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chapter: 193

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IT Begins


The next day, we decided to rent a warehouse behind the target for a week under the guise of temporary storage for our belongings.


Franz will handle the procedure. A pseudonym, of course.

Franz continues to work in the warehouse, keeping an eye on the target.

We're still setting up our stall at the free market, as we did the day before yesterday. Business remains normal.


Perhaps it is because of the good reputation that gained in the previous two days, but there are a few repair request coming in.


「You wasn't here yesterday and I wondered what I was going to do. I'm glad you were here today.」


Some customers tell me that. As a blacksmith, I am happy but it complicate the situation now and then.

Camillo seems to be selling quite well but I wonder if he is in the same state of mind as I am.


「That's a lot of repair work, then.」


I call out to Camillo as I tap the sword I've been entrusted with on the anvil.


「I guess so. If they need this many repaired swords, maybe it is ......」


Camillo muddles his reply in mid-sentence. I can think of only one thing that need a lot of weapons and can't talk about too openly.






Considering that the revolution is about to be decided, it is understandable that a large number of weapons are needed.

This is a commercial city but conversely it's a place where large amounts of money and goods are concentrated.


If we can keep that in check, we will have an advantage in supply or on the other hand, it will be easier for the imperial side to tighten up on supply.


If the only thing that can be done is to stop the supply of the empire, there is no need to completely overrun anything. We can create chaos and make them dysfunctional.


However even so, it is quite a large city and there will be a certain number of people.

There seems to be no commonality in the people who request repairs but that makes sense when you consider that people from all walks of life are in need.


The need for people in various positions all at once can only be caused by one thing in the current state.


「I guess I better be a little careful.」


「Yes. 」


We exchanged words and went back to our work.

After all, there was no Mr. Franz running in during business hours. That night, the three of us talked about breaking in the next night and going through with it and I went back to my room.

Then, as I was falling asleep, the door to my room slammed hard and I jumped out of bed.


「Who is it?」


「It's me! 」


Camillo answered the who's who. I rush to open the door.


「What's up? 」


「Can't you hear it, it's starting! 」


I was too sleepy and upset to notice but if you listen carefully, you can hear the tinkling of bells.

Well, it has begun. I hurriedly got ready to go outside and the three of us ran out of the inn.


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