The second mass production

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chapter: 177

The 2nd mass production

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The second mass production


We arrived home, unmounted krull from the cart and everyone thanked us for our labour. KRULL expressed his pleasure with a hoot and a snort. After this, carried the luggage in. With the help of krull we put charcoal, iron ore, clay, seasonings, sake, and seed potatoes into their respective warehouses.


After the loading was finished, usually it was time to do as one pleases but this time the priority given to the production of Moulds and sheet metal as a mass production was in the offing. Even half a day's worth is not the same as one without.


Sammy, Diana and Liddy are in moulds, the sheet metal is riku’s responsibility and mine. Everybody continued making it until the sun went down.


The next day, it's time for mass production. Unlike before, there are two different kinds of product, so we will share this as well. I make the spears, everyone else the swords. Liddy makes the moulds, Sammy and Diana do the casting and riku does the finishing.

First is how many we can make today. The subsequent allocations determine whether they can make it in six days. Perhaps we can go with this structure. The goal for riku and the others is 5 a day and for me it's 4 a day but I can probably go that far. There is a possibility that riku will eventually help me with mine, though.


The sheet metal placed in firebox and heated. When it reaches the processing temperature, taken out and hammered on the anvil to form the shape.


The cross section is rhombic in shape and the appearance is that of an isosceles triangle with crazy long oblique sides. Basically, the shape is designed for stabbing only. I sharpen the bevel, not sharp like knife but sharp for the time being. A socket at the base to insert the handle is made and the tip of the ear is both hardened and tempered.


The spear characterized not only by its tip and length but also by the stone butt. The stone stack also had a socket made and the side in contact with the ground thickened to create a projection.


This time, the product made in the quality of a general model not a luxury model. In case we're running out of time for something, we can recover.


After splitting a thick board of wood into thin pieces, with a knife the wood is shaved into sticks. This is a handle. usually, I would have applied oil or something similar, but this time I left it as it was. I want them maintained with the right oil at the place of delivery.


Once the handle made, then inserted into the socket on ear end, hammered and caulked. The same thing for the stony butt to complete the spear.


The same process was repeated over and over again and the day was over.


Five spears are done that day. At this speed, I think we'll make it in plenty of time.


RIKU and her sword team have also achieved their goal of six swords and if they keep up this pace, they will be fine.


Work the same way the next day. Come to think of it, I think the efficiency in making these spears has also increased. There's a pretty good chance that before, four would have been the best they could do.


However, I am glad that I have a personality that does not suffer from repeating the same tasks after all these years. If it were painful to repeat the same thing over and over again, not just yesterday but in the first place, daily production would be hampered. Well, I chose blacksmithing so it doesn't happen.

With this in mind, I hammered down on the reddened sheet metal to make a few spears.


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