The brim and a handle

Novel Name: Isekai Blacksmith shop slow life

chapter: 157

The brim and a handle

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The brim and a handle


When it was time to clean up, the completed sword blade placed under the altar. The altar and the sword have a certain atmosphere. ...... It might be possible to make one that is not a special-order model and display it.


Usually, I practice with Diana and then prepare dinner but today I have something to do first. After washing my hands clean, I looked at the bread I had prepared in the morning and saw that it had puffed up considerably.

After degassing the puffed dough and gathering it into six pieces, add water to a pan of hot water, pass a board over it and place the gathered dough on it. I hope this works.

I headed off to practice with Diana in that state.


When I return, the bread is bulging again. This looks like it would be safe to bake. Since we do not have an oven, we can use a pan to turn the heat in a similar way. Dutch ovens are cool, but they are not that good.

I make soup in one pot in furnace and bake bread in the other. Good smells emanate from both. This looks quite promising.

Eventually, both are finished and put on the table.


「Today's bread is different than usual.」


Samya is twitching her nose.


「The usual bread isn't fermented but today's fermented, so it's softer. 」



Samy tries to poke and riku pecked on the bread. We laughed, said "Itadakimasu" and started eating.


The soup tastes the same as usual, but the bread is fluffy and smells slightly of apples. It helps that the cheat is not as effective as blacksmithing for these things, but it is still effective.


「Oh, it's really fluffy.」

Samy says as she shreds the bread. I chewed on it as if to check its softness with my mouth.

「Soft bread is delicious.」


「It's nothing compared to what I used to eat at home. ......」


This is Diana. The countess would have eaten soft bread every day, and I would trust that Diana's assessment. RIKU is eating it with relish, and Liddie is nodding her head in agreement.


「"Eizo ......"」


NIDA, with a mouthful of bread in her mouth, says with strange intensity.

「What the hell?」


I winced at the strange power.


「Who are you?」

「I'm just a blacksmith.」

「How could a mere blacksmith live in a place like this and have the skill to bake soft bread?」


At nida's words, everyone nodded except me.


「Then a blacksmith who can do a lot of things.」

「So what is it ......」


Clearly, NIDA is dismayed. However, if I told them in detail that I actually have a cheat they wouldn't believe me.


「That'll have to do for now.」



Of course, this was not going to convince her but when she realized that I had no intention of explaining, she went back to her meal.


The next day, we will start working on the non-body parts of the sword today. Specifically, the sword guard, handle, and sheath.

These too, would normally have their own specialized craftsmen. In my case, I can cover it with cheats and make it practical and bearable but I wonder how they do it in the north. Maybe you need to visit the north once.


The first step is to make the metal collar, which is the important part that connects the sword guard, the handle, the sword body, and the scabbard. It would be easier to understand if we call it the golden thing at the root of the blade when the sword is drawn.

A smaller piece of sheet metal is broken and formed into a shape that matches the blade. I know there are other processes such as brazing with copper or something but in my case, I use a cheat and use steel to match.

Because this section is paired with the guard and sheath, it is a very careful part, even though it uses cheats. Once made, hammered and tightened while cool then pushed up to the base of the blade. The final position chosen, filed and polished.

The metal guard may also be carved or wrapped in gold for decoration but in this case, we shall leave it at that.


Next is the brim (tsuba). These also come in various shapes, and some have holes to accommodate a decorative symbol of shogun (Kougai kougai) or a small kozuka (kogai kozukai) but these are not included this time and if necessary, you can have them made with a national permit, so it is round and elaborate. I decided not to add any decorations only a round shape.

If so, it is a relatively easy category to make. In my case, it's because I have a powerful advantage of cheat but basically, I just need to round off the sheet metal and make a hole where the metal collar goes in, and I'm done. However, it was too much as it was so I made it thinner so that it would have a border. This would make it easier to decorate if they could have it engraved with a national permit if necessary. It is a handle. Make a spot in the wood where the tang will fit and make a hole in the handle to match the eye nail hole. The two sides are combined to cover the tang, which is then covered with a linen cloth and the leather is wrapped around the stem in a diamond shape.

This process is normally done by wrapping them in sharkskin or wrapping them in braided cord both of which are hard to find around here, so this is my own way of arranging them.

If northern craftsmen had access to them, this work might be a gusher but it should be laughed off and forgiven as the result of the southern craftsmen's hard work.


Finally, I had to make the sheath but the sun was setting around here. The reason is that, aside from the sword guard and sword mount, the pattern took unexpectedly long time because it is not my specialty even if I can use cheats.

Still, I wanted to see the figure at once so I combined the collar, sword guard and handle. After fitting the sword guard into the metal collar and placing the stem inside the handle, a wooden peg inserted to secure it in place.

When assembled in this way, it took the shape of the sword that had been pulled out, as a matter of course.


「Oh ......」


NIDA shouts out unintentionally. This response will satisfy them upon completion. With that in mind, I placed the sword under the altar and began to clean up the workshop.


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