Revered sin

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Revered Sin

May, impulsive hot air that brush pass the ears land’s breathe could be heard for any mile eyes could sweep over. Trees wave their barks and branch unable to withstand the what breeze bring over birds and cattle having a nap just to outwit what burns high and middle in the sky, shaded roofs along the roads of town a simple one that people made their living leisurely along those rhyming scenery a violent storm is raging on inside a calm eyes.

“There’s always two things what one can do and what one can’t do !” the boy remember those words just as when he gazed into mirror the words of reminiscent past he drags on to future. He just shakes off the thoughts and picked up his stick and dashed to the road. As he strolled down he salutes his passing uncle and states he is going for a hike above the mountains for a change of mind then he moved on in his way. A stale lake reflects the mountains competing with silver mirrors he hoped along the shore of the lake like an owl ogling its prey feeling the winds with his hands as he’s above those mountains an endless fields of hope to the horizon been filled along the mountain tail . Frail breeze is enough to make anyone a bird in the heights. Trees along the way with just enough space to make shrubs and herbs sprout even it would look like a lie when one hears it’s all been natural. He quickly made his way onto a boulder in the middle of the mountain like a lone blind man in his house. A view just for him is what awaits on the boulder, roofs of houses weaved like a scales of dragon in the slumber fields that breathes of sigh a grand mirror just for him calming breeze that makes one lazy enough to forfeit breathing yet none could control ire he boasts in his eyes so is the dilemma of dead.

A regular day begin for the village people women took their clothes basket and made their way to the river, men commence their jobs rhythmic saw and nail hammering resonate from the carpenters, blacksmith’s crackling fires and blazing heat along with pounding irons turning into hoe and blades, humming men weaving his net to patch and catch his fish, land’s been tilled by bulls and humans, children’s on their way to play with their new day. A smiling sun made his way to three fours from the horizon a drenched fellow with bloody dirty and rugged cloth entered the village his knees gave up along the roads of village. Two men in idle banter rushed to that man’s aid within his tattered arm he carried a year old child they became wary after they found out he was rushed to the village’s doctor.

Everyone in the village came to see the man and child being treated in the village head’s house it’s been three days since the man and child arrived in their village their vitals are still not showing any improvement everyone is quizzical whether they will be able to live or not. Fifth day the child woke up his complex started to look okay but that man is still pale. Head arranged some delicious fresh fruit for the boy he devoured those fruit slowly enumerating its deliciousness juice dripping on his chin line tells he enjoyed them head looked satisfied after seeing it. Head slowly made the boy to eat more nutritious food boy’s health started to improve little by little.

Rugged man gained his consciousness in eighth day yet looking like someone at death’s door step he looked around for the boy franticly noticing that head rushed to his aid and kept him in bed and consoled “don’t act rash you just started getting well, have some rest and get I will get you something to drink and eat “that man asked “The boy?” Head affirmed that boy is safe and alive he’s playing with other kids in the outskirts. Hearing the safety of the boy he heaved a heavy sigh and slumped in the bed with relief eventually dozed off.

After arranging some food and drinks head woke the man up in the hopes of finding anything about him and the reason for his state when he reached the village. Head woke the man up to eat he carried his restless body to sit up at great effort, “here drink some fresh juice it should ease the burden “ head said “thank you for the kindness “ that man drank it little by little slowly parching his dried up throat .

After making it comfortable for that man head started to question him “what happened?” after a heavy breath and loud sigh he began to explain “ we are spirit blessed people wherever we decide to live every spirit will be obliged to be in harmony and every living being gets benefits from it, late king of roosenaria gave us a place to live and when we were wanderer’s we have lived there peacefully for almost three generations we made a village for ourselves little by little surroundings got better natural resources became abundant slowly spirit blessing spread to the neighbouring villages, towns and cities they reached everywhere where malice is low and neigh eventually kingdom became prosperous previous king rescordian proclaimed it’s because of us and gave us autonomous freedom to our town and the territory maintained by when the king was nearing his lifetime he named the first prince consort his successor and made him the king . After that he retired to our territory along with his queens to live peacefully and spend his retirement then some people dissatisfied with us being autonomous and king living here instigated a civil revolt among the nobles supporting princes and princesses. Third prince consort reeglan decided its all because of king and us spirit blessed so he gathered a platoon and raided us. Massacring almost every one of us some fled the territory he killed all the queens and king, Later they have trialled and killed him for treason soon after that kingdom lost its prosperous abundant nature and civil unrest became ever so high. Due to that First prince consort, king heglan was assassinated it made the doom of the kingdom more apparent the last surviving member of royalty 13 year old princess leva assumed throne hearing the regents advice she proclaimed loss of blessed one’s is the reason and decreed to capture every last one of us . That made our people further fled the country, greedy aristocrats and people wanted to keep us in cages some succeeded. Upon seeing our state the spirits became enraged and caused calamities to escape the predicament they started killing us.”


