Farewell to NIDA

Novel Name: Isekai Blacksmith shop slow life

chapter: 160

Farewell to NIDA

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Farewell to NIDA


Nida, laid out ten gold coins and one small jewel on the table.


「Here's what I think is a fair reward. Take it or leave it.」


She said and I checked the gold coins, surprisingly it’s in circulating around here. They have business with the human world as well and I wonder if that is where they got it.


The gems are bright red and transparent. Is it a red ball ruby? The installation did not know about the gemstones. I guess you can process it with cheats but I have no idea about the type. It is about the size of a pinkie fingernail.

When you look through the lamp light, you can see something shimmering inside.


「It's a magic gem, isn't it?」


As I was scrutinizing the jewellery, riku said to me.


「The Magic gem?」

「It's a further solidification of stagnant magic.」


Liddie answers my repeated words.


「Normally, stagnant magical power is transformed into demons and other forms of evil but in rare cases it does not and solidifies. When that happens magic trap inside gem and when you shine it through the light, it shimmers. 」

「Is that okay?」

「I'm fine with it because it doesn't flow out when this happens. It's just too bad we can't even take it out. 」


As if to show that she was unconcerned, Liddie picked up the magic jewel.


「It's beautiful. The purity of the magic is high. 」

「I suppose so. It's a gem that only comes along once in a while, even in the demon world. 」


NIDA said with a hearty laugh. The magical world said to be rich in magical power, so it must produce a certain amount of it. Maybe these are exports for doing business with humans.


「I see.」


Take back the magic jewel from Liddie and look at it.


「Well, I'd say no less than 40 gold coins.」



I know it's expensive because it's jewelry, but is this guy really worth that much?


「It's so valuable over here that there's a chance it could go up in value.」


RIKU took over to look at it. That would mean that NIDA has paid 50 gold coins or more for that sword.


「Are you sure? 」


I asked nida.


「Good or bad, Eizo told you to put a price on it and to me, this price is justified.」


I couldn't even stifle a giggle at Nida’s words as she laughed.


「Then I'll take it without reservation.」

「Do that.」


Instead of shaking hands, we knocked over the cup that still had a little bit of the contents in it and gulped down the contents.


The next morning, everyone in the house including krull, sees Nida off as she gets ready for her trip. I told Nida.


「Go straight back to the demon world. I'd appreciate it if you'd do your best not to use that guy until you get back.」


I prepared for that possibility but I would have preferred if that opportunity had not presented itself even a little. You can't tell them not to use it on the battlefield either.


「I may have used “forgetfulness” but I've been around here long enough to not get caught and I’m not about to lag behind the people around here.」


「I hope so. Don't take any detours, just go straight back. 」

「 I know I know, Don't be my big sister」


NIDA returns with a face as if she is biting a bitter bug. It seems that her sister is a very strict person. I honestly want her to return safely, following her sister's advice but the fact that returning does not guarantee her safety evokes mixed feelings in me.


I pushed the emotion out of my mind and kept myself smiling.


「Well, then.」



Nida and I did not shake hands. As it felt like something dissimilar to do that to each other. Samy and the others may have sensed this and said nothing.


Nida puts on her hood and disappears into the forest. We watched them for a while.


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