Returning home

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chapter: 176

Returning home

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Returning home


We also needed materials for mass production, so we had to bring back extra for that. Mr. Clerk should be conducting and loading the wagons by now.


Camillo and we stay behind to talk about other things.


「Speaking of which, did you deliver the letter?」


「I delivered it. It would have affected the distribution system if it had gone on any longer and the cost of patrolling guards would have been ridiculous, so it was convenient for the Count. We'll pretend we sent them away and we don't want anything in return. 」


「That would be great.」


I guess one of the reasons why I couldn't carry Marius this time is the addition of the fact that despite this suspicious banditry, the territory is being safely governed without any major damage.

However, I realize that the world of the aristocrats is a world of mayhem, where you have to be concerned about such things. Just the thought of having to go through such an exchange if I had inadvertently reincarnated as a nobleman or something is enough to give me heartburn.


They are in the process of developing a suspension system and test a prototype on a round-trip between the capital and the city. The mechanism itself is not that difficult and it will not be long before mass production. We have not told them about the shock absorbers, so if Camillo develops its own we will ask them to tell us or sell them to us.


Other than that, it was mostly chit-chat. The wheat growth there seems to be a little slow, or the number of wild thieves in this area has decreased a little. It's important, but it's not something that's going to have a big impact on my life anytime soon.

As we were doing so, Mr. Clerk came to call us with a bag of silver coins. Well, let's go home.

We leave the business meeting room and mount krull to a cart full of luggage. I said as I stroked krull's neck.


「It's a little heavier today, but hang in there.」




Is it the nature of the running dragon or is it the personality of the krull? The krull is even more enthusiastic when it hears that it is heavy and makes a single cry.


The start was slow but the rest moved at its usual speed. It's still inside city, so it's not very fast. So far it looks okay but the problem is when we get to the street.


We bade the guards at the entrance and left the city. KRULL picked up speed as RIKU manoeuvred the reins to get his intentions. Eventually, the speed will be the same as usual. It still looks fine but I will check with riku, who is actually operating it.


「How's it going?」


「krull, seem fine.」


「If push comes to shove, we'll get off and walk so if krull gets tired or something just let us know. 」


「I understand.」


It's a step heavier, but I don't know what the upper limit is, since I've had quite a bit of leeway so far. If it can carry a certain amount of household goods, it would be safe in case of emergency but I don't feel like trying it. I'm afraid of Mama Diana and most of all I can't get on board.


In such a case, aside from the tools, it would be enough to take the money and then just load the rest of the people on-board. Sammy and Liddy will handle a bit, but would it be naive to say that we can get by with that by returning them all to their townships......?


Be alert to your surroundings. According to Sammy and Diana, the rainy season (or something like it) will begin soon and the lush green meadows are growing taller as if the flowers and grasses are trying to take advantage of the season. I am sure that each root is spreading with it.


It is not yet high enough to cover all people and make them invisible, so we on the cart have a considerable advantage in terms of vigilance but when the rainy season is over and the meadows become an ocean of green, it will be slightly troublesome when there are more plants and flowers as tall as a person. Eyes would be harder to reach and bows and arrows would have their power reduced.


While I was thinking about whether I should make some heavy arrows, we approached the entrance to the forest.


「Are you still okay?」


I asked riku,




Krull made one loud cry that did not hide his good mood at all. I said, a little envious of their energy.


「I see." Then I'm counting on you. 」




Although slowing down because of the forest, krull is moving forward with a steady gait.


「Is the bear all right?」


「The krull isn't scared, and it's not on my nose.」


It is easier to be careful in the forest than on the streets, where you never know what kind of people might come out of nowhere and where the only people you have to watch out for are bears or tigers at best.


Then there is Sammy, a veteran of the forest. On the other hand, the bears and tigers are more dangerous when they come at you but that rarely happens.


As expected, the dragon cart arrived safely at home while listening to the chirping of birds.


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