After calming his mind head offered some more juice to drink after that man drink it he asked “so who’s the child? How did you end up here?” after some moments he spoke “I’m nevar a close aid of late king rescord, that child is mehwa my late sister’s child both of his parents are no more. On escaping from pursuer’s we boarded my close friend’s merchant ship Alas! Lady luck is not on our side, while traveling on raging stormy sea a kingdom navy ship pursued us to escape them we transferred to a small boat after escaping the storm we reached ashore on some unknown place. To survive me and mehwa started looking for a settlement for days. I should thank the spirits for guiding us here.” Having some moment to settle his mind he asked the head “what’s the name of the country? how long will it take to reach kingdom?” head started explaining “it’s a big island only five tribes live here we are not affiliated with any nation , we never had any contact with kingdom but it takes two weeks of sea travel to Escomar empire northeast of this land.”

“Mmm it takes a month long journey to reach empire from kingdom, we shall be safe here. If you don’t mind can I request for us to live here village head?” nodding his head in contemplating village head replied “First take rest and recover fully we shall discus this after that among villagers until you and that boy can live here” “Thank you for your generosity” nevar replied with gratitude.

Few weeks gone by they both recovered well and could be seen lively. After making a plead in the village council they have received some land to build house and make a living. Nevar found a job in blacksmithing workshop and continued to take care of mehwa. Two years gone by mehwa grown to be healthy boy, on a new moon mehwa begin to understand spirits of nature tending to their needs he soon became loved by spirits.

Days gone by Living on that island became their norm, one evening mehwa wanted to know about his parents and origin so he started enquire about it to his uncle after dinner. Nevar decided it’s time to tell mehwa about everything resolved himself and told everything as a form of story. Being bought up as a good natured boy by his uncle after hearing everything about it mehwa just kept quiet and said thank you before going to his bed.

Next week few merchants from empire docked in the neighbouring coastal village to resupply their ship for long travel they traded material goods for dried foods and water. Few knights looking like guards and workers roamed around the village enquiring about the spirit people or any anomalies around the region hearing about these actions harbour master decided to inform the village head about these and he did after the ship departed.

Village head discussed this with nevar, nevar decided they can’t run away again without having any solid evidence against pursuers. Days and months pass by there’s no new news from the coastal village regarding the people looking for nevar and mehwa or any spirit people.

With just the presence of mehwa, Village’s natural produce increased by two folds fishes caught in river can’t be held in single hand ,woods procured from forests are hard as iron . Villagers enjoy their high bounty that year with a weeklong banquet.

At the end of the fall season a group of empire knights and mercenary along with kingdom high command personal came to the village where nevar and mehwa were residing, village head invited them to his residence on the outskirts of village to further discuss there. He had signalled one of his entourage to warn nevar on his way to the outskirt residence, within the residence after serving refreshments for the guests’ village head started his question “what do we owe this unprecedented meeting with empire people?” Knight of the empire replied “we are having a dire situation in our hand, kingdom’s land had become a living hell. Its fertile lands is now worse than a desert without water, kingdom’s refugees in empire is so high we can’t do anything for their accommodation. Empire’s people are in distress fearing kingdom’s calamity may come to empire along with its people, most worry about civil safety and distress come from with this high number of Refugee Empire’s court nobles are torn between indecisiveness. We are sent here personally by the empire on the hope of solution to this calamity”

“Why didn’t the empire negotiate a relief benefits with the kingdom? What’s here to aid this situation?” Village head enquired the knight “our spies have confirmed that remanence of anti-spirit people have been eradicated from the kingdom forcefully and naturally even more they had said poorest family in empire could lead a better life than the Kingdoms royal, this is chief staff of roosenaria royalty I think it will be better for this person to explain further”.

During the meeting village head staff met with nevar in blacksmith and told him what happened upon hearing he further enquired details about kingdom men, he recognised who it is and quickly went to grab mehwa.

When the chief staff about to speak, head’s waiting man came in to give an urgent message. “Excuse me, someone wishes to join in our meeting hope you don’t mind” after announcing that he gave a nod to his butler. Nevar holding mehwa in his arms entered the meeting room with butler leading the way.

