Katana finishing

Novel Name: Isekai Blacksmith shop slow life

chapter: 159

Katana finishing

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Katana finishing


NIDA grabbed her sword and ran outside, cutting the koiguchi and slipping it out of its sheath as the sun did the last task. The sheath tossed on the ground nearby.


「 Nida, it’s torn. 」


I blurted out. I don't think it was that loud but Nida seemed to hear me.


「Eizo, why do you say such things? 」


He looked a little dejected.


「Sorry, excuse me. It's an anecdote from my hometown, about a swordsman who threw away his scabbard in a duel and was told by the other swordsman. 」

Kojiro is torn. It is said that when Musashi Miyamoto and Kojiro Sasaki fought a duel on Ganryujima Island, Musashi said to Kojiro, who had thrown his scabbard.


「 If he wanted to win, he wouldn't throw away the sheath that holds his sword after winning.」

「I see. Indeed it is. I must be careful. 」


nida says admiringly.


「Well, with the way you're dressed now it's not right to carry it around your waist. so don't worry about it, just give it a try.」



NIDA quickly takes her sword to the upper level and swings it down. A flash of light that seems to knock out the entire space. Arguably, best described as beautiful. I didn't care at all about skin colour, tattoos, or clothing.


At the same time I was in a cold sweat. Because after seeing the flash I just saw, I'm beginning to wonder if I could go at it and win. Did Helen beat that thing easily?


When they attacked the wagons, it may have been because of the performance of the weapons and their unfamiliarity with them but they probably didn't have the right swords in the first place. No wonder I thought the movement was awkward. They don't seem to be able to see that far into the combat skills (or something like that).


I try my best not to let her know how upset I am inside and calmly talk to Nida.


「How's it going?」


However, NIDA does not answer, but draws various sword stripes such as side cleave, cut-up, and thrust. It was as if they were dancing in a veil of golden light and I forgot my impatience and gazed at them for a while.

Eventually, NIDA stopped dancing. I huff and call out again.


「How are you feeling about the sword and if it doesn't feel right, I'll fix it first thing tomorrow.」


However, NIDA does not answer. Sword in one hand, shaking and trembling. Then he turns his head toward me with a yuletide smile.


Oh shoot, I used the knife when I made the sheath I don't have it on hand now. I glanced at the location of the entrance to the workshop. If push comes to shove, there is nothing to do but run in and fight back. That is if I don't get cut off before then.


「That's fantastic!!!!"」


While I was still feeling nervous inside, Nida shouted in a loud and silly voice. Samy and the others ran out to see what was going on and krull also came from the hut to check on us.


「Oh, no.」


Noticing this, NIDA blushes and corrects her residential posture.


「Mm. This is very nice stuff.」

「I see. Then that's good. 」


I was relieved. Samy is grinning at it. I can sense the movement of big feelings. Perhaps you may have noticed all along that I was in a hurry earlier.

I'm sure I underestimated NIDA a bit, so I'll reflect on that without protesting silently or otherwise.

Krull seems to realize and all right, then slunk back toward the hut.


We saw it too and went back to the house.

Since the sword was completed, there was no reason for her to stay at home so Nida said she would return home early the next day. I made dinner a little more luxurious than usual.


The fact that the bread is not fermented bread is a bit of a one-size-fits-all now but the meat is from a good source, so let's give them a break on that.


Nothing of particular importance discussed during dinner. Someone tells an inconsequential story and everyone laughs. Such time continued. Dinner was over and all that left was to clean up and go to bed, NIDA said.


「You guys have really taken care of me. 」

「you are our guest, Don't worry about it.」

「Hm. indeed 」


With that, NIDA gets up and goes into the guest room, returning shortly after. He had a leather bag in his hand.


「If you are a guest, you must pay accordingly. How much, thirty gold pieces? 」

「"Yeah, right."」


It's hard to get past the carelessness in this area.


「 We do what the customer says they want for special orders, so you can decide to give whatever you want. 」


I think NIDA mentioned a great deal of money but I tried not to pay attention to that and answered.


「Hmmm, I see. You're a blacksmith but you're a bold man, Maybe Eizo should think about making a little more money? 」


nida's words were met with nodding nods from riku and Diana. Samy and Liddie were slightly twisting their necks, perhaps not quite in agreement.


「Helen showed you how good our products are and now you're here, that's good for our reputation. That's how we get more customers and the special orders are a learning experience for me, too.」

「I see. ......」


NIDA is not too convinced, but they seem to have accepted it anyway.


「Well, I guess that's about it.」


NIDA rummaged through the leather bag and laid the contents on the desk.



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