On the Way

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chapter: 180

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On the Way


「What's the Empire like? 」


「The life and buildings are pretty much the same as in the kingdom, except that they have an emperor instead of a king.」


「Is that so?」


I was expecting something like a huge military fortress since it is an empire, but when asked what the difference between a kingdom and an empire is, the only difference is whether the head of state is a king or an emperor. There is essentially not that much difference in terms of authority.


「Oh. As a country, it's more than a kingdom, it's almost a dictatorship with no nobles involved. 」


I heard that the kingdom has a kind of assembly of nobles, where various decisions made by consensus. However, It is still an absolute monarch as the king (royal family) is the final arbiter.


However, kicking this and that will cause dissatisfaction among the nobles if that happens there will be some rebels. Even the king is, after all only the chieftain of knights.

So, unless it is ridiculously unfavourable to the royal family or something like that it will be adopted.


In empire on the other hand, it seems only the emperor's decisions exist. There is an assembly of nobles but it is more like an advisory body than an assembly is, and they give their opinions before issuing the emperor's decisions. It is up to the emperor to adopt or reject that opinion.


If the emperor is unwilling to listen to the opinions from the beginning, it won’t be issued as it is without even being put to a consultative body. The pattern is quite common, apparently.


If the head of state is very competent, the empire is likely to develop more rapidly. The speed from decision to execution is so different.


Nevertheless, the fact that a revolution being discussed probably means that it is understood whether the current emperor is competent or not.


「 Is there a lot of discontent among the people, that they are even talking about a revolution? 」


「I'm not sure. Taxes have gotten heavier over the last few years or so. Of course, that one thing alone would not be enough to call it a revolution, but the immediate cause was that one and the tax were said to have pocketed by the aristocracy of the empire. 」


It is easy to be dissatisfied when one's tax money used only for someone else's luxury. I remember that the French Revolution in the previous world was also the cause of the bottom line.


「When you're in a situation where you can't do anything about it, you can escape to the kingdom and that's fine but when you're restricted in your movement you can't do that anymore and that's the final push.」


「I see.」


It is an unpleasant fact that when cornered, people will more or less come out to change things for themselves. I've fortunately never gotten that far in either my former world or this one but it's easy to imagine.


「If movement is restricted, by what name do we go in? 」


「It is only the residents, not the travellers and peddlers, including pilgrims, We can go in fair and square as peddlers. Well, it cost a fair amount of money to get the permit.」


Camillo took a piece of wood from his pocket and showed it to me. Indeed, it is written on it. This would mean that passage itself would not be a problem.


「Now all that's left to do is to make sure they don't take notice of the... R.E.A.L... Purpose.」


「That's what I mean.」


Camillo says with a wink that doesn't look right no matter how many times you see it.


We're going to gather information and we're going to have to work differently than we have in the past. I looked at the expanse of scenery with this thought in my mind.





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