Upon seeing nevar chief staff face brightened a little, Nevar took a seat near village head and greeted chief staff “hello ruel, I’m happy to see you alive and kicking” ruel replied “I’m glad you survived and looking healthy just like in your prime” couldn’t grasp what happening around him empire knight looked for an explanation upon seeing it head began to explain “this is nevar former close aid of late king of roosenaria” then knight took the help rope “I’m tefal Empire’s west wing commander and official foreign emissary” .

After settling little details they began their meeting again, ruel started “homeland is in worst state then we could dream as a nightmare, we all truly wish for forgiveness from spirit and trying everything in my power to invite every blessed one I could find to roosenaria” few moments passed by in silence nevar break it “Before you ask me anything you should hear this , my old sister was mistress of late king rescordian and they had a beautiful daughter , when they retired to blessed territory they had an another child a boy!” everyone gasped for air leur interjected “but I didn’t know anything about this incident” nevar replied “Late king didn’t want anyone to know he wanted to raise the boy in a normal life and that possessed high spirit blessing he decided kingdom’s nobility would do anything in their power to make that one of their pawns that’s why he made everyone who knew of the truth to swore in his life” tears of pearl dripped along his like an iceberg falling off a cliff “whether to go to kingdom or not it’s up to the boy but all I ask is you give him a normal life like the rescord wished for him and swore on the great spirits on this” ruel trying to digest the fact that he’s given an arc to save his beloved kingdom but the strength and rope to keep it steady he couldn’t find it in his will to bear them. When ruel was immersed in his deep thought pit tefal asked nevar “would you be to known about the whereabouts of the child you speak of?” Resolving his iron will nevar turned his look to mehwa, ruel startled by that question wake from his epiphany of thoughts and looked at near without hesitation upon that he looked in the eyes of mehwa the will he so lost on his beloved kingdom stirred like a tempest an rushing of hope to make even dead bones alive is roared through his body. ruel took a few steps neared mehwa kneeled in front of him with his arms stretched and joined palms extended to mehwa he asked him with all his will in respect “I swore on my life to the great spirits kindly save the beloved kingdom” like gushed out of a dried up well tears welled in ruel’s eyes , seeing all these happen in rush of a moment mehwa turned to nevar unable to decide what to do seeing him nevar said “There’s always two things what one can do and what one can’t do! It’s not about the inability to act but not against the moral you live by where you won’t make other’s life miserable” few seconds gone an everyone in the room seeing the turn of events can’t omit what they have seen as mere dream a point in history that will change everything that’s about to happen.

“What do I have to do?” mehwa asked ruel, with tear eyed ruel “would you kindly grace us with your presence in the kingdom?” “Uhm! Okay but for how long?” as a chief of staff he would anticipate every answer and possible questions alas he couldn’t utter a word with calculations surrendering to fate he gave “As long as you wish, the life you want to have may a normal life you could make anywhere in the world you could make it in kingdom I would see to it as long as life dwells in this humble body” hearing ruel’s words of will mehwa agreed to visit kingdom.

After a month long sea travel they have arrived in the shores of kingdom. A foul smell spread along the air surrounding the shoreline they slowly docked in the harbour. What they see are not even possible in the nightmares of dream world. Scorched lands that would make torture chambers for demons of hell, plants that sprout die in hours vultures roam in high never land’s near dead towns and cities reek of vile character even a dead would sprint out of fear.

Mehwa travelled in the carriage seeing all of this along with uncle nevar, commander tefal and chief staff ruel He never asked about anything quietly watching everything through the wagon window. Wagon swayed on full speed into the castle everyone come down from the carriage and made their way into the castle. Night has reached they had dinner from the travel ration. On to the deep night mehwa thought about his fun days in islands along with his friends the nature’s lushness, when he thought about kingdom the scenes he saw bring tears among the nocturnal noise he muttered “they miss what they have lost”. When the sun quietly creeped out from his slumber in the horizon dark clouds surround the vicinity of kingdoms slowly it covered everything not a ray of light could be reached.


Suddenly rain poured down like a blocked gutter being freed. It continued for two whole days washing away everything that’s not meant for living. After the third Lushness of nature could be smelled on the air like a spirit danced before your nose with glee of living. Sprouts become plants in days dried up wells, ponds, lake and river were filled with sweetest water. Seeing all these ruel kneeled and thanked for reviving the kingdom.

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