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chapter: 200

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A way back 


Carriage goes along a road that looks like crayon lines drawn on a desolate plain, with Rocky Mountains in the distance. The weather is still not too bad today, although a few clouds can be seen in the distance.


The road has not much filled with evacuees yet, but the number of people taking refuge on foot is becoming more noticeable.

Helen, on the other hand was looking at the people on the street without saying a word one hand still holding the hem of my dress.

Although she has calmed down somewhat and her colour has improved, it has not yet been a day since she was rescued.

I've left it as it is because I don't think her emotions have caught up with the urgency of the situation, since I wasn't able to inform Helen of the rescue in advance.


「There's another town down the road?」


I don't think the pursuers can be so fancy in this situation right now, but I talk to Camillo as I look around.


「Yes, it's a city we passed by on the way here.」


「If we don't see any carriages coming from that direction, then they're missing ......」


「The one we came out of will be the one heading for the imperial capital,. Naturally, we're going the other way.」


「I don't even plan on doing it originally, but I don't see why we can't replenish in that city.」


「Right. It looks like you can't get in in the first place. It's a little further from the street, so I'd like to think it's a little less crowded.」


「It's difficult when it's crowded with people trying to evacuate.」


It would be troublesome if a pursuer approaches you while you are stuck. Should we consider going off the road depending on the conditions around the town?


When I asked Camillo about this, he replied, 「I suppose it would be better that way.」 I knew it.


As the sun passed the mid-sun, we began to see people crowding the streets in the distance. People gathered around the intersection of the street and some were taking a break perhaps because of the time of day.


「What do we do?」

「Let's go around. It's not very good to stop here.」


I asked and Camillo motioned for Mr. Franz to take a wide turn.

The shaking becomes worse when the car strays from the well-maintained road. However, there was less jostling than expected, probably thanks to the suspension, although a simple one.


「I wonder if it stands out because of the way it shakes.」


「Somewhat. Nevertheless, this is about as uncomfortable as it gets and no one will notice the proper mechanism. I'd like to avoid being seen as much as possible but have no choice.」


Camillo says. The suspension is concealed, and I don't think it will be obvious unless you get too close and peek in but if it stands out too much with the way it shakes, it will be easier to identify by the pursuer.


However, we cannot afford to lose time here. We don't know if the uprising in that city was ultimately successful.


The way the city looked when she left, I think she would have succeeded but if it had been subdued, we would have known that Helen had escaped eventually. At that time, the confusion, in turn gives the pursuers an advantage.

Moreover, if you're riding a horse, no one would be suspicious under the circumstances.


In this way, the intersection of the road connecting the city with the road bypassed. I was cautious, but there are few people paying attention to us. Almost everyone seems to be full of themselves.

Most of the people who turned their attention to us were simply looking at us because a carriage was passing by and there were no sharp stares or signs of alarm.


However, I'm not a professional guard or anything like that, so I don't know if that's right. It's also unclear if I’m getting cheats in this area. ......

Relieved to have made it through the situation for the time being, the carriage headed further into the kingdom. After crossing today, the barrier await at last for us.


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