Minced Meat Steak

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chapter: 173

Minced Meat Steak

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Minced Meat Steak


I am hungry and want to eat early but I want something tasty. I'm going to ask them to be patient here, including me and proceed with the preparations.


Prepare a cutting board and chop the boar meat on it using a knife. No matter how hard I try, I can't make it clean enough to use a proper mincer but I chop it as finely as possible into ground meat.


The resulting ground meat placed in a wooden bowl and kneaded but there are no onions or garlic only salt and pepper are added to the kneading process. When it became a little sticky enough to form a shape, I divided it into five pieces and clumped them together, making a hollow in the middle.


Adjust the heat in the kamado to about medium-high. With a gas stove, it can be adjusted with a knob and with an induction cooker, it is a button but with this kamado it is difficult to make fine adjustments because the adjustment is basically made with charcoal. Does some certain amount of scorching and whatnot.

Spread the boar fat in the bottom of a warmed pot and lay the chunks of ground meat on top of it.


Bake for 3 minutes, turn over, add a little fire wine, cover and wait another three minutes. In my previous world, the rare inside was all the rage but I wouldn't dare eat the raw, roasted meat of a wild boar as it was the fashion.

When I added charcoal to the kamado and opened the lid, hit with a waft of good smells. A little more baking and then done.


「Oh! 」


Sammy's eyes light up when she sees the dish - a wild boar hamburger steak (a hamburger steak, to be exact). The sauce on it is the one I always make for steaks. Personally, a fried egg or cheese on top would have been perfect but what's not there is not there.


Everyone says "Itadakimasu" and begins to eat.


「I've had something similar before, but this is nice.」


Diana gave her impressions. The count's family seems to have eaten many different foods and she knows quite a bit about cooking.


「As expected 」


Well, it seems obvious to me that chopping scrap meat or tough meat to make it tender and grilling it until cooked inside because I'm afraid of raw meat is a great idea.


「It was something much messier, though. 」


I wonder if it is just chopped meat rolled up or something. However, there is not much difference in how they made. That's why I made hamburgers that would have belonged a bit further back in the previous world.


「 We didn't have anything like this at my parents' side of the family. It's also true that meat used to be mostly dried meat. 」


Riku said so. There's a limit to how creative you can be when raw meat is hard to come by. I hear that in the former world of Jinhua ham, there are even specialized recipe books so I think there are a lot of recipes for dried meat in this world .......

However, I don't have an image of dwarves cooking delicately, pulled by the image of the previous world. In the past, when we had a similar discussion it was mentioned that there are dwarf cooks in towns with many dwarves so they may actually be able to handle delicate dishes as well.


「I've never had meat in my hometown either, so this is the first time I've had something like this.」


Now it's Liddy the elf. I had thought that this was because of the image of vegetarianism, but it is not the case.


In fact, at our house, we serve meat every day, whether raw or salted and Liddy eats it normally and is never in bad shape.


「We were all pretty hungry today, so I'm sure that makes some of it better.」


「No, I think this is swell!」


Sammy insists loudly. She seemed to like it very much.


「I'm not going to be a part of it, Maybe next time when I have a little more time. 」


The hamburger is good, tender and with a strong boar meat flavour but the drawback is that it inevitably takes a long time to prepare.


I'm a blacksmith, so I'm sure I could make mincer but I feel I'm a little too far ahead of the curve so I'm going to pass on that for now.


Afterwards, we all enjoyed a pleasant meal, talking about what kind of food we would like to try.


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