The request of the marquis

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chapter: 179

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The request of the marquis




I said in a voice that did not hide my surprise. After all, she is much stronger than I am, and what she has is my custom-made model short sword. I can't seem to keep up with those guys.


「We don't know what the circumstances were, though.」

「I'm sure it wasn't just a normal battle loss.」

「 If it's a small group of people but You never know dealing with a large group.」

「Oh, .......」


It is difficult for even the greatest hero to defeat an army single-handedly. I wonder if that was the situation. Even so.


「It's just that if enough troops move to catch that guy, it should stand out but we don't have that kind of information.」


That's right. Such a situation would not escape Camillo. He even had a grasp of this revolution.


「Covered up?」

「Maybe Or there was some other factor.」



I exhaled and crossed my arms. To say that she is just a customer would be an understatement but she is one of the few people I know from this side of the world. I would like to do something about it but my position is only that of a blacksmith.


「I'm telling you this because...」


Saying this, Camillo leaned forward.


「At the request of His Excellency the Marquis. He said, "I want you to send someone who will not be suspicious and go to the Empire and rescue her." Moreover, there's only one person I can think of who could do it. 」


「...... me.」


Camillo nodded.


「I understand that asking a blacksmith to do that kind of thing is a very distorted thing but you're the only person I know who can fight above a certain level and who is mobile by profession.」


「I see.」


Now we'll see if I'll take it. I glanced over at everyone in our house and saw them looking at me with a "you're going to do it" look on their faces. Sorry for the disappointment, you guys.


「All right.」


Sighing, I reply to Camillo.


「I'm sorry for always like this」


「I'm good. It's not my usual work ......, but Helen's not a stranger.」


Besides, with the Marquis' request, it would be difficult for Camillo to say 「No, it didn't work out.」 I think it's safe to assume that the Marquis will now be completely in the loop about anything out of the ordinary, let alone the upper limits of my blacksmithing skills.


If that happens, we'll just assume it does and act as if it does and try to make as much profit as possible.


We then continued with Camillo for a meeting to head to the empire. Naturally, the sooner the better so, we are headed there again early tomorrow. The cover story is, 「A blacksmith who attaches himself to peddlers and does all sorts of repairs.」


If you want to go along with this, you will need a simple furnace, etc., but Camillo will provide those. The carriage was also from Camillo's place and I were to meet up with him in the same way we had ridden into the capital before.


The details will do on the way. They have an idea of the approximate location where Helen being held, but we have to search there and we have to work out the details of the rescue operation after we find her.


We left Camillo's in a flurry. Well, it's not my day job but it keeps me busy.


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