Rescue C195

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chapter: 195

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After yelling, I quickly switch torches and draw my sword from its scabbard. Some of them see it and run away, but fractions of them have stood up to it.


I swung my sword down at the top ...... and threw the torch at them, pretending it was a sword. A flaming torch is flying at them and naturally, they were frightened momentarily.

I don't miss it and slashed. Originally, there seemed to be a considerable difference in skill but the skirmishers were able to cut down some of them easily.

The survivors also attack with weapons in their hands but I dispel them all with my sword and cut them down.


After I had killed about five of them, Franz joined me saying, "I'll take care of the rest." I picked up the torch I had thrown at them and ran toward the open area.

It was quiet and still inside, as the chaos around them and the sounds of the battle just ahead seemed to have dispersed the people inside.

Even in the sense of combat cheats, no one seems to have any animosity toward me but if someone is lurking around, it's not good.


Although frustrated, I slowly and deliberately moves toward the back of the building.

Normally, No torches allowed in this area due to the risk of ignition. It was also difficult to keep the flames from transferring to the goods.

I reached the far end of the warehouse but there was no human-like figure in sight. However, there are signs that someone is there.


I brandished my torch and looked around. Around the area are piles of boxes that are likely to contain goods, stacked high. If looked carefully, I can see a gap in one corner of it. It would be just enough for a person to pass through.

To prevent the fire from transferring, lower the torch and pass through the gap. I can feel the heat morosely, but I can't be bothered with that.


When I passed through the gap, I found a little space. There is no smell of human waste but there is a little something like human body odour. The signs are there, so there is no doubt that someone is there.

There was no goods on top so, I held up torch to see what was going on and saw a figure flinching. I rush over to it.


She is lying on the ground, but I recognize her slightly elongated red hair. They shackled legs to prevent escape.

She may be alive because she has flinched, but does not seem to have energy to do anything.




I called out to the fallen figure. The figure is startled and slowly turns its face toward me.


「Eizo ......?」


Her sword-scarred face was completely emaciated, but she retained her charm. It's a face I know.


「Oh. it's Me. I'm here to help. Hang on, I'm about to break the shackles.」




Helen gets up. However, lacks her usual power. How long have she been a prisoner? I'm angry at the people who held her captive, but I have to get her out of here first.

I place the torch on the floor and approach Helen. Then Helen firmly gripped my body and did not let go.


「Oh, hey, Helen.」


「Eizo, Eizo ......」


I call out to her, but Helen squeezes my arm.

Considering how far Helen had endured, I couldn't just wave her off out of hand.


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