New Weapons

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chapter: 168

New Weapons

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New Weapons


The warehouse took four days to construct. Even though we need two weeks’ worth of deliverables, we know that if we concentrate on making them for a week or so we will have enough. Which means we can do something else for three days.


Then, we have no choice but to do that thing. Yes, it’s the creation of a bow for a group of hunters, not the blue-living soul Apoitakara. I have yet to create a bow, so I would like to test first to see if creating a new weapon would improve my skill level.

Then think carefully about what should made in apoitakara.


However, there is one problem here. The highest level of cheat I have is only a 「blacksmith (smith).」 I’m not a weapons artisan. The ones related to comprehensive "production" also receive cheats, but they are many steps below blacksmiths.


Even though they fall short, they can still make better products than ordinary artisans can. That is certain, but to what extent can they really produce something? I would also like to make that experiment as well.

I discussed this with everyone at dinner on the day the warehouse built.


「It's okay, right?」


「More bows would be great for me to use when I'm hunting.」


「I could use a little more help.」


There seems to be no objection to the pair of Sammy, Diana and Liddy going out hunting (although Liddy often stays behind).


「I've never seen you make wooden weapons before.」       


「I guess so. So, we might get some weird stuff. 」


Since riku didn't seem to have any particular opinions, it was decided that from the next day I would make the bows and everyone else would do the usual work. They are going to postpone the hunt until I finish making my bow, just because. That's a lot of responsibility.


The next day, after finishing my morning routine, I go to the newly built warehouse to pick up lumber. I returned to the workshop with a suitably sized piece of lumber.


Some materials and meat that had dried in the workshop for lack of space moved to the warehouse and now that they are gone, the workshop looks cleaner than when I first arrived here. At worst, the sense of life is gone but I guess that's okay because I don't think it's good to have a sense of life in a work space.

While everyone else is making sheet metal, split the lumber and the relatively flexible pieces cut out as boards. The rest is just a matter of dividing it into three long, thin plates and then grinding them out. I've seen videos of people actually making bows with it in the world before.


At this point, I would make a shape like C. Do we want it to be inverted or forward warped? For example, a Japanese bow in the previous world strung with a warp that is opposite to the overall warp when made (although to be precise, there are more warps here and there each with its own name).

Since it is for use in the woods, I thought a short round wooden bow would be fine (in fact, that's what Sammy has), but since we are going to be using it, I wanted to get a little creative.


As a blacksmith at my best, I decided to make a short bow in the form of an inverted bow with a synthetic bow composite with a thin steel plate attached to it.

The first step is to shave the wood to make a thin board. If anything, this is just a foundation. It should have a certain thickness, not be squishy and yet remain flexible enough not to break when pulled or released.

I managed to find just the right amount of salt in this area thanks to the cheat and the knife's performance. It's just a board at this point. ...... The next step is a steel plate to attach to this.


If the thickness of the steel plate is as thick as the suspension, it is impossible for a human to pull it through and if it is too thin, it may not make much sense this time. While envisioning the finished product, it will need to be thick enough to match the strengths of Sammy, Diana, and Liddy.


I took the sheet metal and put it in the firebox. I hope the blacksmith cheat works from here, I thought.


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