Don't call me a goddess! Part 8

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Volume 7 chapter: 8

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Don't call me a goddess\! Part 8


「Really I just came here to get Pamela, so I didn't really care if the inn was using the goddess name to cheat or not.」


「But, but. ....... How can I let such an inn, which stimulates my greed ...... and is extremely dangerous go unchecked ....... No, you can't. So, I, Butcher Budeo, the High Priestess and Champion of the World, will personally take charge of this inn! 」


Butcher starts declaring loudly.

Carla looked at him as if to say, 『What the hell are you talking about, this shit is ......, 』 but he couldn't sense it in. Butcher, who was intoxicated with himself thinking that he had the priestess in his hands and had become equal to a god.


As he said, He will take care of the inn (from a very superior point of view). She was kind, good-natured, and beautiful. Above all, even the very, very mild-mannered Ms. Carla lost her patience.


「I have no idea what he was talking about, because I don't understand pig language, yet I could tell that he was thinking something nonsensical about this inn. Now, you pig. What shall I do? 」


Carla comes out as if slurring and spitting out dirty words that are not usually used.

This one act shows that she is angry.



「 Guffaw, I'm a pig. The "Vulgarity" has gone this far, and it's graceful. However, let's permit it. For you will soon be mine, too.」


Butcher still speaks with a lot of room to spare. As soon as the words are finished, [God's Gift] activated. Butcher's desire was precisely captured and as he felt the vibrations of the [God's Gift] that was activated to fulfil it, a dazzling and frenzied banquet with the inn's employees and the goddess maiden, two of the most beautiful women in this world, spread in his mind at an accelerated pace, accompanied by a sense of reality.


「 I told you, I don't understand pig language. I thought you had a certain amount of intelligence since you were speaking a human language just now, but it seems I was tremendously mistaken. ......」


‘Phew’ Carla sighs deeply. There, for the first time the high priest begins to wonder if [God's gift] is not at stake.

However, he thinks he has gained power equal to that of God, and he sinks even his doubts into the depths of himself and works out [God's gift] even more deeply.


The wave of [God's gift] released from the High Priest. It continues to drift around Carla as viperously as the High Priestess. In an easy-to-understand sense, it is as if a thin layer of skin is sandwiched between you and all around your body filled with a black life form called G.


Although not directly touching, the indescribable queasiness of knowing for sure that they are around also brings a streak of blue to Carla’s forehead.


「Hah ......, you're annoying!」


「...... What, what!」


The wave of [God's Gift] that was drifting in the air fizzled out by Carla’s power-filled call.


Butcher is upset for the first time when his own power forcibly drowned out. Nevertheless, it is too late now.

He drew the anger of the great malevolent deity with the reckless action that he picked quarrel with by oneself.

With an aura of anger so strong that the scenery appears distorted, Carla takes a step forward.

Unable to escape, Butcher could only stand still in the face of the overwhelming death that was about to befall him.

However, Carla takes an unexpected step.

As she stopped moving two or three steps toward the butcher, she spoke up

「Oops, no, no, no, it's not my place to judge you, is it?」


At Carla’s statement that she was willing to let someone else take over the role of killing him without the overwhelming death befalling. Butcher, who have the goddess down to the priestess level, regained his composure and asked Carla back.


「Well, who is going to defeat me in this situation where everyone is my servant except you?」


Butcher margins are the norm and all the people who still surround the butchers are in the hands of the butchers.



「Which one of us doesn't know what's going on?」


「I'm sorry Carla, What should we do?」


「Oh, you guys get the inn ready. As soon as we get rid of this pig, the inn will reopen.」


Carla confronted butcher, who had been speaking with a calm and composed manner, with the facts.


At the same time as the words to the butcher, she gives a signal with her backhand, instructing the employee to start moving. After receiving a hand sign from Carla, the employees moved as if nothing had happened and began conversing comfortably with Carla in their usual tone, returning to their lodgings without incident. The sound of a door closing and the light tinkling of a bell announcing a visitor leave .......

The sight surprised butcher.

Four did not accept the absolute [gift of God] that I have. This fact crumbles Butcher's confidence underfoot.

Once on the offensive however, Carla did not let up in its pursuit.



「Now that we've got the employees back to work, let's get this over with.」




At the same time as the declaration, she claps hand.

I look at the pig in front of me, whose shoulders shake at the sound.


He was a pig who was messing around with something about the inn. I would like to blow him away with my own hands but there is someone more qualified than I am, so I will leave it to her.


「Hey, what a cockamamie ......」


This pig, who did not understand the meaning of the prayer hand I had made nor even the sacred air that spread in the space at the same time as the oak hand, seemed to be relieved apparently thinking that nothing had happened.


I don't think so, maybe he is a real idiot.


「Now, as you have heard, the mastermind behind all this was the greedy high priest there. Such folly from a high priest who should be spreading God's teachings to the world and himself should be living his life in accordance with those teachings. How should be judged? 」


I call on those who have been listening to me all this time. The high priest is puzzled because he does not understand my behaviour. Nevertheless, they have not yet noticed the change in the air around them.


