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chapter: 194

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Rising to action


When I went outside, the whole area was noisy.

It is night time, of course there are no streetlights and you can only see torches coming and going here and there like human souls. Its surroundings are bright.

I approached Camillo.


「What do we do?」


「We'll push them in the front, but we'll see if we can get there.」


Camillo replies. There are revolutionary forces (?) here and there, there is some light there and there is moderate light so, not impossible to see but can manage.

However, it will not be as smooth as it was during the day. How painful this is when time is of the essence.


「Let's take the torches for sale and go as far as we can go without setting them on fire. If we run into revolutionaries along the way, we can pretend to join them and get fire.」


Camillo suggested this and Franz and I nodded. Mr. Franz runs quickly through the darkness.

The body movements are very quick, even though it is nearly pitch dark.


「You know, Mr. Franz is not your average gosha (coachman), is he? 」


When Mr. Franz was out of sight, I asked Camillo.

To do too many things for a mere coachman. Maybe that's not what a blacksmith who can do a lot of things would say.


「Oh. ....... Well, that's the way it is.」


Camillo was vague on the details but in any case, it is clear that he is not a coachman in his own right.

A blacksmith who can do a lot of things, a coachman who can do a lot of things and a peddler who has connections all over the place.


It is hard to find three people as suspicious as they are when you know who they are. I'm sure the guards in this city are not in the mood for that right now.

Mr. Franz returned. He holds three torches in his hand. It seems that it takes a great deal of skill to search for and bring things accurately in that darkness.


「All right, let's hurry.」


He spoke that to no one in particular and ran out of the inn as fast as he could. Mr. Franz will take the lead. All I can do just to keep up with his very unhesitating steps. After all, you can't drive as fast as you can in the daytime. At best, we walk fast. We need to get a light as soon as possible.


「We're about halfway there!」


As Mr. Franz said this, a light came on at the corner of the street. If it's the Revolutionary army fine, but if it's the Guards, it's a bit tricky.

I pull out the short sword I have slung around my waist, and Mr. Franz takes his place a short distance away.

As it turned out, two men wearing leather armour and carrying drawn longswords emerged from the corner.

There is no crest on the leather armour. If you are a guard, like the badge of a policeman in the previous world, you have the emblem of the house or this city that employs you. The absence of it means that .......


「Comrades in Revolution.」


Camillo calls out to the men. The words appealed to them that they were friends, but the men still did not let their guard down.


「We'll join you, we're going to the warehouse district. I'm sorry, we need you to share that fire. 」


Camillo points to the torches the men are holding. I sheathe my short sword to show that I too have no hostile intentions.

Then the men tilted their torches and pointed them at us. Franz-san moves the torch closer to it and transfers the fire.

The men left there, still alert. I don't know if they were revolutionaries or firebrands.

Nevertheless, it doesn't matter now. This will increase the speed of movement that's all that matters. With lights, we move faster. It's about as fast as you can run from a few minutes ago. Thanks to this difference in speed, we reached the warehouse slightly slower than we had done during the day. Men are scurrying around the warehouse. I wonder if Helen had already transferred.

I have to step into the warehouse to check them out.


「Push through!」


I yelled out to the men who were alarmed by the approaching torchlight.


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