2nd time mass delivery of goods

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chapter: 178

2nd time mass delivery of goods

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2nd time mass delivery of goods


For six days, we worked single-mindedly to make what we all needed to make and we were able to meet our target number. With the little extra time, we all planted seed potatoes in the field.


We Load the made products into cart and mount the krull. Aside from the swords, there are a number of spears, some of which are long and bulky. We loaded it up with some difficulty.


When we are ready to depart, left as soon as possible. Soon it will be rainy season as said but so far, there is no sign of it and the air in the forest is fresh.


Although the tiger worries seem to have almost disappeared, bears roam around this area, so we be on the lookout for them. I also don't think we need to be overly alarmed though since, some of us have a good nose.

Once safely out of the forest, the highway road. Here too, blue sky no indication for the rainy season and tall grassy plains perhaps looking forward to the rain here. If it were not in another world, the scenery would be normal and relaxing.


However, the level of security is far different from that of the previous world Japan. The fact remains that we should remain vigilant. Even though there are bows and throwing spears, it is better not to use them in the first place.


Occasionally there is a rustling and a part of the meadow moves and every time it happens, everyone on alert reacts but mostly "probably a rabbit or some wild animal". Now, there is no need for them to come hunting over here (the forest creatures are sufficient), so it is unlikely that we will see them.


In this way, we repeatedly tense and relax until we reach the city. I nod to the guard with the halberd. I would love to hear how it feels to use it sometime. I'll ask through Marius.


The people in town who used to direct their gaze at us quite a bit are hardly paying attention to us anymore. Occasionally, a person (including beast men and dwarves) dressed as if they were from somewhere else would look startled.


We arrive at Camillo's and head to the business meeting room as usual. I arrived quite early today. As for today, there was a good chance they would come at this time, and I'm sure they were expecting it.


「Hey, how's business?」


「I'm still getting by.」


Camillo and me exchange light-hearted greetings. That's about as far as it goes, but here's the main issue.


「So, did you have the number you promised?」


「of course」


「as expected of you That'd be great. 」


「It's my job. 」


I grinned and said. Camillo also grins. Camillo looks directly at Ms. Clerk then clerk nods and leaves the room.


「I'm talking about the revolution. 」


After confirming that Ms. Clerk has left, Camillo begins to talk.


「It doesn’t affect the revolution itself, but I heard about some troubles. 」




「Ah yes.」


Camillo nodded.


「I think it's all good for now but apparently there's something wrong with the Imperial Army.」


「Is there a leak somewhere?」


I asked and Camillo nodded again.


「The empire is not stupid. There will be agents there and if they try to move, they're bound to get some degree of notice.」


「Hmmm. ....... 」


「As I said before, it doesn't affect the revolution." The problem is ......"


Camillo hesitated for a moment and then continued speaking.


「Apparently, Helen has been captured by the empire.」


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