Another new weapon

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chapter: 170

Another new weapon

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Another new weapon


I pull Sammy off at one point and have Diana and Liddy try it.

Diana turns the arrow and draws the bow. I don't know how much strength the average woman here has in her muscles but they are moderately strong, if not as strong as Helen's.

When Diana shoots her arrow, it reaches the target and pierces it with enough speed though slightly less than with Sammy.


「How's it going? 」


「Just right. Nothing too light, nothing too heavy."」


「Well, good.」


Diana's does not seem to need any particular adjustment.

Finally, Liddy did the same with her bow. Her can be pulled with the least amount of force.

When the arrow released, it is even slower than Diana's but it pierced where aimed.


「Mine's just as good.」




In the end, no particular malfunction appeared to have occurred. The three girls got ready and gone hunting with krull.

The rest of us, riku and me had the day to make whatever we wanted.


「I could use a bow to get back and forth to town and maybe a few more weapons that can hit over long distances.」


「That's true.」


It was good in the case of nida because we knew what kind of guy we were dealing with but otherwise it is natural to attack from a distance and knock him down or run away while they are flinching from the attack and it is not a bad idea to have a weapon available for such situations.


So I decided to make two new tools. One is a spear thrower and the other is a javelin for it. Normally, both are made of wood but since I’m a blacksmith who is effective with cheat both should be made of steel.

I made a bow, so it makes sense to check how much the cheat improves with it.


As usual, sheet metal heated on the fire floor to form the shape. It has a hooked tip and a gently curved handle on the other side. I make it by taking advantage of the blacksmith cheat but it seems to be somewhat more efficient.

I still wonder if the more new things we create, the higher the level of cheat. If so, then making a new one today should again increase tomorrow's efficiency. If that happens, we might consider making new ones next time, regardless of whether they sell well or not and regardless of whether they are needed or not.


If the spear thrower made too long and thick, it will be too heavy so kept in moderation. Since only our people would be using it, we decided to substitute its durability with magical power.

Next is the body of the throwing spear (javelin). This one is a little heavier but that in itself leads to power, etc., so I don't mind. Sheet metal is stretched thin and thin and then rounded to make a thin steel cylinder about 1 meter long without much thickness.

At the end of it, another sheet metal heated to make the tip and connected. Since it is a throwing spear, it does not have a blade, but made in the shape of a square pyramid so that it can pierce. Throwing spears need to be hard, so they caged with magic power as well as quenched and tempered.


It looks like just a spear tip attached to a thin steel pipe.

Both of these tasks can benefit from the cheats of a blacksmith in his day job and in this case, since they are simple to make finished it before Sammy and her team return from their hunt.


「Let's give it a quick try: ......」


I left riku, who was practicing casting magic power in the workshop and went outside with a spear thrower and a javelin to do a test strike (test throw?).


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