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chapter: 201

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To the barrier


After a while of avoiding the crowded streets, the number of people and carriages eventually dwindled.


Almost everyone is moving toward getting out of the empire. On extremely rare occasions, we also saw people and carriages going in the opposite direction - to the centre of the empire.

Did they leave their families and loved ones there? I have no way of knowing why, but I hope they achieve their goal safely. As for others, Maybe they have unfinished business.

Mr. Franz brought the carriage back to the road where the traffic had slowed down and increased the speed. If this is as far as we can go today have to set up camp, we will literally be at the last gate.


As the sun was setting, we trailed off the road again and prepared to camp. Helen was already getting back into the swing of things, and she was even able to help set up the encampment with ease. It happened yesterday, she seems okay but you never know what can trigger you to feel worse. We will leave it up to her to decide what she wants to do, but we will keep an eye on her.


Dinner was soup and hard bread with ingredients from the cargo thrown in as needed.

As a peddler, he had some spices on board so, I asked Camillo to let me use them. I also told him that if there was a problem, they could deduct that from the next payment. Camillo was shaking his head slowly, though.


「No one is going to take it, so eat slowly.」


I laugh and say to Helen as she begins to eat as if she is hungry.


「Eat well, but eat quickly, that's the way it's always done on the battlefield, isn't it?」


Helen answered in the same cheerful voice she had used when she was at our house. I was giggling at the fact that I was getting back on track, but I held it in and said.


「No, this is not a battlefield. ......」


We still have things to get over and we don't know if our pursuers aren't heading for us. In that sense, we are not in a position to relax.

Even back in the kingdom, they won't feel safe until they get home. I followed Helen's lead and hurriedly ate my dinner.


「When we pass the barrier tomorrow, you and I will go in separate.」


When everyone's bellies were full, Camillo said to me,




「Because in a situation like this, it's quicker to have each person identify themselves individually than to have an extra person on board.」


「Because we would be suspected of being refugees.」


「oh! okay」


In any case, my ID is something of a forgery but it must be somewhat less suspicious because it's not something you can prepare in this mess.

It would be even safer to come on foot and show it yourself than in a carriage that could still be prepared and show out.


「I get it. Helen is it okay? 」




When his stomach growled, she felt sleepy. Somewhat muffled, Helen replied.


「Helen sleep all night, We'll keep watch.」




After putting Helen to bed, the three of us decided to share the watch duty and the rest of us fell asleep on the blanket we pulled over us.

Nothing special happened that night. While I was on watch, I occasionally saw torches moving along the street but not a single figure approached us. So, there is usually no one who has time to care about us.


Everyone gets up, gets into their carriages and leaves. Perhaps due to the difference in travel speed the streets have less traffic than yesterday.

That's where our carriage is going. When I look at the people walking around, they all look tired. Some of them must have been walking all the way.


I would love to give them a ride but I can't take them all and I'm in a hurry. Sorry, I apologize only in my mind and pray to the statue of the goddess of the bosom for blessings on their way.


The sparse traffic made the carriage speed up somewhat and by midday, Franz voiced that they had reached the vicinity of the barrier station. I tried to look at it, but it still not in my sight.


「you better get off here.」


Camillo said, and we got off the wagon, me with my own luggage and Helen with a backpack filled with food and stuff on her back, since she had nothing she could take out.


「I'll see you later.」




We waved goodbye to Camillo.


「Then let's go.」




I call out to Helen and she follows a little behind me.

I miss the feeling of walking on these roads a little. It was always krull's dragon car to get to town and it was a horse-drawn carriage to get to the subjugation expedition and here also. It seems like a long time ago that I was pulling a cart.


「Are you okay?」


「I'm fine. I'm fine now.」


I had expected her legs to be limper after imprisoned for such a long time, but she was walking with a steady gait.


「I'm sure you'll be fine wearing it, but just be careful.」


「Yes, of course.」


Helen laughed and said, wearing a wig and a slightly different face than usual. In our path, we see a gateway crowded with people. Finally.


Helen gently grabbed the hem of my dress when she saw the barrier and I tightened the obi with a sigh in my mind.


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