DOD Volume 2 Chapter 13

Episode 13/31:DOD


The Power of Devil eye


I came to the drawing room in the lord's mansion. I jumped in there where Casandra was waiting for me and told her what I wanted to do and what I had in mind in rapid succession, Casandra laughed outright.


「I see, that's a novel way to use it.」


From Casandra's response, it seems to be quite an interesting use. I'm a little relieved.


Gesturing with both hands, I explain again to Casandra.


「If you say you can break it with a single glance, I think you can break the ground and make it fluffy or make it easier to create a path of magic on the ground, I think.」


Yes, I've come up with a solution to a major problem plaguing the territory: crop failure.


The ground of this world is equipped with a "path of magic power", the same path that passes through the human body, to pass through the magic power produced from the source. The ground of this Besjövel territory naturally has it, but the problem is that the "magic path" that runs through this territory is narrow.


According to what I learned from Casandra, the 'path of magic' is like a blood vessel in the human body the thicker it is, higher the flow rate of magic power and the stronger it is, the less likely it is to hurt you.


The Besjövel territory is inevitably located in the remote area of the zeylstra kingdom, and because Cass-san has not managed the area at all, the "path of magic power" is weakening.


I say to Casandra, who smiles happily at me.


「I think this will solve the problem of not being able to grow enough crops in this territory.」


I've been thinking about it for a while. This Besjövel territory, the ground is hard. Too hard.


Sorghum, or corn is said to be the main staple food in this area but even that doesn't grow well. The ground is too hard for the roots to take root.


If we "destroy" this ground and make it easier for the roots to grow, it will be easier to take in magic power from the path of magic power in the ground and it will grow deliciously. That's what I thought.

Casandra stood up from her chair, seemingly satisfied with my words.


「Then let's see if we can do it.」


She brought a cylindrical container that looked as if it had hollowed out of the trunk of a tree. I tilt my head as I look at it.


「What's this?」


「It's a wastebasket. Look at all the rubbish that's accumulated since they haven't been cleaned properly.」


As she spoke, Casandra showed me the inside of the dustbin. Okay, there's definitely a lot of rubbish in there. The maids under Ellen may not have skipped cleaning, but there is still a lot of garbage.

Casandra said as she shook the trash can.


「Let's see if we can cut down the paper scraps in here, yes, by about half. Looking through the side of the wastebasket. 」


「Is it half ......?」


My mouth tightened at those words.

The dustbins are made to look like hollowed out tree trunks, so naturally you can't see what's inside when you look at them from the side. In this situation, you're asking me to destroy the scrap of paper inside.


「From the side, so you can't see the crumbs inside, right?」


「Yes .」


I threw the question, and Casandra nodded.


It has been proven that my Devil eye of Destruction can destroy things not directly visible to the eye, as it destroyed Mr.Cas' brain. The question is how to destroy only the necessary amount and for the necessary amount.


「 It's the same way you did it when you crushed the scum boy's brain. You don't break the container, you break what's in it. But you're going to make a hole in it without destroying everything, that's how it works.」

「Uh, .......」


Based on what Casandra had told me, I created an image in my head.

There are a lot of scraps of paper in the bin. I imagined those scraps of paper and I pictured pulling them out in a mesh through a lot of magic.


「Like this, I guess. ......」


With this image in my mind , I put a lot of effort into my chest. At the same time, I give the usual shout out.

with a rustling sound, the bin that Casandra was holding shook. I looked inside and sure enough, about a third of the amount of paper scraps has reduced.


「huh 」


「 Oh, well, well, well. 」


Casandra laughed amusedly when she saw me. Apparently, this was a success.

Casandra calls out to me as I lift and shake the dustbin.


「 Miss Eleonora, you make a good point. you have the makings of a fine witch.」


「So... What is it? 」


Amused by her words, A fine witch! Me. When I was on Earth, I broke so many things that I was nicknamed "God of Destruction", and I was afraid to even do my job.


「A good witch? Me?」


I parroted back, and finally Casandra nodded with conviction.


「Well I told you, you could bring down any dragon to the ground with a single glance.」


So I finally realize that I'm in a great position. I said, waving the right hand in front of my face.


「Something ...... No, um, it's probably a matter of Eleonora-san's original qualities, so there's no need to deny now that Eleonora-san's eyes are excellent, but ...... I was a no-good person before I was reincarnated. I broke things at every turn and 」


「What are you talking about? 」


Casandra interrupted me. She poked the fingers of my right hand, which I was waving.

Casandra said as she continued to hold my hand.


「 I suppose you've always been good at breaking things from the time you were in a different world. What a wonder that you can fully demonstrate that power. 」


「Oh. 」


When you said that much, I was finally able to make sense of it. Even if this Devil eye's power was Eleonora's, I've been breaking things since I was on Earth.

If that was originally some kind of talent of mine, that makes sense.


「 Then that's what it was, ME! 」


「It's good if you're convinced. 」

Casandra laughed at me, as I was convinced.


If that's the case, all that's left is to practice. The stage of training my body to learn it, then I speak up.

「Sensei, um, can I go try the soil outside the pavilion! 」


「 Oh, come on, go ahead. Make sure you take Master Benjamin with you. 」


Casandra nodded at my words. It would be a problem for me and others if I didn't have my valet, Mr. Benjamin, by my side.

Casandra narrowed her eyes at the sight of me.


「Enthusiastic, unusual for a youngsters these days ...... mm?」


Casandra was holding her wrinkled hands as she spoke, but then she noticed something strange.

This is what I was talking about earlier. I've been on Earth before, so my history of breaking things on Earth makes sense here, but Casandra doesn't get that. That's a head scratcher, too.


「Well, I wonder what Miss Eleonora was convinced ......」


Casandra was talking to herself. I didn't think I was being told that, and I found Benjamin-kun and grabbed his shoulder.


「Benjamin, hang out with me for a minute!」

「What's going on, Lady Nora?」


Benjamin is a member of this pavilion, and he has his own work to do but if I suddenly approach him, He can't help but respond. I pulled on Benjamin's hand and ran to fluff up the dirt outside the pavilion.