Life is over...... you think so?

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chapter: 2

Life is over...... you think so?

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Episode 2: Life is over...... you think so?


I entered the reception room of the Adventurers' Guild and managed to regain my composure, I was checking on Master Crain's request.


「I can confirm that the isillis weed, which was under request for collection was delivered to the guild a week ago.」


「I knew it was over.」


「I am very sorry we have not been in touch.」


「No, I don't mind. It's a material that's not easily damaged.」


I was in charge of aristocratic requests and my job just been handed over to my junior colleague Katarina, who clearly was not doing it properly.


I can clearly see that you are not doing your job properly when you check the box 'contacted' even though you have not contacted Mr. Caine. A detailed review of the documents reveals that there are many misspellings and even Caine-sama's name is incorrect, so there is no way to follow up.



An extremely impolite act that stain trust to the Adventurers' Guild.


「If time permits, the Adventurers' Guild would be happy to reorder it as a remuneration.」


「If Miss Mia is going to retire, I'm not going to do it. I just can't seem to get along with the new person in charge. She's more into love life than her work and I feel like if I get too involved I'm going to end up in some kind of weird trouble.」


What does Caine-sama see? It is very compelling because I am deeply involved with her and I am in ongoing colourful trouble.


Now is not the time to be impressed though, as an employee of the Adventurers' Guild I must apologize firmly.


「We apologize again for the inconvenience. I am truly sorry. 」


「I don't blame you. However, when Miss Mia was in charge we never had these problems. That alone makes me uneasy about our future relationship. 」


It is natural to feel uneasy if the person in charge you just replaced makes a mistake.


Our job of connecting nobles and adventurers is a sensitive one that can easily lead to trouble, so if you have time to be unfaithful please take your work seriously.

Sigh, I wonder if I spoiled her too much. ...... I'm racking my brains and Caine-sama gives me a wry smile.


「Was it really that depressing?」




「I don't think you've noticed, but you've already let out five sighs. Unusual for Miss Mia, I get the impression she's not focused on her work. 」


I just witnessed my fiancé cheating on me and I can't seem to get my thoughts in order. Just thinking about my future leaks out a natural sigh.



Normally I would switch to ...... if it was in front of a client. I could not act strong as long as they saw me crying.


「I cried a little and felt better, so I think I'm on the right track now. I'm sorry, I've caused you some trouble too. 」


「You've taken care of me many times before, don't worry about it. I don't mean to pry but I've got time enough to listen. 」


「do I still make that face 」


「The atmosphere was too different from usual for me to go home like this. I'm sure they'll notice right away. 」


When Caine-sama said this and gave me a warm, comforting smile, the feelings I had been desperately trying to suppress welled up.

I was still a child and could not resist the receptive figure of an adult man.


「It's like what you were talking about earlier, getting caught up in a love affair. 」


「Hm? I thought you were getting married by now.」


「The plan was to do so, but it has been undecided. It's more like I'm going to be unsure now. ...... It's a so-called engagement breakup. 」


It was completely unexpected, it seemed and Mr. Caine’s face strained. This is the first time I've seen this kind of expression on his face, even though we've seen each other many times.


「I can honestly say that it was a political marriage without a shred of love, so I have no regrets. I'm even glad I got to see the scene of the affair before we got married in the sense that I wasn't affected.」


「I see. That was after you had seen first-hand the scene of the affair. No wonder ...... 」


Oh, I said it. Well, I'm sure Mr. Caine won't tell anyone about it, so what the heck.


「If anything, I could not hide my shock, as if I had been denied the effort I had accumulated up to that point. I felt for both families and I felt like a fool for having lived so hard as an aristocrat. 」


「That would be. I thought it was an amicable engagement, since you seemed so devoted.」


「I worked hard to make it look that way. Nevertheless, in fact, it is not. Ostensibly, I was just taking a step back and standing up for Mr. Zeal. Behind the scenes, I was a complete scullery maid.」


「You're there sometimes. The one who feels like he's a king and treats his fiancée like his personal maid. 」


「 I'd rather be a personal maid with salary 」


「I see. I know exactly how Miss Mia feels. There really seem to be no regrets 」


I guess I can't forgive Master Zeal after all. Before I know it, I am losing control of my feelings and all I do is complain to Caine-sama.


