Lady Apprentice Alchemist

Raw: A despised daughter chooses the path of a longing alchemist in her second life ~ The first step of an apprentice alchemist who made her dream come true ~ [Web version] Artist: Aroe


Mia, who works at the reception desk of the Adventurer's Guild, encounters her fiancé's affair the day before she leaves the company.

  • She was stunned by her selfish attitude and decided to break off the engagement, but it was obvious that her fiancée, who was upset, would retaliate.

If bad rumors are spread, they may be made into villains.

In front of Mia, who envisions such a bleak future, the court alchemist Crane appears, and her fate begins to change drastically.

"Work in my workshop, and if you become an assistant to the court alchemist, all the strange rumors will blow away." Confused

by the sudden invitation, Mia is thrilled by the alchemy she has longed for, and she takes a new path.

「...... Ugh......... Wow... ......... Oooooh!"

While echoing the cry of the soul that does not seem to be an aristocratic daughter.

"So, I was able to do it---!!"

I'm already engaged. He enjoyed a happy manufacturing life that he never wanted to let go.

On the other hand, an unexpected tragedy begins to occur for her ex-fiancée, who was desperate to retaliate...?


Chapter 1

Chapter 2