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chapter: 174

Request again

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Request again


The next few days were business as usual. It is the production of knives and swords. As usual, RIKU is the regular model and I am the high-end model.


However, what's little different is I'm making it faster. I don't know whether this is because the cheat is becoming more familiar with my body or whether the level of the cheat itself is increasing but it seems certain that it is still getting faster with each new one I make.


If this is the case, it would be better to set aside time to create something new, even if it is only for a day or so at a time from now on. If there were any new items that would sell well with that, they could added to the Eizo Workshop line-up. I should ask what is selling well at Camilo's.


Then came the day of delivery. After loading the cart with luggage, weapons for self-defense and mount the krull, who was in a good mood when he realized he was going out, we were off.

We go through the forest with Garagoro (TN: rattling sounds). It was quite fast, probably because RIKU was getting used to piloting. I wonder if that tiger has already returned to its original home.


It would be best if we could avoid running into a bear and injuring each other. I was thinking about this as I heard the occasional bird's call mingling with the sound of the wheels and the landscape drifted by.

The dragon car operated by riku will soon be on the street. From here, the speed increases further. The biggest difference this time around is the increase of three projectile weapons. It is reassuring to know that aside from the forest side, the other side is a plain and you can start shooting as soon as you find it.

I don't think they knew it but we took the road at a leisurely pace and arrived at the town warmly, if not in speed. I bade the guard with the halberd and entered the city. It looks somewhat better than the last time I was here, so perhaps Marius has properly notified.


Proceed slowly through the city. There is less gawking than when I was here before. The number of times we come is not that many but I guess it means that we have accustomed as such. The city is lively but feels more like a hectic place.

I would say that it is closer to a flurry of activity than a bustle. We arrived at Camilo's somewhat disconcertingly.

Put the cart in the warehouse, take krull to the back and head to the business meeting room. After a short wait, Camilo and the clerk came in still in a bit of a hurry.


「Looks like you've been busy. 」


「Well, sort of.」


When Camilo muddles the language like this, it's not a good time but I'll let it pass for once. The first priority is to talk business. Camilo would be aware of that.


「I brought it, as usual. I have a spear and a bow on the cart be careful, they're not for sale. 」




When Camillo looked toward clerk, the clerk nodded.


「We got the seed potatoes over here.」


「Oh, I see. I appreciate it. 」


Now that we have the potatoes, it will be easier to retreat to the forest than before. Of course, we can't rely on potatoes alone, so it's a bit of a stretch.


「We're working on arrangements for the northern condiments. ......」


「But ?」


「There's a problem at the Empire It's hard to get them into the Kingdom right now because of the situation. 」


「 Is it a problem or ....... I said I'd be patient, never mind. 」


「Sorry, that helps. So, I need your help on one of these issues. 」


「 I don't have to be the backing or anything, okay? 」


「I'm not expecting you there. 」


Camillo chuckles at my words. I may be able to get help from the Countess of Amour but Camillo doesn't have to go through me there.


「As part of the solution to that problem, I'm going to ask you to mass produce weapons again.」


Camillo said so simply and straightforwardly.


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