This may be partly due to the influence of the bad things I have said about my fiancée, which I have kept locked away in the back of my mind thinking that I shouldn't say a word about him.

I was tempted to complain about this and that, one after the other.


'After eight years of dedication, we should compromise and get married,' he said. Can you believe it? 」


「He said, “A man who wouldn’t cheat on his wife does not have the eyes to see people”. It's probably best not to dwell on it.」


「Thinking about it. Since the wedding invitations have already sent out, we have to inform many people about the situation. Even if it was completely his fault, they wouldn't think well of me. 」


When it comes to a daughter who has had her engagement broken off, the number of marriage proposals is drastically reduced. I don't think I'll get a decent offer and I have no choice but to marry into an older noble family or live a life devoted to work.


If you ask me if I would have preferred to marry a man who cheated on me like that, ......, I would say absolutely not.


「In addition, I'm leaving my job tomorrow for good. I don't think Master Zeal is going to stay quiet like this. 」


「Sure, I'm sure he'll spread a bad rumour or two. If that happens, I won't be hired by the guild or the store, let alone offered a new match. 」


「There is no merit in hiring a woman with a bad image and it can be a source of trouble with clients. First of all, I wouldn't be able to do my job normally. 」


He said it was foolish to make a fuss over just a night out and he showed no signs of remorse. I can assure you that they will spread bad rumours about me.


「I'm sure Miss Mia's experience with the Adventurers' Guild will get her hired anywhere but it depends on the rumours that circulate. Depending on whether the other side rubs it in or spreads bad rumours, it can make or break your reputation. 」


「It is futile to hope. When I was off work at the Adventurer's Guild, I would show up at Master Zeal's store many times to help him out. You have to spread bad rumours about me to stay in business. 」


「I see that, too. Sorry Mistress Mia but Zeal of the Boitos family is just starting to make headway and is one of the people the alchemy guild is keeping a close eye on. If they deemed useful, the guild might even cover for them. 」


Even though I had expected this, I can't help but feel depressed when I hear it again from Mr. Caine. The future suddenly closed to me and felt a strong sense of emptiness.

Worst case scenario, let's consider leaving home. It's tough to not be able to spend time in the familiar royal city but it can't be helped. Because it's better to live a small life than to keep bothering my relatives.

As I think that my life is over ......, Mr. Caine stares at me with a suspicious smile on his face.


「But there is one way to turn the future around, based on what I've just told you.」




I came back to life like a fish out of water and with a sigh, I brought my face close to Mr. Caine's.


「What should I do? The current situation leaves me with nothing but a hopeless future, so I'll do whatever I can to help.」


It's a good mind-set. Then you can work in my workshop. Being an assistant to a court alchemist will blow all these weird rumours out of the water. 」




The suggestion was so unexpected that I let out a pitiful sound. I understand the meaning of Master Caine's words. However, my mind is left behind and I don't know what they are talking about.

This is because being an assistant to a court alchemist is a gateway to success for elite alchemists. It was a place where a brilliant alchemist with a future worked, not just a receptionist.


「It can't be a bad story. If you worked in an alchemy store, you could at least do the typical tasks. 」


「Eh. No, that may be true, but ...... why me? 」


「I want to support Miss Mia, There is no other reason. Then you have until tomorrow to think about it. 」


With that, Mr. Caine gets up from his seat and leaves the room. I should have seen them off, but I couldn't move from the spot .......

Perhaps I was still upset about my fiancée's affair and misheard.

No matter how blameless I am, I am about to be the damaged goods daughter who breaks off an engagement. There is no way I would have chosen to be an assistant to a court alchemist. Moreover, I am not an alchemist. Working in a court alchemist's workshop - that can't be right.


「What's going on? Dream, not ......? 」


A series of life-altering events came together, and by the primitive method of pinching my own cheeks, I confirmed that I was not dreaming.


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