Tiger and Boar

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chapter: 172

Tiger and Boar

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Tiger and Boar


The next morning, as usual, the five of us plus KRULL take off and head for the lake. As is the case every time, I have a short sword and riku has an axe (though its main purpose is to cut down trees) for self-defence, just in case. The other three are bows.


Unless there is a surprise attack by magic but in this world where there are not that many magic users, "that doesn't happen very often" (according to Liddy), it is a relief to have more long-range weapons. The biggest threat in the forest right now would be bears.


KRULL also seems to be in a good mood since everyone is out today.


As we made our way through the forest half in the mood for a picnic, we saw an unfamiliar beast in the distance. No, in a way I am used to seeing them. It's a typical tiger by the looks of it. Sammy--Since there are tiger beastmen, that means there are tigers themselves, which would have been the source of the tiger.

I know it's obvious, but this is the first time I've seen it while wandering around this forest, even if it's only a small part of it, so I ask Sammy about it.


「What is that, a tiger?」


「I guess so. It's rare for them to come this way, though. 」


Sammy replies as if it were nothing.


「I see them a little more in the north and west where I was but the wolves have a big territory around here, so they don't come here very often.」


「Did it get chased by a bear? 」


「If he was chased by a bear, he would have gone further north or on the other side of the lake. He’s simply been chasing other prey. It's rare, but it means it happens once in a while. 」


「You're not related, are you?」




「The last was answered in a biting manner. 」 As a beastman, she doesn't want to be treated the same as the original beast. I thought it would be bad if by any chance the voice said, 「Isn't that my friend, plum child? 」




「No, it’s okay And by the way, let me tell you I don't even speak the language. 」


「I know.」


If it gets through, that's exactly what plum child would have done.


The tiger seemed to look at us for just a few moments, but quickly turned on its heel and disappeared into the forest. It seems to be chasing prey but weren't that hungry. There are a good number of animals around here for hunting.

Despite the unusual encounter, we arrived at the place where the boar was sunken without anything else happening. You can clearly see that it is huge even from the shore. I had killed a pretty big one before but I suspect it was even bigger than that one.

Tie a rope to a boar submerged in water. It was too big to pull up, so I asked krull to help me.


Sammy, Diana, krull, and I pull on the rope attached to it. Even with krull's help, I still feel the weight.


Soon the boar revealed itself out of the water. Even with its entrails removed, it still weighs close to 300 kg. The entrails of a boar of this size would have been a considerable amount. It must have been a good treat for the wolves in the area.


While we were pulling up, riku and Liddy were cutting down trees to make a carrying platform for us. There, everyone pulls up a boar. This is the first time I've seen a cheat-holder, dwarf, and beastman together with the power of a running dragon and still be heavy. Couldn’t have brought it back without KRULL.


The body of the boar so large that it protrudes from the carrying platform so, secured with a rope. It would be better to fix it at the legs but that is also thick, so it is a challenge.

Everyone, including krull drags the hauling platform to which the boar painstakingly secured. It is still not half as heavy as it should be, but thanks to krull, we go at a reasonable speed. Although much slower than usual, we managed to get back by mid-afternoon.


The body of the boar that we brought back, hung from a tree again with great difficulty. Of course with krull's help. Otherwise, it would be impossible to hang a huge body.


The subsequent dismantling work was a challenge due to the large size of the body, but the work itself proceeded as usual. If it hadn't been a custom model knife, this wouldn't have happened. I think about this every time, but thank you Cheato.


Five of us dismantled the meat and were able to separate it into meat and unwanted parts in about an hour. Except for the portion to eat immediately, the salted and dried portions are stored into the warehouse.


I am glad I built this warehouse. If we hadn't made it, just under 300 kg of meat would be drying in the workshop by now.

It was well past noon when I finished these tasks, but it was still quite early in the evening. Everyone's stomach, including mine were already empty and a chorus of sounds urging us to eat had begun.

I returned home with the meat I had divided to make the promised feast.


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