Infiltration Day 1

2024-01-06 by Mak5

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chapter: 188

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Day 1 of infiltration


We made our way slowly through the hustle and bustle of the city and eventually arrived at our destination, an inn.


The place is quite large and has a rather splendid storefront.


Camillo told the innkeeper that he would be staying for about a week and secured a room for three. This time, Gosha will stay with us.


This Gosha of course, is not only a Gosha but also collects information, apparently. Innkeeper for an additional fee watches the wagon’s cargo.


Once the necessary luggage for the sojourn brought into the room, we all gathered in Camillo's room.

I talk to Camillo.


「You've got a pretty nice place.」


「You have to be somewhat solid or you'll get nudged around and not gather much information.」


「I see.」


「Plus, it's going to be a part of our future intelligence gathering.」


「When you say?」


「You have to look like you're making money because you're looking for information on warehouses, So, Eizo and I will go to the free market and do business. I don't need to tell you what my real goal is, do I? 」

I nodded.


「I'm thinking of opening a store here, do you know of any warehouses?」


「That's what I mean.」


The thought that Helen is still trapped somewhere in this city distracts me from wanting to save her as soon as possible but there is nothing I can do about it.


Gosha-san - apparently named Franz-san - opens his mouth.


「What about me?」


「You're gathering information while we're out in the Free Market. I need you to find me a place where there's not a lot of baggage in and out for a big place. 」


When Camillo replied, Franz nodded, 「I understand.」


「For now, we'll see what happens tomorrow.」


Camillo's words made Franz and me nod once more and we ended the day.


The next morning, take the carriage to the Freedom Market. Of course, this is Franz's operation. Being a commercial city only, the free market here is quite large.


Considering that some merchants seem to have a fixed store almost exclusively here, one can understand the magnitude of the situation.


The rule stuff is almost the same as the free market I go to in that city. You pay for a place based on the size of the space and the ones that don't have a platform for sale rent it and do business where it's available.

This time we're going to set up in a place that's a little more spacious. It's a position on the edge because we don't intend to do any serious business. Moreover, I use a simple furnace.


Camillo stands in front and lays out the knives and stuff to start doing business. He sometimes shows off it’s cutting ability to customers.


Behind him, as I was getting the furnace fired up and ready for use, one of the men comes over and offers Camillo the sword at his waist.


「Can you fix this guy?」


Camillo looked back at me when he asked. I stand up and pull out the sword offered to me.


It was clean but barely sheathed, distorted and badly chipped blades. The material is steel according to ...... cheat's sense. Then I can do it.


「I can fix it.」


「How long will it take?」


「I guess about an hour. I'll sharpen and polish the blade, okay? 」


「Yes, of course.」


「Okay, I'll do it.」


「I leave it you」


The man flips himself around and walks away.


「I never thought I'd be doing blacksmithing properly.」


「If this builds your reputation, would you move over here?」


「Don't be stupid.」


Camillo and I laughed at each other and I put the sword on the anvil. Well, I guess I'll do some work.



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