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chapter: 189

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Sword Repair 


Repairing a sword entrusted to me. Neither distortion nor blade spillage seems to be high with necessary heating.


If the distortion was so great that it did not fit completely into the sheath, it would have had to be heated and quenched or something, but not to that extent.

Unless it is a very important sword, it will be replaced before that happens, which is to be expected.


Hammer the blade to remove distortion. A louder sound echoes around the area but they must be making something in the distance as well and it's quite loud so, I don't hesitate to give it my all either.


I realized that I was concentrating at this time but it seems that there is not much magic in these places after all. The distortion can be fixed and the magic will not be caged.

I don't want to greatly exceed the performance of the original sword so, I think it can be repaired to the same level as a high-end model if I repair it as if making a high-end model.


I kept tapping the blade and eventually straighten it back out. Now it's time to sharpen it and be done with it.


Concentrate a little and sharpen the blade only so that there are no chips. Eventually, a sword that had restored to the point it could be mistaken for a new one.


「Okay, that's about it.」


「Oh, you got it.」




I show Camillo the sword, which I have wiped clean.


「You're good at fixing things, too? Quintessential. 」


「Well, if you can't fix it, you're not a blacksmith, are you? 」


「That's true.」


「Well, we never talked about price.」


I suddenly remembered. I accepted a Job but haven’t decided how much I will receive. In the first place, that man never asked how much it would be either.


「The market for this kind of thing is usually pretty fixed.」

「Is that so?」


「Oh. For a city the size of this one, that's anywhere from five coppers to a silver.」


The highest price of a silver coin is about the wholesale price of a regular model for our products.


Of course, it is a wholesale price so, when Camillo sells it expenses and profits added to it. If so, it is not strange to say that it is cheaper to repair it than to buy a new one.


「Then what about this?」


I pointed to the sword I had just fixed.


With 5 coppers, it's mostly my labour costs but if I turn the repairs around in an hour, I can make some money for the place. It is a manageable price for one person to eat.


「1 silver, of course.」


Camillo said evasively.


「Is that so?」


「I'm not saying it's like new but you’re fixing it up almost to that point, If they have a problem with it, give them one of the new ones we have here and I'll take this back.」


I nodded once at Camillo's tone, as if to say “Of course”.

Not long after that, the guy who hired me to fix it came back.


「How's it going?」


「Oh, it's done.」


I hand over the repaired sword with its sheath. The man pulls out his sword and looks at the repairs.


「how's it ?」


Call out to the man. I fixed it to the point where I can't complain but if this guy is a troublesome "customer", he may have some kind of problem on his hands.


I braced myself a bit. However, the preparation was in vain. The man was easy.


「It's good, Are you good with one piece of silver coin ?」


He replied.


「yes, it's fine」


I replied calmly, trying not to show my surprise. The man took a silver coin from his pocket, handed it to me, and walked away with light steps.


After that, I'm left holding the bag. If the magic can’t be contained, there is not much motivation to create something new.


In the meantime, we have a certain amount of sheet metal that I brought from home and that has some magic power in it, so I can be somewhat flexible with it but if we don't leave that for a critical moment, we may be stuck in all directions.


There's no way I could divert that one, since it's also my product that's for sale here but I'd rather not do that, too.


But I also think it's a bad idea to mass produce a product whose performance has already reached its ceiling,......, so the only thing I can do is repair it.


Camillo on the other hand, is making a good amount of sales and is not lacking in information gathering. To a man, probably the same peddler, who is trying to buy goods in bulk

「I'm thinking of opening a store over here and I was wondering if you knew of any good places, someplace spacious without too much stuff coming in and out.」

and so on. Since they were also rootless peddlers, most of them did not know but occasionally some of them would tell him that a warehouse there was open.

It is possible that Helen being held captive somewhere in there. In addition, we will end the day's business as it is. Now it's time to back it up.

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