Sword Making-Day 4

Novel Name: Isekai Blacksmith shop slow life

chapter: 155

Sword Making: Day 4

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Making a sword the fourth day


「'Okay, so tomorrow when I polish and sharpen the blade the sword blade will be complete.」


As I gently raised the blade, NIDA called out to me.

「What's that carving there?」


NIDA points to the tang


「This? This one is an engraving that shows it's a product of our workshop, and this one shows that I made it--my name.」

「It's the one with the crest on it.」



The inscription cut in "Japanese Kanji". It is also slightly different from the northern script of this world (or so the installation told me), so unless someone in the same situation as me knows kanji, they shouldn't be able to recognize it.


「I guess you could say it's our secret script.」


I tell him that I can't tell him what it means. NIDA knows that for an artisan, secrets are synonymous with life. There's something sparkling in her eyes, but you know what I mean.


RIKU and others are also impressed, saying things like, "「Hohoho.」 One of these days I may have to think about what would happen if I wrote my name in kanji. Aside from riku and Liddie, It's hard to see the future of Diana or Samy becoming a glittering name.


「Is this not in her?」

She asks with eyes that remain sparkling. By "her" you mean Helen.


「Since I don't have the custom of putting that kind of sword in my place, I don't put any inscription on it. I only included it this time because it's a northern sword.」


「I see. ....... I see. I see. Mm. Good. Good.」


The tension in NIDA rises. She seem happy to hear that Helen's doesn't have it. I think they are rivals. If this wasn't a weapon, I'd be smiling.

Samy, Diana, and Liddie, who were out gathering, picked some plum-like fruit and a few herbs today. They will plant the herbs again tomorrow.


I decided to lose those herbs and make something like grilled wild boar with herbs. We have quite a few herbs now.

The wild boar tastes like a wild pig but I think its strong habit is controlled and it is light. It seems to be a hit with everyone and I'll do this from time to time.

The plum-like fruit was also quite tasty with some quirks. If you can get a lot of sugar, it would be delicious soaked in hot sake but sugar is expensive.


The next morning, after I finished preparing the morning meal I looked at my little jar. Inside is a liquid that makes a shrieking, bubbling sound. This must have worked out pretty well. Should I use it today?

The liquid - the yeast solution from which the apple yeast cultured - is combined with flour and water and kneaded together. Let's leave the rest to the yeast to do their best.


After the morning worship, we polish the blade of the sword which was finished in shape yesterday. RIKU and her friends are going to make swords today. Beside the flurry and loud noise, I quietly began the sharpening process.

The sharpening process is normally the work of a specialist called a sharpener and if done properly, it usually takes about two weeks sometimes six months or more. In my case, I have a cheat and do not have all the tools so I have to arrange it to a level that will not cause problems in actual use.

Roughly speaking, the work to be done is not significantly different from other blades. Start with a rough grindstone and then use a fine grindstone to eliminate the grain of the grindstone.


The original sharpening process is to make the boiled rye and blade pattern look beautiful at that time but in this case we are not going to go that far, the fact is that we can't.

Using water mixed with ash, he slowly sharpened the blade of the sword. It is quite difficult to sharpen a short but long sword blade cleanly but thanks to the cheat, I’m getting by.

Since we are making it as a sword, make it as beautiful as possible even if we can't do it. With this in mind, he polishes the sword blade and prepares the blade.


Eventually, the entire piece sharpened to a whitish colour and the Shinogi-ji side darkened by wiping it with a mixture of iron dust and oil from the forging process and polished by rubbing it with an iron rod.


The work was done in a much-abbreviated manner and since we used cheats, we should have been able to do it quickly but the sun is already going down again today. However, it has now seen completion as a sword blade.


「Okay, it's done.」

「Oh, at last.」

「After that, we will need the tsuba(flange, gaurd) and the scabbard but the sword itself is now complete.」


The contrast between the blackness of the Shinogi-ji and the whiteness of the blade is beautiful. If you look through it in the falling sunlight, you can clearly see the blade pattern and the sword is finished in the style of a sword.


「I can't wait to handle it.」

「Well, I'll see you tomorrow.」


I began to tidy up the work area to prepare for dinner, while soothing Nida.



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