Don't call me a goddess! Part - 7

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chapter: Volume 7 Chapter 7

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Don't call me a goddess! Part - 7



The High Priestess "Butcher Budeo" who has suddenly revealed his true nature.


As he declared, 「I have been waiting for this moment.」


Yes, this is the moment when Pamela uses Divine punishment and releases most of her divine power.


Pamela is angry. His anger was several times greater than when he heard that there was an inn calling for a goddess, and he was about to grab the high priestess.


Suddenly out of nowhere, CARLA stares at Pamela, who is furious and the High Priest, who has revealed his true nature.


Pamela, who cursed angrily but never in a foul-mouthed way became even angrier at the High Priest, who seemed to ignore her curses. Finally, she moves a step closer to taking physical action.


Pamela was approaching the High Priest with a force showing sound effect of a thud but just as she was a few steps away, she stopped dead in her tracks.


Carla, who was curious about what was going to happen next and was half an onlooker, was wondering about Pamela's behaviour and twist her head.


「Guh, guh, guh, guh, you really are clueless.」


The [High Priest] Butcher began to speak.


At the same time, Pamela changes direction. The light was fading from her eyes, a clear indication that she was undergoing some kind of mental manipulation.


「......! You can't possibly be .......」


「Oh, yeah? Yeah, yeah, that's exactly what you're thinking right now, Carla Gryce. Yes, the priestess of the goddess 'Pamela' is now in my possession. 」


「No way. ...... 【God's gift】」


CARLA filled with astonishment. This technique uses no spell chanting, no magic letters, not even magic power and suddenly drops the opponent into a hypnotic state. There is no conceivable way to bring about such a phenomenon other than through 【God's gift】


However, it is difficult to manifest 【God's Gift】 and even if it manifested, one may not even be aware of it and furthermore books on 【God's Gift】 recently been excavated from ruins and research has only just begun, so there are probably only a few people in the world who know about it.


CARLA knew this because she herself was given several 【God's gifts】 (CARLA and Ushin call them 【skills】) as a gift from the Supreme Being.


「'Oh my gosh, did you know that ....... I guess that's what Carla Gryce is all about, isn't it? 」


Butcher says he was just a little surprised. However, he no longer had anything to fear.


「That's right. It's a【 gift from God.】 The 【gift of God】I have is the 【Authority voice.】 As the name suggests, it is a 【gift from God】 that has the effect of forcing those in a position lower than oneself to obey.」


Butcher reveals the name of God’s Gift without hesitation. To have the name of God’s Gift known is to reveal one of his trump cards, which would put him at a disadvantage but he is not worried about that at all.

And Butcher's narrative continues.


「This God’s Gift is tremendous. It's not just that I can give orders to those in a lower position but even those in the same level, the moment they recognize me as superior they are within the sphere of effect of this God’s Gift.」


「 huhuhu But that's not all. The moment I stand above my equals, everything that has been in my league falls to a position below me. It's a really, really great ability, don't you think? So, think about where we are now: ....... Pamela, the priestess of the Goddess, has fallen into my hands.」


Hearing these words, CARLA realized with a huff.


「Yes, yes, yes, Carla Gryce. I am currently in a higher position than the goddess priestess. Only the goddess can stand above the goddess priestess, which means that as of this moment, at this time, I am on the same level as the goddess clan! 」


Butcher speaks passionately and enthusiastically. His face seemed somehow intoxicated with himself.




『Butcher Budeo』, he was a 『Genius』


He was born and raised in so called a more rural part of the local city. In one such village in the countryside, he was born.


He was born with a different vibe from others and acquired such knowledge that he was called a 『child prodigy』 at the age of only four. In various areas, such as the management of the village and defence measures against demons he demonstrated more erudition than the village chief who was an elder and even more oratorical ability to convince. His eloquence, which could easily get even the adults talking was used to lead the village in the right direction at this time.


It was only natural that he should be sent off by the pious villagers and go to the city church as a representative of the village to serve as an apprentice priest.

