Break in the Getaway C199

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chapter: 190

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 Break in the Getaway 


I slept for an hour or so, occasionally stirring the pot and adding water, while keeping an eye on the surroundings.

As the morning sun rises, the road lined with hurried carriages heading only in the direction away from the city. We did not see a single carriage heading for the city, probably because they got information from other carriages passing by on their way to the city.


Those who can escape will try to get out of the empire as soon as possible. I wonder how that girl, I mistook for a boy is doing. It may not make much sense for these girls to flee that city but I don't want them to just get caught up in the fighting.


The meat and beans that had been simmering are now tender and I wake the three of them up for breakfast.


「Did you get your food?」


「More or less. It was mostly just some kind of barley porridge.」


I asked Helen and that's what she answered. So, Helen was the only one who had a smaller amount of meat and a larger amount of beans. I don't think it's too soft for her stomach to accept, but it wouldn't be good to shock it either.


The seasoning is only salt and soup stock from dried meat, and the ingredients are meat and beans (even if there is a difference between animal and vegetable) so, it’s a protein-only menu with no nutritional value but you will feel great if you have something in your stomach rather than when you don't.

Everyone, including me, silently eat their food.


When I asked her how she was doing, I found that she seemed to have regained a lot of energy since we had been out of that city for some time but it seemed too early to hear what happened from Helen. At least it would be better to ask after leaving the empire.


My stomach is snarling and the sun is rising so, I put away the pot and turn off the fire. I switched watch with Mr. Franz and lay down with Camillo and Helen.


I wondered how long I had been asleep when I woke up. In terms of the tilt of the sun, it does not seem to be noon yet but it seems to be well past that.


「Oh, you're up.」




Camillo calls out to me and I respond. This means that at least enough time has passed for Franz and Camillo to take over the watch.


I stretched out ‘hmmm’. Throw the blanket I was wearing into the carriage.


「I think it's time for us to go. We won't be able to stop at towns along the way anyway, so we'll be camped out until we leave the empire, with only a short stop along the way.」


「Worst case scenario, we'll have to think about getting off the road. Is Camillo familiar with the geography of the area? 」


「I'm not sure if it's near the roads. I do have a map.」


「Then we'll see what we can do.」


Is there a map? However, it will not be as detailed as those issued by the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan. In this world, such things are completely military secret.


Still, it would be nice to know approximately where we are and which direction we should go. The goal is to get out of the empire.

Camillo wakes up Mr. Franz and I wake up Helen and put them in the carriage. Camillo and me cleared the area and got into the carriage.


The sun was rising and more refugees on foot were coming to the streets. Our carriage was moving relatively slowly in the direction away from the city.


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