way he would be lifted up from the ground as his father lay below him. Another boy with four fingers in the group said he had been in plane with his father in travel and suggested they should make the plane themselves and play in it and they all agreed to do it.

Behind the building under an open shelter they all’ve gathered after some serious discussion two of them went to gather some benches and three of them started sweeping and clearing the shed area, another three helped gathering accessories for making their aircraft realistic along with four fingered boy. They placed two benches parallel with a wide gap while placing some chairs in between them in an orderly row making it resemble a plane’s cabin as much as possible the benches are the plane windows. They decide their role for the play the boy and four fingered one will be Co-pilot and pilot respectively the quite older girl and the same aged boy made to be cabin crew, two girls same as the boy’s age one with pony tail and another with twin tails seated in left side while the boy with burnt scar in hand and the girl with leather watch sit on the right side with everything ready the pane started.

“good day everyone this is your pilot and Co-pilot thank you for boarding we will be moving shortly please buckle your seat belts if help needed ask cabin crew”

They all buckle the belt borrowed from caretakers room tying them with the chairs, and the plane soared in their imagination until the pilot announced they have reached comfortable height to unbuckle the seatbelt. The cabin crew started giving some biscuits as nourishments. The twin tail girl said the plane engine blown away the box that had moved away due to wind, and the pony tail said she could watch the giant ant entering its home inside the volcano, the burnt scar boy said he once tried to touch it but got his hand burnt in it laughing sarcastically. Leather watch exclaimed she could see the river flowing to the ocean pointing the leaked water from pipelines heading to the sewer. Then they started to point out things and fit it into their imagination, quarter past after take-off Co-pilot announced they will passing by heaven soon asked the passengers to be ready for waving off the loved one with their good bye. Silence pertained even under the howling wind in a while ponytail asked why there, the boy said he wants to send of his parents and tell them he’s in good hands no need for them to worry about him.

Everyone’s eyes ran like a pendulum over everyone there except the boy, their deep buried memories sprung like a bamboo on a rainy day flooding the eyes. Twin tail girl snuffed her nose controlling the flooding memories while asking the boy how long to be there, the boy said as long as she want until seeing them herself like a silent arrows in a new moon night every words and sentence barged opened the children’s hearts. No one moved from their seats time passed by, pony tail locked her longing eyes on a faraway pole muttered mom between her lips with teared eye she continued with her words stayed deep beneath her soul on to the world to hear “mom, I’m sorry I should’ve died not you. If you hadn’t spent your earnings for my medicine you would be still alive, if family didn’t abandon us for the disease I might have a couple of years living with you I miss you mother” she wept her heart’s word out “We might have lived long if you hadn’t agreed to take the blood transfusion during your pregnancy with me, I’m sorry mom. The old lady takes good care of us to her best ability you don’t have to worry I will live my days happily until I see you mom.” Ponytail tucked her legs in the chair burying her face deep beneath it and crying, twin tail soothed her while hugging.

A while later after cautious sobbing and soothing in the cabin Co-pilot spoke “mother, father, sorry I couldn’t come to the hospital no one took me there, no one came near me after you left earth passing away. I dearly miss you both, this old lady takes a great care of me no more scavenging for foods, no more hiding from people. I will live my days here in the old lady’s home without any problem or trouble, don’t worry about me. I will be okay until I visit you guys there” the boy started waving wishing them good luck and said his bye. The pilot took the turn now.

“Hey papa, I might be looking at the wrong side but you are a good man and a great father except you fucked that whore without protection and kept silent until when I drank the juice with your blood spilled in it. Well you deserve the death for that but I’m living now I will live as long as I will but it’s quite a shame they have to amputate a finger to stop spreading of bacterial infection, I will live even without limbs and sight I will live”

The older girl caressed him from behind and soothed his worries away. The same age boy started pleading to his dead uncle for fucking the transgender to gain experience for his first time, the older girl pleaded sorry to her grandma for carelessly fucking her boyfriend and be fucked for her entire life in the first time. Both of them asked their late ones to pass their good wishes and sorry to parents, quite sometime pass by Co-pilot announced they would be returning to earth and to reality. Some sound effects made from the boy’s mouth to imitate a flying planes engine to change the passenger’s mind set, he announced they will be passing the ant hill volcano mountain soon and asked the passengers to look out for it.

Burnt wound boy tried to jump out of the plane saying he wants to go to heaven towards his sister and mother while everyone around him trying to hold him down from falling out of the aircraft, they comforted him down to calmness then the boy announced they are going to land in home safely asking everyone to get ready to get off the plane. The aircraft landed then reality hit in the form of lunch call, they got off their plane with heavy mind and lighter heart. Their future is set in stone what they want to achieve is live through as long as they can, they may forget about this tomorrow or next week as they know holding grudges is not worth it in their life time.

Days and months passed away the aircraft passengers dwindled along with few less crew. The pilot was the last to go with a lost limb, he would’ve lived more but he couldn’t win over pneumonia. The boy took a glance at the remaining ones and wished for a little more time to spend with them but neither fate or luck are so naïve to listen the heart’s murmur of the boy.

The boy passed away due to heavy fever and loss of blood. He wrote a very prideful thankyou letter for the old lady for taking care of him and all the HIV infected children in her home, he also thanked her for the past two years and also for the remaining months he has to live.

There may more boys and girls come to this shelter or one day there may never be a reason to run this home for these children. It all starts with uncertainty and ends with it. What we may live can’t be perfect but we live and become lived.


Thank you @matrix007 for inspiring to write this story.

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