Departure to the Empire

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chapter: 181

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Departure to the Empire


The next morning, after the worship, I put the statue of the goddess in my pocket, take our luggage and all ride together on a cart pulled by krull to the entrance of the forest. I have some sheet metal, although a little and I'll be away from everyone for a while.


When we reach the entrance to the forest, go a little further back to get a better look at the street. Heavy clouds seen in the distance, perhaps heralding the arrival of the rainy season.


Occasionally, wagons and convoys that appear to belong to peddlers, as well as travellers on foot, pass by. It's no wonder why they want to travel as far as possible before the real rainy season. When the road is muddy, it is inevitably difficult to move around.

Soon a carriage faster than those arrived and stopped on the side of the forest. Usually, when you do repairs, you park on the safer side of the meadow but the fact that you parked on this side of the meadow means that they not on repair.......




I approached the carriage with my luggage and called out to him.


「Oh, there you are.」


A familiar face emerges from the carriage.


「Oh! Help me a bit.」


Hand the box containing the sheet metal to Camillo to pull up. As it was, I got into the carriage.

There is still no other traffic now. We decided to leave during that time. Standing on the back of the truck, I face the forest and waves. After making sure my family responded with a wave, I sat down in the back of the truck.


The carriage starts to run. After some progress, I noticed something strange.


「Does this guy have a ...... suspension?」


I didn't get a good look at it when I got in earlier. No, perhaps disguised in a way that was not obvious at a quick glance.


「Ah! I finally have a reasonable prospect to use it. We're still on the verge of mass production, so we're keeping it under wraps to prevent anyone from copying us.」


Camillo responds to my almost soliloquist musings. It swayed, but did not have the same gusty thrust as before.


「If only this had been in the demon hunter's wagon, my back would have been a little less sore.」


「I'm going to try to sell it eventually, so if there's another one, maybe you'll get to ride in a car equipped with one.」


「I'm praying there won't be a next time, though.」


「That's true.」


Camillo laughed and I laughed. I don't like to do that kind of thing as much as possible. I'm just a blacksmith.


A horse-drawn carriage runs along the street. As fast as if it were unloaded normal carriage.


「At this speed, we'll get to the Empire sooner than I thought, but it will still take several days.」


Camillo says so.


「So, let's move on to the finer details as we go along.」


「I get it. I'd also like to know why the Marquis made the request in the first place.」


「Ah! That's easy. The Marquis is the client who sent her to the Empire.」


「That's a very loyal request to rescue a mercenary who is supposed to be disposable.」


「oh!...... ah」


So, this swallow means that's not all there is to it. If he didn’t tell me, it's probably best that I don't find out now.


I just sit back deep in my carriage seat and start talking about something else.



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