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chapter: 198

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An escape


We weren't the only ones who fled the city at night. Many others are leaving town.


After getting out, we are moving along the street but the road is not that wide.

The lit Torches are like strung together to form a path of light. It is like a highway in a previous world. The shimmering and shimmering makes it seem more beautiful than eerie.

Our wagons were also in the ranks, moving quickly along the street of light.


The shaking is a little less than the surrounding carriages but it doesn't seem to be noticeable because we are not going that fast.

However, It is highly doubtful that there is anyone on the street who can afford to worry about such details.

Helen has been holding my hand the whole time and silent. Camillo took out a wig from the wagon and handed it to me.




「What is it, Eizo?」


When I called out to her, she turned a slightly dishevelled face toward me and replied. Her complexion is somewhat better than at the time rescue.


「I'm going to put this on your head. From the looks of it, it's going to take some time to get the word out but we've got to be careful.」


「mm, Thank you.」


Helen replies in a faint voice. I gently took my hand off Helen and put the wig on her. It’s Slightly longer and blonde.

Helen's hair is short, so it covered nicely without tying the original hair in place. Touch the hair a little bit and make sure that the wounds on her face are hidden. I decide to stretch it out as I concerned about the scars on the faces.


「Here we go. I know it tickles but bear with me.」




Helen nodded honestly. The area is still dark so, it is unlikely we will be exposed early but if we covered before it gets bright, it won’t be a problem to show our faces.


With one hand gripping her hand and the other fiddling with the ends of her hair, the carriage drove down the street with Helen and us in it.


Eventually, when the people on foot have disappeared from the street, the sky turns white. We had gone quite a distance and the wagons on foot could not keep up with us.

I hope each of those people got away safely.


「Once we get here, they won't come after us so hard.」


As Camillo says this, Mr. Franz slows down the carriage.


「Then let's take a break here or there. Moreover, it's not good for the horses.」


We nodded at Franz's words and he stopped the carriage.

The sky is slowly brightening but the men are ready to set up camp. It's hard to get a good night's sleep but you need to rest your body as much as possible.

Of course, we will let Helen rest thoroughly. I asked her to use two blankets, one to lay on the ground and one to cover her.


「I guess I'd better get ready to eat.」


Set up a wooden tri-pod over the fire, hang a pot to boil water and cook dried meat and beans cut into pieces as appropriate.


You never knew when you were going to escape, and it worked out well to have water always in the wagons. There is still plenty of it.


As it gets brighter, the flame itself is less noticeable but the smoke rising higher becomes more noticeable and it is not as good in that sense.

However, I doubt Helen's body will accept it unless it's cooked and softened.

I decided to take over the first watch while I check on the pot. Camillo and Franz also pull the blanket over them and lie down. Soon, I could hear him sleeping soundly.

The bright sky allows us to see farther, so we are less likely to get attacked by beasts, but it also means that our pursuers can see us more easily.


Standing on the back of the wagon and looking around, I saw no other wagons resting. Even so, we should be vigilant.

I got out of the back of the coach and looked at the pot on the fire, and when I looked at Helen, she was sleeping with a peaceful face. She must not have been able to sleep adequately these days.

We don't know what will happen for some time to come. I stirred the contents of the pot around and around, thinking, Get a good rest while we can.


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