Episode 3: Swelling Ambitions (Zeal Side 1)

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chapter: 2

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Episode 3: Swelling Ambitions (Zeal Side 1) 


I managed to change my mind and by the time, Mia returned home.

Two men and a woman were swearing by the window of a restaurant with a beautiful night view, wine in hand.

Their carriage was moving relatively slowly in the direction away from the city.


「She was a really stupid woman. You're hurting my illustrious career.」


「I can't help it! Because my senior is a poor soul with a childlike maiden's heart.」


Zeal's anger does not stop as he feels cheated, as he had mistakenly thought that Mia was in love with him for many years.

To his pride, it was as humiliating as being bit on the hand by his own dog.


「Is she looking for love in a political marriage? She's a tiresome, stupid woman.」


「I guess a fool and a pair of scissors are good to use! You know, my senior would do all the work for me just by pampering me a little. She was a very handy woman.」


「I can certainly say that. I pushed her to do all the chores in my store, and she did everything without a single complaint.」


「That's the good thing about senior, Where she does everything like an idiot.」


It may be due to the influence of the wine's progress. The next thing they know, their mouths become talkative and they are in a good mood as they look down on Mia.


「This is a funny story, but I once experimented to see how far that dumb bitch would go. Then, without realizing it was an alchemist's job, she even did the prep work for the potion! 」


「Ehhh. No wonder I thought the seniors were useless after the vacations. She had eyes like a dead fish.」


「Don't say that. It gave me plenty of time to spend with Catalina. As a single man, I can't argue with that but she was definitely a useful woman.」


「That's no longer the way a fiancée is treated, it's just slavery~!」


The two people scoffed happily at each other without seeming to care about the other guest’s hahahaha.


By speaking out about the fact that he had stiffed the stupid woman, Zeal was keenly aware that he was in a superior position.


Mia, who is only capable of doing the work she is ordered to do, has no value. If rumours spread that she had broken off the engagement, the public would recognize her as an unusable and discarded daughter.

Drinking sake with that in mind was exceptional.


「If you let senior do everything, it will affect your work as an alchemist, won't it?」


「No problem. If I'm serious, I can make something better.」


「Oh, are you really saying that? It's as if you haven't been serious until now.」


「It's obvious. When a woman who is not a qualified alchemist is helping you, you usually can't make a good one. However, I'm a genius. We were mass producing such good products that we're now on the verge of being promoted to B-rank alchemist, remember?」


Zeal did not doubt his skill in the fact to become a B-rank alchemist by creating potions with the materials that Mia had prepped.

Alchemy is not always suitable without making a hard study. Still, he has absolute confidence in his alchemy, as he is now able to produce quality items.

His sense of alchemy is frightening.


「Could it be that you are going to become a court alchemist in the future?」


「If I don't become one, who will?」


「Oh no, that's so cool!」


Catalina's sweet voice, now delirious, made Zeal feel even better.


He no longer see anything but his own glorious future. Therefore, he did not intend to forgive Mia for the disgrace of breaking off their engagement just before their marriage.


You're hurting my brilliant career. I will surely spread bad rumours about Mia and knock her down to the bottom of life. Mia is not the woman who supported the underdog. She's a lousy woman who kept dragging my feet!


「Oh, no. Senior were a waste of time~.」


「If you had remained my fiancée, you would have become the bride of a court alchemist. She really is a stupid woman. From now on, I'm going to be a lot less associated with the glamorous life.」


「You’re getting ambitious, You’re not a court alchemist yet~!」


「My Bad. Well, maybe next year they'll call me that.」




He is convinced that he is God's chosen one and a genius in alchemy.


If only I could be serious, I could always become a court alchemist, he said.

hehehehe Let's break off the engagement soon and make Mia regret it.


「If you're as good Zeal-sama, why don't you volunteer to be the court alchemist's assistant?」


「Don't be a fool. I'm not the kind of guy who takes work under their wing. What do you expect me to learn from those old guys? 」


「But - there was the youngest person who became a court alchemist, wasn't there? Between you and me, I've heard that they only want people who they approve of as assistants, so they do the work alone.」


「Oh you mean ......Caine-Augusta.」


Zeal is not so naive as to be unaware of the name of the young genius, Caine Augusta.


As fellow alchemists, they were acquainted with each other, and He was allowed to observe the work site once when he was a small child. However, he was painfully aware of the difference in level between the two, which was too much for him to handle at that time, and lost confidence in himself at times.


Now Zeal is different. Because he’s convinced that he’s the one who has stepped into the same realm of genius.


「I am the only one who can drag that Caine Augusta down from his position as court alchemist. It's time to show the world how serious we are.」


The ambitions just keep getting bigger, but Zeal doesn't know it yet.

Mia, who is not a qualified alchemist, has accumulated a lot of effort. Nevertheless, she was the one who developed the alchemist's talent.


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