In the city's church were village prodigies drawn from 10 villages organized by the church. Butcher had a sense of rivalry with the other prodigies he was seeing for the first time but even among apprentice priests of his age he was still one, if not two, ahead of the rest.

From this point on, he begins to get a little drunk with himself.

Everything he said was incorporated into the operation of the church as an official adoption and in all of them, he contributed to the development of the church. It's no wonder that he is so drunk with himself.

It was also around this time that he officially began working as a priest.


Then, as a representative of the city church, he went to a holy city church. Representatives from 10 cities, organized by regional cities gathered there and they showed their talent by outshining one another on the rest of the field.

Naturally, it was obvious that he would be called to the Holy Church in the Holy City as a representative of the local city.

In addition, with Butcher's abilities, there was no doubt that he could work quite well in the Holy City.

However, what awaited them in the Holy City was a group of geniuses who were even better than Butcher was.


It is not surprising, but we are all human beings who have had similar experiences with butchers. Surrounded by such geniuses, the butcher begins to distort little by little.

How to kick the geniuses off and prove your own abilities. ...... That was all he could think about.

He did many things. They have gone from petty harassment such as fabricating scandals to blackmailing and even murder.


Nevertheless, no one could fault him. This is because there was nothing to prove that Butcher did it. They started to show their superior talents in the wrong direction.

This only served to aggravate him further. As if to further encourage him, the existence of God’s Gift was confirmed and he received confirmation that he has God’s Gift in him.

Butcher's distortions accelerated after he learned of God’s Gift .


He then rose to the rank of high priest. Kick out all the strangers who get in his way. ......

After becoming High Priest, with all the rank and honour he had earned, he wanted to make the great organization of Klanism his own. The most disturbing obstacle to this was the existence of priestesses.

It is truly a bump on the eye. But here, too, something heavenly happens.

The death of the previous priestess and the election of a new priestess. This new priestess chosen to be Pamela, an apprentice priestess at the time, who he raised for his own convenience.

At first Butcher is pleased that the girl he has had his eye on since she was a child and trained to do whatever he tells her to do has taken the position of a priestess but as Pamela gains the power of a priestess, she gradually becomes uncontrollable, and he gradually grows to dislike her.


Several times, he tried to give her poison mixed with her food but the power of the goddess' blessing protected Pamela.

Butcher is even indignant that the bump over his eye is back.

Here, however, he discover an unexpected shrine maiden weakness.


Yes, immediately after Divine punishment, the divine power greatly diminished.

It was really by chance that he found it.

This was the first time Pamela executed Divine punishment against a group of people who disobeyed God and tried to revive the Demon King. This group was so close to really reviving the Demon King that Pamela's Divine punishment execution was a great feat that prevented the destruction of the world, this was the moment when the Butcher realized that it was more important than that.


What a surprise, it seems that Butcher's God’s Gift can be used when the divine power is diminished.

Then he began to move.

In order to see the transition of divine power after the exercise of Divine punishment, he forcibly created enemies of the church and verbally incited Pamela to execute the Divine punishment.

Then he used God’s Gift and gradually deepened his brainwashing state.




「So today at long last, is the wonderful day when I will finally be in a position of global hegemony. I can't thank you enough Carla Gryce. You made it easier to get Pamela than I thought it would be. She really is ......, and I have been raising her for years to be the best slave I could have but she has only grown up to be a priestess and ....... It was a real problem.」


Butcher spoke at length.

Even CARLA could not bear to listen to the sudden long talk, and was half-asleep. For CARLA, the story was nothing short of boring.


「If that is the case, please quickly remove the hypnosis you have put everyone under and return to the Holy City as soon as possible.」


「Goof, yes. Today's objective is to get Pamela. Now that we have accomplished that, we would normally return to the Holy City and immerse ourselves in a world of dazzling fun. ...... Oh no, there are so many beautiful women at this inn, guffaw, we need a slight change of purpose.」


On the surface, Carla is calm but clearly tells him to go home, while Butcher smiles more sarcastically.

This man's bottomless desire finally began to turn toward the inn.




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