Delivery as Usual

Novel Name: Isekai Blacksmith shop slow life

chapter: 163

Delivery as Usual

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Delivery as Usual


After a few days of making the product for delivery (during which time Sammy and the others did their own work), the day of delivery arrived. There is no problem in delivery because we have enough numbers.


Mount the krull to the cart while loading the deliveries onto the cart. KRULL is visibly in a good mood, perhaps happy to be able to tow a cart for the first time in a while. He is still cruising around in a not very loud voice.


While Diana is coaxing it along, they finish loading the luggage. When riku sat down on the drive seat and manipulated the reins, krull let out a single cry and began to walk slowly.


Are there bears and wild thieves to watch out for along the way? The bandit has already returned to his country. I wrote a letter about the circumstances in between productions. We need to get this guy to Marius via Camilo.


Now I'll have to ask Camilo about the potatoes that were shelved because I wasn't sure what would happen to the fields and about getting the seasonings from the north.


We are going through the forest at a good speed there. Other than the high-pitched cries of birds and the occasional wolves in the distance, the only sound in the forest is the rattling of the dragon wheel running. Perhaps because of the sound, we were able to leave the forest without encountering any bears.


Once on the street, the speed increases even more. Even though NIDA is gone (as long as she keeps her word), the danger of wild thieves still exists, so we must remain vigilant.

There are many advantages to longer-range weapons in these cases as well, and we should make those first as new weapons.

In the end, nothing happened on the street and we were able to reach the city without incident. I bade to the guard standing at the entrance from the car and passed by.


Since this is only the second time we've been here, it seems I'm still unfamiliar with the city and I often receive unreserved stares from people.

About 20% of the directed gaze is on the undercarriage of the cart, 70% on the krull and 10% on the Liddie. There is no doubt that each is rare, so some parts are unavoidable. The reduced attention to Liddie is probably because she has been here several times, so she is used to seeing it.


Proceeding slowly through the city, we arrive at the warehouse of Camilo's store. Once the dragon cart is in the warehouse, krull is unmounted and tethered to back of the store. As before, I asked the clerk for water and a manger and we proceeded through the store, which I knew well, into the business meeting room.


After chatting among themselves for a while, Camilo and the clerk come into the business meeting room as usual.





I keep the greetings to a minimum and get right down to business.


「Did you bring the usual today? 」

「ah. And the numbers are about the same as always.」



This time, there is probably nothing special from Camilo and he immediately looks over to the clerk. The Clerk nodded and left the room.


「So I need you to do me a couple of favours.」

「It's unusual from Eizo 」

「Well, sort of.」

「Okay, what is it?」


I took out a letter from my pocket and gave it to Camilo.


「First, I need you to get this to Marius.」

「 What's the contents? 」

「It's about the bandits who were out on the streets.」


I tell Camilo about Nida in a few words. Camilo was surprised, but agreed saying, 「Well, that's what Eizo does. ......」


「So, did you have any problems?」


「Oh. If she had kept the word, should have already returned to the country by now.」


「You're really getting yourself into trouble.」


「Most of it had to do with you and Marius.」


I chuckle and give it back to Camilo. Camilo also laughed and said, 「It must be.」


「I understand. I'll take responsibility and make sure it gets there. 」

「I entrust 」

「And the other one? 」

「I need you to get me some seed potatoes and some northern seasonings. 」

「I see. ....... 」


Camilo's face turns thoughtful when he hears my request.


「What's wrong then ......? 」

「No, it's not like that."」


When I tried to refrain, Camilo interrupted me by waving one hand.


「We can get as many seed potatoes as we want, but I'm not strong enough to deal with the North, so it's going to take some time.」

「I'm good. I'll wait patiently for the seasonings. 」

「I would appreciate it if you would. Any northern condiments especially? 」

「Oh. Anything that's available and can be preserved. 」


「I get it. I'll be sure to secure it in my name.」


「Sorry, for the trouble」


「It’s good. Because this is what I do. 」


Camilo said with a laugh, and we shook hands once more.


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