Night before the attack c192

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chapter: 192

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Night before the attack


「How about sneaking in through the warehouse next door?」




「with this fellow」


I showed Camillo the knife in my pocket.



「From the warehouse next door, I'll use this to cut through the warehouse wall and get in through there.」


It depends on the thickness of the wall, but I think a blade with a 10 cm length will cut through a wall unless it is too thick.


「I see. .......」


「The problem is, it can't be restored.」


「That would make it a little tricky to escape.」


They will soon realize that Helen is gone. If there were a hole, it would be obvious where we escaped.

Since there is no sound at all, we also need to assume that we will be exposed to some degree.

Who rented the surrounding warehouses at that time is easy to tell with a little research.

Camillo ponders, then opens his mouth.


「Assuming you push through the front door during a disruption, sneaking in from elsewhere might be tough unless you can buy some time with something.」


「I don't see any other way.」


To which Franz answers.

I asked Camillo.


「The fact that Helen's captivity is a secret is to our advantage.」


「I guess so. If you take her out, that could be the end of it. In a case like this it’s a disadvantage not to be able to show publicly Just ...... 」




「It means there's a good chance we'll have a small contingent.」


「That would be a pain in the ass.」


「Oh! However, that's what you're for, right? 」


「Well, that's true.」


I shrugged at Camillo's words.


「So when are we going to do it? 」


「I'd like to wait for that one but if it's too late, She might be transferred or something. By the day after tomorrow at the latest.」


「How much did you know? 」


「We're going to spend the day as usual ...... Pretending to be normal while we look at that warehouse. I'll leave that to Franz.」


Franz nodded vigorously at Camillo's words. If there is any movement, Mr. Franz is supposed to come flying in.

I'll just have to figure out what to do with the repairs and stuff I'm contracted to do at that time.

Even though it is a temporary job, I don't want to leave it unfinished but if I can't do it, there is nothing I can do. I'll have to think about rounding it off there and not taking pay for it.

The three of us then went around the market to stock up. I go to various stores and buy things that I don't see in the city.

It may be camouflage but there is a good chance that it will be difficult to move around in the empire and we want to stock up on expensive items that are only available in the empire while they still can.

「Oh, yes. 」


Camillo calls out to me as if he's remembering.


「I hand you this fellow before it's too late」


From his pocket, he pulled out a single wooden bill. I took it and looked at its surface.




On the wooden tag are the words of the pass and the fact that the person named Jimmy is from the kingdom and has the right to return.


「Oh! In case of emergency, just run away with that person even if it's just you. Good」


「But ......」


I'm here to take Helen back. Besides, I thought that Camillo and Mr. Franz would be with me when I left.

I suppose there are worst-case scenarios but I still want to manage to make a return with these men. That's what I was going to say.


「Okay? 」


However, I had no choice but to nod my head in agreement with Camillo's unusually noncommittal spirit.

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