Departure Preparation

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chapter: 180

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Departure Preparation


After leaving Camillo's, we left town immediately. I am cautious of the highway but gave priority to speed so, I keep it to a minimum and to return to the house. It's the same in the forest.

...... in the forest, We ran at a reasonable speed because the luggage bounced and rough for us too at full speed and we arrived home at the fastest speed ever.


Put away the luggage and appreciate krull. Despite being rushed quite a bit, KRULL looks unconcerned and chirps "KRULLL" in a good mood.


Liddy mentioned that magic is also a source of energy, perhaps that is also a factor ?


My interest is piqued but I don't have time to try that now. I already have to leave by tomorrow morning. We need to prepare for that, we retire into the house briskly.


Cut up more dried boar meat. Food is important. The rest stuffed into the backpack, including a piece of cloth as a bandage substitute that I had taken with me on the previous expedition.


「What else do you need?」


「Since the master is going there as a blacksmith, doesn't he need his tools?」


「That's right.」


I put my beloved hammer and some leftover sheet metal into the empty box I found. I guess this is good for the preparation to go out itself.


「So, without further ado, I'm off again.」


At dinner, I looked over at everyone and said.


「This time I don't know the duration. I might be back in a week or might not be back for a month or so. I think at best it won’t exceed a month.」


If they took that long, there would be a revolution in the meantime and if that happened, it is very doubtful that Helen would have a life. That would be the longest limit.



「In the meantime, is there anything you're worried about and if you need anything, I'll tell Camillo to deliver it to the forest entrance. 」


Everyone ponders my words. Sammy was the first to open her mouth.


「I'm sure we don't need meat.」


「I know what plants are edible in the forest and I have a field.」


Liddy takes over afterwards.


「If I had to say, I'd say ironstone and charcoal but considering the amount we have in storage, I think we can manage for a month or so.」


Next is riku. So it was worth it to stock up on more than we consumed each time. The warehouse hasn't been built that long ago but I'm glad I built it.


「We can do the house repairs and stuff, right? 」


Diana concluded.


「Then is there anything in particular to worry about?」


「I'm worried about you, though.」


I ask and Diana replies.


「You always accept requests that are different from your main job. You've come home hurt before, haven't you? 」


I have no way to make an excuse when you say that. I shrugged a little and Liddy, who was one of the factors, did the same.


「It's not Liddy's fault, it's just that Eizo needs to take better care of himself.」


Sammy and riku nodded in agreement with Diana's words.


「It's your choice and we won't hold you back but remember that the consensus of the family is that we want you to come home safely.」


「I know.」


I tried not to worry them by looking at their worried faces but I suppressed a bit of wooziness and did my best to smile and say so.




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