Warehouse construction in progress

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chapter: 166

Warehouse construction in progress

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Warehouse construction in progress


Furthermore, the next day. Today we are making the roof and doors for the warehouse. While everyone else is putting on the wood shingles, I make the doors.


This time we need two sets of double doors. Since it’s a warehouse door, it needs to be made somewhat larger. In fact, the frame popping open now is quite large. It's a door to match.


Cut out the lumber to make four wooden frames. There, I stretch the boards horizontally and attach wooden handles crafted with my favourite knife and nail it. To prevent accidental opening, an L-shaped part through which a bolt will insert attached to the top of the handle.


It is not difficult to use the bolt as a handle but I decided not to do so because the door is too large. I did not reinforce the bolts and fixed parts with metal like castle gates. It’s just a warehouse on a piece of land where no man or beast comes. ......


It was helpful having production cheats in effect for the creation of wooden parts. Without it, it would probably take more than two days just for the door . Partially thanks to cheat, the door itself was finished before everyone had finished putting up the shingles.


After this, the completed door ready to installed in the opening but the hinges used for the room would not be able to withstand the weight of the large, heavy door. I called out to everyone and went into the workshop.


Heat up some of the remaining sheet metal to make a large hinge, an iron rod that connects the left and right sides of the hinge (the frame side and the door side) and a large nail that is pounded to hold the hinge in place. I'm not worried about the size or anything, because I'm leaving it to cheat. The speed of creation is quite fast if one must say.


The hinges extended much thinner on the side that attaches to the door, to about half the width of the door. This will both distribute the weight of the door and allow for a stronger installation. If attached, it might look like a gate of a castle in Japan.


Since hardness is not required, leave it without quenching. As you can imagine, even a cheat can't control how long it takes to cool down naturally, so I left the workshop to help put up the shingles.




The roof of the warehouse is also made of uchi-soto roofing (modoki) like krull's hut. Sammy and Diana are working on one side, riku and Liddie on the other.


Perhaps because riku and Liddie have more experience at their parents' house and village they work a little faster, although only by one or two steps. So I decided to help with the other.

Sammy and Diana go around to the side they are not working on and start putting up boards from the part that hits the eaves. If we put up one board above the other with the top half of the first board overlapping the bottom half of the next board, the rain won't leak in so much. ...... maybe.


「Come to think of it, are there any long rains around here?」


I hollered to Sammy and Diana who were working on the other side of the room. They lived in this area, so it's convenient for me to ask.


「Hmmm. We've had periods of more rain, but I don't think I've ever experienced two weeks or more continuous rain it's been like that all the time.」


「 Yes, it is. No matter how long it takes, it won't be more than a week.」


Sammy and Diana answer. I see, so there is something like a rainy season. Even if there is groundwater, it is doubtful that the trees in the forest have roots that deep, otherwise it seems unlikely that there would be enough water to sustain the vast forest.


「Is that time near?」


「No, I think we're at least another month away.」


Although the location is slightly different Sammy who lived in this forest, is probably right. Then, it is about May in the previous world.


There is a rainy season or something like a rainy season but the vegetation and climate do not look subtropical or tropical, but is it better to throw out the knowledge of climate zones and such in the previous world around here? The topography is probably different to begin with, so it is not surprising. It is doubtful that they are even round.


I thanked them both for answering my questions and returned my thoughts to work.




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