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chapter: 203

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Return to the Kingdom 


I pull Helen's hand and leave the barrier, being careful not to go any faster than needed giving a "I don't want to trouble those behind." feeling.


Emotionally, I would like to dash right now and get into Camillo's carriage, fly the wagon and sneak into the kingdom territory, but it’s obvious what would happen if I did that.

It was hard to restrain my mind, but I tried to stay calm and left the place without making a scene for my speed.

It might take 15 or 20 minutes. In other words, about a kilometre or two away there was a "pool" of people on the flat land there.


We decided to stop by there. We were tired after standing in line for so long and had been away from the kingdom for such a long time, I thought that perhaps I might hear something leaking out.


People of all races, ages, and genders are sitting and resting in various places. Helen and me find an open spot and sit there.


Helen sat quietly on her side, not in her usual "thumping" cross-legged manner. She’s aware of the situation, apparently.


He takes a cup from his luggage and hands it to Helen.






I transferred the water from the water bag into a cup that Helen gently accepted and began to drink a little at a time. I drink directly from the water bag too. I was slightly worried that Helen would roll her eyes thinking to act like a married couple, but she is normal.

If you were a mercenary and went to battlefields all over the place, it would be normal to at least pass around a bag of water, regardless of gender, so it's not a new thing. I swallowed the water with a gulp.


After a drink of water and a few bites of dried fruit (like figs), I felt more comfortable and had more time to pay attention to my surroundings than before.


Most of them look tired, so they must be from the empire. Overall, he said something like, "It was sudden and surprising."


The people who turned back may be the ones with puzzled expressions on their faces. Several are surprised and then disappointed after talking to someone who seems to have come out of the empire.


Basically, they would be people trying to get in on the business and if they can't do business, they will be in trouble.


I listened for a while, it seems that no one is trying to escape to the empire because of something that happened in the kingdom.


That means my family will probably be fine. Well, as long as you're in our house, I don't think there's anything wrong with a little bit of caution.


I breathe an involuntary sigh of relief.


「What's wrong?」


Helen, who seems to have seen this, is looking at me with concern. It helps that they changed their tone of voice as well.


「No, I just wondered what the house was like after being involved in all that.」


I answered, choosing my words carefully. The way I put it, most people would think we're talking about mine and my wife’s house.


「Oh. I'm sure It'll be fine. It's a family home.」


Helen, on the other hand, understands the meaning of the word and squeezes my hand. I gently squeezed her hand back.


「Excuse me.」


Then I heard a woman's voice. Helen and I were so freaked out that we couldn't help but let go.


「Oh, I'm sorry I startled you, We wanted to ask you a few questions.」


「No, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be rude.」


I take off my hood and bow my head in return to the woman, who looks apologetic as she says. Helen gently moved behind me.


I felt something strange about the woman, but I didn't want her to think I was being weird by asking too many questions, so I asked her again as if nothing was wrong.


「So what's the story you want to hear?」


「I'm wondering if there's something wrong with the empire, and people around here are saying things that sound like it.」


「Oh, .......」


I answered the woman's question. I had heard something along the way about some kind of riot, but my wife and me had gone to her parents' house and did not know the details.


While talking, I tried to find out what the discomfort is, but I can't come up with anything.


Nevertheless, surprisingly the identity revealed to me from the other side.


When I finish speaking, the woman gently moves her face toward me. Helen tried to get in front of me, but I held her back with my hand.


「Don't worry, Mr. Eizo. I am from Amour.」


The face that smiled at me was the same face that guided me on the way back from the expedition, if you ask me.


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