Don't call me a goddess! Part 4

Don't call me a goddess! part 4

Novel: I'm op but begin an inn

Volume 7 chapter 4   Estimated reading time: 8 minutes. 


Don't call me a goddess! part 4



Go ahead.


After the morning greeting, which has become a routine since the number of employees increased, "Let's do our best for another day," the breakfast for the guests began to settle down, and just when I thought it was time to start cleaning up, it happened.


Around the inn, recently vacant homes that had become hideouts for the criminal gang were demolished. As part of the inn's expansion, the road in front of the inn, which was a little bit larger than the other roads and was a little difficult to investigate in the thing that was not dusky as a maintenance has reviewed and improved. It is not as dark as the back streets, so it is less susceptible to being infested with criminal gangs. Alley was created by the inn's development and was overrun by Kyle and Carla in the name of castle town fitness.


Two carriages came along the road, one so huge, dazzling and flashy that it looked as if it would be filled to the brim, and the other so shabby that I couldn't help but say, "If a fit person were to ride in it, the axle would break, wouldn't it?

The carriage, bearing a symbol I had seen somewhere and a familiar relief, pulled up on the road in front of the inn with a large number of onlookers in tow.

“What's going on?” As all the employees stepped out of the store, a man, also in a flashy outfit, got out of a fancy carriage.

The fancy man gets out of the fancy carriage and proceeds directly to the ragged carriage, opening the door of the ragged carriage with a languid movement.

It is like a stage play. The door opens as if to show the audience.

Just in time to see the door completely open, the fancy man stepped back and hung his head reverently. At that moment, the murmur of onlookers spread through the city, which was beginning to become a little livelier.

Yes, we all noticed. Who is the person in the carriage?

Visit to preach and see who the head of the church, the High Priestess, who is often seen, must hang his head.

The tension builds. It should be no surprise, then, that another head of the church, which is usually unseen, is now about to appear before our eyes.

The four women who came out in front of the inn also show signs of nervousness.

A woman comes out of the open carriage door. Yes, it is [Goddess Priestess] "Pamela".

Her movement brings on the elegance a finely honed, well-trained, graceful quality. The church's proud disciplinarian must be very skilled to be able to make Pamela, who was originally a mere commoner, perform such refined movements.

Seeing Pamela exit the carriage and looking at him with a slightly bewildered look, seeing the man standing beside Pamela with his head hanging reverently down trying his best to stay in place with his huge unassuming body and observed the reaction of the employees and the people in town who were surprised by the sudden appearance of Pamela. carla reminisced a scene from a story she had read in modern Japan, that she now miss and murmured with a sigh.


「Hah, looks like we've got a common development here: ....... I feel like it's very new. .......」




Pamela was puzzled when she got out of the carriage.

I heard that there was a proprietor who had named his inn "The Inn of the Goddess," an incredibly impious name and had amassed a fortune by going to great lengths in his vices, and I came to the royal capital with great vigor. The inn's exterior was not flattering and by all accounts, it did not look like the kind of inn that would draw crowds.

Pamela was so excited that she headed for the inn, thinking *This is a way of trying to attract customers by proudly calling the place 'the inn of the goddess. *

However, upon arriving at the inn in question, the first to emerge were four beautiful looking women.

Pamela, who herself is said to have the appearance of a goddess and is on the beautiful side knew that she was good-looking and did not intend to be modest about it.

No matter how one looks at them, they don't seem to be the kind of people who would be capable of any kind of villainy and for a little while the justice in Pamela's mind wavers.

I was puzzled, until I got out of the carriage but there’s nothing I could do from there and then the best looking of the four women stepped forward,


「Welcome. This is "Dragon emperor's inn". We apologize. If you are staying with us, you must make a reservation. ......" 」


she told her so.

She was a guest and did not show even a hint of respect, but for some reason it seemed to Pamela that the woman in front of her was a very nice person.

The flame of justice within Pamela is slowly extinguished and she glances at the High Priestess, as if unsure what to do. The High Priest is a man, who has taken care of Pamela since she was still a village girl and even now that Pamela has become a priestess of the Goddess of Mercy he is the man she trusts the most.

Pamela looks at the High Priest with an emotion that says This is not what you told me. Even under her gaze, the High Priest didn’t waver.

The High Priest, who should have noticed Pamela's gaze remained reverently bowed seemingly completely oblivious.

After spending plenty of time, the High Priest slowly begins to move as if he had been watching herself. He gives a nod to Pamela, who looks at him puzzled and then moves closer and whispers something into her ear.

Whenever the High Priestess whispers something, Pamela's expression turns grim.

This was the moment when the flame of justice within her was rekindled.

Pamela looks up and sharply glares at Carla. Carla had no idea what was going on, but she decided to wait and see what the other party would say, thinking that it would be a nuisance to the guests coming to the inn if the street in front of the inn was occupied indefinitely.


「 As a priestess of a church that values poverty, I cannot allow you to get away with this! It’s been investigated that this place is operated under the profane name of【 goddess!] ! Thus graciously achieve vast profit deceiving the name of the goddess !! As a priestess of a church respecting honest poverty, I cannot forgive you !! Stay there!

Pamela speaks in one breath.

Naturally, carla had no idea what she was talking about and all the employees and onlookers looked puzzled.

Although she thought that she wouldn’t be heard if this situation developed like this CARLA tried to make a counter-argument.


「I don't know what you are talking about. To begin with, I mentioned earlier that this is "Dragon emperor's inn". I don't remember ever proudly calling myself a goddess inn and to begin with, I am not in the business of making huge profits. 」


This is a perfectly reasonable response.

The words of CARLA are true. Rates are too low for an inn. The employees were so close to the edge that they were wondering how the restaurant could continue to operate, and the ingredients for the food they serve are more expensive than the food they serve it’s not balanced. it's a deficit management.

Thus, Pamela's words put a question mark in the minds of everyone, including the employees who knew the inn's rates and the townspeople who had come to onlookers.

The flame of righteousness within Pamela did not waver even a millimetre, even after hearing Carla’s all too reasonable rebuttal.


「Hou. Are we still going to pretend at this point ...... 」


Pamela's voice dropped a notch in tone and filled with intense divinity.

The level of the energy is such that the pressure of words alone could obliterate an ordinary demon.

In fact, some of the onlookers overwhelmed by the divine energy that they fainted. Even though it wasn't like they were bathed in divine energy head-on. You can probably guess how intense the chi is.

Well, I'm not sure what at all went into this term, but I'm not sure what Pamela said. ......

The anger, which made absolutely no sense at all was indeed a bit unsettling for CARLA. I thought about blowing her off immediately but then I changed my mind and decided that we should have a proper discussion once again.

Before carla could say anything, Pamela moved.

She quickly raised her hand and turned to CARLA,


「Enough is enough. Today I have come to inflict [divine punishment] on this inn that has been identified as diabolical.」



That's what she said.


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