Next planning

Novel Name: Isekai Blacksmith shop slow life

chapter: 164

Next planning

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------ NEXT planning


We get to talking about other things and I tell him that I will come back in two weeks for the next time.


「Speaking of which, how's the suspension development going? 」


「oh So far nothing has happened that I need your help with. We should have a prototype up soon. 」


「That's all right. I come in every two weeks, but feel free to let me know if you need anything.」


「I get it. Sorry, for the trouble」


「It's okay.」


With that we left the business meeting room and went back to krull.




We tipped the clerks who were watching the krull for us and then re-tied the krull to the cart and departed. We made our way slowly through the city, bailed out the guards and left town.


Before krull's arrival, the guards were sometimes past their shift change time but after krull's arrival the earlier we arrive, the earlier we leave. Although it has only happened twice, we have been able to leave the city much earlier than the time the guards change.

There is no such thing as krull in this area. Thanks to krull, I'll have enough time to get home.

A krull dragon cart moves along the road under somewhat heavy skies. It's a leisurely street scene as usual.


「This is where nida used to be.」

「That's right.」


RIKU on the drive seat replies to my words.


「Hopefully nothing will come of it today. 」


「I can't let my mind wander. 」


Even now, Sammy and Diana are still running their eyes around and keeping a wary eye on their surroundings. I'm not being careless either, I'm paying attention to any strange activity in the area and any signs of life. Liddie does not perform martial vigilance, but does perform magical vigilance.


In this world, those who have a certain amount of magical power also trained in magic can use it. So, the absolute number of people who can use magic is small but even so there is no guarantee that thieves will not use it. After all, there are blacksmiths who can use magic.


However, nothing happened on the street after all that day. Perhaps it is because of the increased patrols of the Guard of Honor still searching for bandits and guarding the area. It's still ironic that the resulting increase in public safety is a good thing.


We look around and enter the forest. The dragon car makes a loud noise there, so it is usually safer from here because no one but curious animals come near it but now that bears are roaming around the relatively close neighbourhood, we cannot afford to lose our temper.


We rely on the senses of krull and Sammy, both of whom can be trusted for their keenness, so we continue to be vigilant with their vigilance as the main focus, with me and Diana keeping an eye on things and Liddie keeping an eye on the magic.


Except for the occasional raccoon-like creature showing its face in the forest, nothing happened and we made it home safely.


I've been living this life for some time now, but I can't shake the feeling that I'm being overly cautious every time. In my previous world, I was in a country that was quite safe in the world so I am still in the habit of thinking things in that sense.


After all, I had spent 40 years in that state and there was no way I could get rid of it in a few months or so. I hope this will change in the future as I lead this second life.


I arrive home and put various things away. krull seems to be in a pretty good mood with the cart in tow. He was still running around the area when the brace removed.


After returning home, we are normally supposed to spend our time as we wish, but today it is time for a meeting ...... to discuss our future plans, which is a bit of an exaggeration.




「I think it's time for a warehouse. I am okay with it now but it's too late to build it when I need it.」


I opened with that.


「I see. We'll need it in the future when we start harvesting crops and stuff. 」


「We also want to store as much coal and iron ore as possible.」


Diana and Riku seem to agree.


「I also think it would be better to have a space separate from the house for storing leather and meat.」


「I have no objection. We won't have a big crop, given the size of the vineyard but I don't think it would be possible to store everything here. 」


Sammy and Liddie apparently have no objections either.


「Then tomorrow we'll start building two warehouses. 」


When I say so,


「Are you sure you don't want an extra room? 」


Sammy mixed it back up and I made a reluctant face and answered it.


「We don't plan to add any more to our family, so we don't need them, do we?」


「Really? 」


Diana gives me a look that I don't fully trust. This is true not only for Sammy, but also for riku and Liddie.


「It's true!」


I yelled that, but the ladies


「Well, we'll make it when we can afford it. 」


「Yes, that would be nice.」


「No objections!」




And they didn't listen to me.






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