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Fear on Return


Helen and I lined up behind the people lined up at the gate. Carriages and people lined in a jumble together.


I had thought that at times like this the departures would be stopped altogether and everyone would be turned away, but this does not seem to be the case as the line is moving forward, although slightly.


Either they don't know what's going on or they have some other purpose for not stopping, we'll never know.


Nevertheless, it sure would be convenient if they weren't turned away without question. If we were turned away, we have to be prepared to go over the mountains, but if not we would have been saved.


People came one after another and lined up behind us. Unlike the two summer and winter festivals in the previous world, they are not lined up in an orderly fashion they just stretch out in a disorderly horizontal line of about four to six people each.


Peering ahead, I saw Camillo's carriage a short distance ahead. Mr. Franz is slowly moving the carriage. They don't even look at us.


It's one thing if they don't want to be found out to be related, but it's also simply that people on foot are huddled around here and they don't really know where we are.


Helen on the other hand, is stuck to me. We've come this far, and if anything happens to Helen, all our hard work will be lost, and I told her to do that in order to protect her.

Before we came here, while there were still few people around we talked about my and Helen's "setup".

Jimmy, a craftsman who lives in the kingdom, met and married his wife from the empire, and now he is returning from the empire on business for his wife's family.

My parents live in a small village so we don't know exactly what happened to them, but we only knew from the situation that something was going on.

The scenario is that we have to return to the kingdom as soon as possible. When I told her all about it, Helen said with a surprised look on her face.


「Me and Eizo are married?」


「I know you are not happy with this old man, but please be patient. Until we get out of here.」


「No, that's fine. ......」


What is it then?


「Eizo doesn't ...... hate ......?」


「How is that possible? 」


「I’m big and got scars on face.」


「I think it's fine. I know some people don't like it, not for me.」


I think they look cute, simply because the scars are so obvious. I think she is tall and slender and has a genuinely beautiful body.

I'm not going to tell her that much because I might taste Helen's real fist.


「I see. .......」


Hearing my words, Helen turned her head down. I never saw Helen's face turn bright red, nor did I see her face look a little happy.

Quite some time had passed since we got in line. At least we are past the point where we are both hungry enough to gobble up the dried meat we had packed in our luggage.

That's distracting because we're making progress on that front as well, if we don't make progress on this, it could be a riot.

Looking back, it’s filled with people jostling for space. It looks like a main street in the capital of a kingdom.

Looking ahead, the gate of the barrier is beginning to appear. Looking there, we see that some people are coming from the kingdom side to enter the empire, but the majority of them seem to be turning back when they see the situation.

It was more crowded on the way out when we arrived but not as crowded as this.

There is still a person entering the empire side. Probably someone who originally lived in the empire.


More time passes, and Camillo's carriage is being processed.

A great man endorses his pass, so it seems that his luggage checked only in passing. They pass through the gate relatively quickly. Neither Franz nor Camillo looked back.

They don't have the slightest idea that we might not be able to get through. That trust tickles me a little.


「Next! 」


Then it was our turn. Helen squeezes my hand. A completely exhausted-looking guard stares at Helen and me.

He would be wary if I were watching Helen's face, but so far there is no sign of that. I took my pass from my pocket and handed it to the guard. The receiving guard inspects the pass.


「You're from the Kingdom, aren't you?」


「yes that's right」


「Where's your girl?」


「She is my wife and she is from the empire.」


「You seem to be a lot older.」


The guard frowns quizzically. I gently lifted Helen's hair - which was a wig - and showed her wound.


「With this face, there are no takers. I thought she was cute so, I took her as my wife.」


When I said this, Helen tapped me on the shoulder with force and a bright red face. I don't know if it was an act or not, but the guard's face relaxes slightly at the sight of it.


「I see. There's nothing wrong with your pass, and you're good to go.」


The guard indicates with a hand gesture. I stifled my inner excitement,


「Thank you.」


Then pulled Helen's hand through the gate.


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