「Kill a man like that!!」


Someone says. Although it was only one person's statement, the anger of the people who had been listening exploded at a single word that spoke for everyone's feelings.

A chain of voices spreading to kill the High Priestess.

At this point, the high priest finally seemed to understand that [God's gift] had been unlocked.


「Oh, no. ......, na, why?」


「It's actually very easy to unlock [God's gift] that you have. In fact, countless others possess that kind of ability. There's a lot of power in it, though.」


The High Priest looks despairing at my words.

The High Priestess can handle the rest, so let's solve the other problem.

Once the people fired up, they will continue to hear the misdeeds of the High Priest endlessly from their own mouths through my trickery and it is likely to become an unmanageable conflagration. At this rate, it is even likely to cause a riot.


If that were to happen, my inn, the closest one, could get damage and that is indeed something I cannot overlook.

He shouts loudly in front of the people, who are about to turn into a mob.


「I would like to punish this greedy High Priest with my own hands or with your help but this is an intra-church dispute and there are two parties involved!」



The people are a little calmed down by my blackmail, which includes intimidation. On the contrary, the priestess (miko) who had suddenly feted was in a fluster.

The people, who had begun to run amok with anger, regained some of their composure.




On the verge of a riot, the people regained some composure, but as there is always an exception to every rule, those who were taking advantage of the commotion to carry out various dark activities were apparently displeased that a riot did not occur.  


A slender man raised his voice from the crowd, which was regaining its composure.


「You say "miko-sama, miko-sama," but what good is a little girl who doesn't understand the reality of her own cult and is being manipulated to do what she wants? Isn't the miko-sama who was being manipulated by a fatty like this equally guilty? Besides, I might not be able to believe in the Goddess anymore. If the head of the cult is such a corrupt person and no divine punishment is inflicted, it must mean that the goddess has given her tacit approval, right? What in the world is the goddess thinking that allows such a person to live in the world? 」



No matter how much Clan religion may be, only 90% of the people believe in it, and the remaining 10% do not believe in the Clan God. This slender man is probably one of the 10%.


As soon as the man finishes his words, the men around him begin to shout in unison. Apparently, the group was made up of the same 10% of the population.


The men's words, which would normally been ignored without much thought, were tremendously effective at this time and this place.


Distrust of the goddess that is spreading in a buzz. A small heart of disbelief toward a god who has the power of blessing but never shows himself has grown with the big bait of the high priest.


If this trend continues, the centripetal force of religion will fade, various ideas will spread, fools who interpret doctrines in convenient ways will abound, self-proclaimed messengers of God will appear in large numbers and a culture will begin in which, as on the modern earth, various religions will roam and kill each other as infidels.


We have to do something before that happens. ......


「Pamela, hey, hey.」


While the eyes of the people are on the man who has started to develop his own theory, she calls the priestess in a whisper.

Apparently, the man's argument is, 『How can you believe in a god who doesn't show himself?'』 Then the story is simple.



You should call so a goddess. I would think that they would move quickly to my call, as I have a history with the clan, but that is not the case. It would destroy one of the settings of this world that Ushin has created.


It is distressing to me, too who enjoy this world to the fullest.







No, never, if the clan came out at my call, I would be renowned as a priestess of the goddess and if that happened, it would be difficult to continue the inn.

『I'm not thinking, 'Goddess priestess? 』What a hassle .......' Never.

So, I will ask the priestess to call the clan here.


「Hey, what's ......」


The shrine maiden approaches somewhat jumpy. Incidentally, the priestesses' brainwashing has lifted at the same time as the people.


Or rather, what are they so frightened about ? Oh, you mean that they are scared of being exposed to the ill will of the people that might lead to a riot.

For a little girl who has probably lived her whole life without a great deal of ill will, the overflowing anger on the verge of a riot must be unbearable. Well, let's just call it a little patience.


「'No, no, it is not your High Priestess' fault, but it has increased the distrust of God among those who have gathered here.」


「Well, I can't help it ......, I didn't think I would be brainwashed ... either.」


「Yes, there is nothing wrong with the priestess. If you have been protected by the blessings of God as a miko since your birth, but you must have been an ordinary woman before you suddenly became a miko. No wonder then that we can't compete with the power of [God's gift] that God has given us.」


The priestess looks a little relieved at my words. But the frightened air has not yet relaxed.

And my words follow.


「But the responsibility for creating this situation rests with you.」


「Eh......, so n」


「Brainwashing was indeed done but you, who had the blessing of the Goddess, must have been more susceptible than others. I don't care what else you do, but you must take responsibility for listening only to the sweet words of the High Priestess about the act of [divine punishment].」


「So, but ...... how do I ......」


She made her understand that she was entrusted with a part of the responsibility, even though she didn't seem to have any idea about her own responsibility. Fortunately, the priestess was not the type to be stupid to make excuses in an unsightly manner or to be a spoiled brat and she seemed to have a clear idea of how to take responsibility.

She must be very serious.

Now let me make one suggestion.


「It's simple.」




「All we have to do is call the Goddess right here, right now.」




It's not over yet!

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TN: Priestess to Miko (saint priestess)


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